S6 students of 2013-14 who have pre-ordered the School Magazine 2012-14 can collect your orders at the school office during office hours. All others are welcome to make purchase of the Magazine at the school office while stocks last.

SHCCAA AGM will be held on 29 November, 2014 after the Heartslink Charity Walk at the iBakery Gallery Café in Tamar Park. Please visit this link for details.

Sacred Heart is celebrating her 155thanniversary in 2015.

Kicking off a series of celebration events is the Heartslink Charity Walk which will be held on 29 Nov 2014 in Tamar Park, Admiralty.   

If you want to contribute to our school’s long term ‘Heartslink Programme’ to serve children from low-income families,
please click ‘Heartslink’ for further information. For any donations to the Heartslink Community Service Project, please make cheque payable to Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund Limited (or SHCCAAECF Ltd.)

Heartslink Charity Walk E-registration

On October 14, Miss Au Sin Ying, the local Women’s Fencing elite athlete, Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, Sr Veronica, the Principal, Ms June Lau, Vice-chairman of Parent-Teacher Association, Miss Ophelia Chan, External Vice-chairman of Alumnae Association, the Vice-principals and Assistant Principal officiated at the Prize-giving Ceremony of our annual athletics meet.

Against the thunderous applause the winners took turn to receive their medals and trophies. So laborious was the undertaking that many winners and winning houses could not hold back their emotions. This year, House of Pankhurst was the House Overall Champion and A Grade House Champion. House of Nightingale and House of Keller were awarded B Grade and C Grade House Overall Champion respectively. The Secondary 2 students presented a lovely k-pop dance to cool down the tension after the consecutive relays.

In the Teacher-student 4x100m Relay, there was a fierce competition between the participants. Miss Wendy Lee’s Iron Lady came first, followed by Mr David Lam’s team and Miss Maria Lam’s Legion of Mary.

In Primary and Secondary Students 4x100m Relay, pupils from our primary sections collaborated with students from our college to scramble for the honour of a splinter. It was great fun seeing keen runners racing across the tracks.

The Teachers 4x100m Relay saw fledging racers whose legs were motor-generated. Many experienced and new teachers ran with all their might and impressed the audience with their exceptional strength and sportsmanship.

An exciting school as such won’t do without food for thoughts. Sr Veronica imparted on the importance of ‘more’. She exhorted athletes, house members, captains and officials to contribute more and aim higher at the opening speech.

Miss Au Sin Ying, our guest of honour, made her way to share with us the secret of her success: setting a clear goal and submitting to a disciplinary life. Miss Au is no ordinary athlete. She was awarded Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards in 2010. Like our alumna, Au Hoi Shun, the Asian Fencing Champion for consecutive years also took part in London 2012 Olympic Games. Since 2007, Miss Au Sin Ying has been a delegate to international events including 2010 Asian Games, 2013 East Asian games and Fencing World Championships.

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