May 7 saw the long-anticipated 160th Anniversary Eucharistic Celebration at the College Hall. In devotional Bible readings, thanksgiving prayers, hymns and accounts of St Magdalene of Canossa and the early Canossian missionaries’ service to make Jesus loved and known, we celebrated the past with gratitude.


Cardinal John Tong, the Apostolic Administrator, together with Rev Joseph Yim, Rev Philip Chan, Rev Victor M. Zavala Contreras and Rev Flavien Ulrich Bouambe, celebrated the Eucharistic Thanksgiving Mass at the presence of Sr Rosangela, our former Principal, Sr Agnes, School Supervisor, Sr Veronica, our Principal, Canossian Sisters, past colleagues, teachers and students. S3 students joined the auspicious occasion via livestreaming.



Celebrating the past with gratitude

In his sermon, Cardinal John Tong expounded on the paramount importance of love.  He borrowed the Gospel of St Matthew 22:34-40 to illustrate that charity needs to stem from our devotion to God and compassion for others. As Cardinal John quoted the Letter of St Paul to the Philippians 2:5-11, he made a point about Jesus’ humility and obedience to the Father, as an expression of His love for His Father.  The Cardinal further edified the congregation about the fine examples of St Magdalene, who established a religious institute for the poor, and the early Italian missionaries who arrived in Hong Kong on 12 April, 1860, then a poverty-stricken place with the devastated and the misplaced.  In response to God’s calling, these missionaries arrived one after another to commit themselves to the ministry of charity.

Embracing the future with hope

At the Eucharistic Celebration, we offered a picture frame of wooden pads, each marked with a personality strength we find in ourselves. Teachers and students made a declaration to serve in humility, living up to the spirit of the Sacred Heart Canossian College and St Magdalene of Canossa. The zeal to serve the underprivileged has passed on to this generation.

Sharing our life in love

Earlier on, in the entire Foundress Week, we revisited St Magdalene’s life and major milestones in her service on videos. In the footsteps of St Magdalene, S4 classes took turns to present their community service projects and reflect on their experiences.  Meanwhile, the Student Council organised Dress Casual Day in a bid to raise funds for our Cambodia Outreach Project.  There is no better way to celebrate the anniversary than unleashing our potential to reach out and share our life in love.


Grant Schools Council Prayer Chain for HKDSE Examination 2021

The Grant Schools Council has initiated a prayer chain to pray for HKDSE Examination 2021. You are invited to join us in prayer for the needs of various parties concerned. Please click here for details.

If you have any remaining deposits on your PPS accounts, we would appreciate it if you could submit your PPS balance refund application before 30 June 2021.  You could either collect the refund in person or donate it to the school for sponsoring the learning activities of the Sacred Heartists.

Please download the PPS Balance Refund Application Form from the school website and return the completed form to the School Office by fax or via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) lastest by 30 June 2021.  Any unclaimed deposits will be allocated to sponsor the learning activities of our students after the deadline.

Your cheque or donation receipt will be available for collection on the Graduation Day.

Thank you for your attention.

On 21 April, we reviewed the meaning of Easter and celebrated Renewing Hope in the risen Lord Jesus.S1 students and their homeroom teachers, Rev Father Victor and Sr Veronica celebrated Easter in the hall while S2-S5 students had live-streaming of the event.

Rev. Father Victor, Parish Priest, our Lady of Lourdes Church, brought to mind two disciples’ transformation via the walk with Jesus to Emmaus. According to Luke 24:13-35, it was recorded that Jesus walked with the two downcast disciples at dusk three days after he was crucified. In fact, the risen Lord had appeared to Mary and her companions and bid them tell his disciples that He had risen from death. Peter and John had found an empty tomb but not able to accept that their Lord had risen, as He told them earlier on.

The central meaning of Easter is hope rather than grief; a new life rather than the old, condemned one. To cultivate a sense of renewed hope, we were shown a short crafts video clip, which enabled us to work out how sinners were redeemed by Christ’s selfless crucifixion on the cross, and how He broke the curse of sin and conquered death, rose to life, giving us renewed hope through Him.

Students folded colour paper and cut it into different pieces, forming a cross or the word, ‘life’. Many of them were astonished at the manifold possibilities of the exercise. They finally put these words in their RME journals and put down their response to questions on who was recently in trouble and how we could bring them the hope of walking with Jesus. We finally sang a grateful hymn aloud, Jesus Christ, You are my Life!

The thoughtful Easter Programme would not have been possible without the support of Rev Father Victor, Sr Veronica, the Catholic Society, Miss Martha Mok, Miss Maria Lam, Miss Susanna Wong, Mrs Winnie Poon and Mrs Ivy Yeung, Miss Clara Ho and her Backstage Team, Miss Wendy Lee and her school photographers, Mr Jackson Yau and the Campus TV Team.

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