S1 Registration 2021-2022

The registration period will take place as follows:

8 July 2021 (Thu) 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
College Hall
9 July 2021 (Fri) 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
School Office

To ensure a safe environment with social distancing for all visitors, a maximum of TWO accompanying persons of each student are allowed to enter the school campus for registration on either 8 or 9 July 2021.

Please bring along the following items for registration:

1. Allocation Slip & Admission Slip (Please DO NOT detach them.)

2. Student’s HKID Card

3. $60 (Cash) for the purchase of school ties, school belt and Prayer Book

Please note that special counters for the following services will ONLY be arranged on the FIRST day of registration (i.e. 8 July 2021):

1. Textbook

2. School uniform

3. School bus services

Please prepare for the payment in cash or by cheque. Parents are free to purchase textbooks and uniform for their daughters in any stores. School bus services are optional.

Precautionary measures for preventing and minimising the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 are taken in our school. All guests are required to complete the health declaration form upon arrival. Face masks shall be worn at all times on school campus. Please follow the instructions given by our staff. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Graduation Ceremony was held on 17 July 2021 in our College Hall.  It was our pleasure to have the presence of Sr Virginia Wong, Provincial Superior of Canossa Missions (Hong Kong & Macau), Sr Louise Lam, Vice Provincial Superior of Canossa Missions (Hong Kong & Macau), Sr Agnes, School Supervisor, MS Lushan Hung, Chairlady of Alumnae Association, Mr. Stephan Lee, Chairman of Parent Teacher Association, Sr Veronica, Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, Vice-principal, Mr. Ignatius Chow, Assistant Principal, S6 homeroom teachers, together with teachers and parents to witness the achievements of our graduates.

In her address to the graduates, Sir Agnes Law urged them to view graduation not only as completion of a course of study but also commencement. While graduates are looking into the future with anticipation, they should make a difference with their positive attitude, and have the courage to move forward even when things are not certain. She reminded the graduates to be grateful for the talents they have and the inspiration and support they got from their family, teachers and schoolmates, so they would be able to take up the responsibility to make the world a better place to live.

Nicole Wong from the Head Girl Core Group of 2020-21 gave a vote of thanks. She extended her gratitude on behalf of the graduates for the Sacred Heart all-round education of Christian values and formation of the heart which nurture them into women of integrity and versatility with global awareness. She brought to our attention the Special Award for Most Nurturing Environment the school received, and thanked the school for the efforts in emphasizing the virtue of charity in humility through various service programmers. This, together with their creativity, adaptability and the bonding among the Sacred Heart family, enable the graduates to be ready to face adversities and challenges ahead.

The school presented the Long Service Award to Ms Chow, Mr. Hung, Ms Keung, Mrs Chiu, Ms Chow and Ms Law, and bid farewell to Ms Law, Ms AuYeung, Mr Lai, Miss Chung and Mr Yau. We bid farewell to three retiring staff members, Mr Frankie Yau, Mrs Angela Chiu and Miss Florence Kwok, who have dedicated their lives in educating and nurturing many students in Sacred Heart.

After the ceremony, the graduates were given a flower prepared by the Alumnae Association as souvenir. They took photos with their parents, family members, teachers and schoolmates on the beautifully-decorated campus.

Sr Agnes Law, our guest of honour, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of the Alumnae Association and Mr Stephen Lee, the Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, officiated at this year’s Prize Presentation Ceremony.

We celebrated student achievements in a diversity of fields: academic achievements, STEM projects, speech and public speaking, language arts, visual art, dance, music, sports, entrepreneurship projects, community service, leadership and good conduct, to name but a few.

In her address to the audience, Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, put an emphasis on values education, including serving the local community and the world in charity and humility. She expressed her gratitude for the unyielding effort teachers had put into cultivating students’ aspiration to excel in studies, CCAs and formation of the heart.

In addition to student effort, we gave credits to the dedication of many teachers in the past years. They will embark on a new journey. On behalf of the students, Rachel Lee, the President of the Student Council presented Mr Lai, Ms Chung, Ms Law, Ms Au Yeung, Mr Yau, Mrs Chiu and Miss Kwok a token of our appreciation.

Mrs Angela Chiu and Miss Florence Kwok, the retiring teachers, shared treasured experiences in collaborating with teachers and learning from their colleagues in different teams and committees. They also expressed gratitude to students who had made their years in Sacred Heart a special one.

Rev Philip Chan, celebrant of this year’s S6 Thanksgiving Mass makes a point about becoming a grateful person first and foremost. In his sermon, he invites our S6 graduates to contemplate on what they would like to become.

The theme of the Mass is Giving Thanks and Giving Back. It is carefully linked to the Bible readings chosen. We read Mark 10:35-45 and 2 Corinthians:11:21-23 and sang hymns. Through the readings on Jesus’ reply to St James and St John about who is greater, and St Paul’s relinquishment of his supremacy, we reflected on what we have been blessed in our lives and why we need to live our lives with deep gratitude for all that is bestowed on us from our Heavenly Father.

During the Eucharist, Rev Philip further explained to us the profound meaning of the bread and the wine. By tradition, the bread and the wine represented the offering of the first and the best crops from the yield and the livestock, as well as the vigorous exercise and sweating throughout the year in the vineyard and farm. In transferable terms, this reminds us of a choice of putting our strengths in full use for others’ well-being, rather than simply personal gain.

In response to the graces they have received, S6 graduates offered a colourful mosaic, a collaborative piece about their personal strengths. The piece would be on display in the reading corner. Rev Philip blessed the graduates with the message of giving thanks and becoming a grateful giver.

After the Mass, S6 graduates played videos recapturing their fond memories in Sacred Heart. They spoke of the bittersweet experiences gone through with the teachers and schoolmates. They expressed how helpful the technical staff and the janitor are.

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