School Information Day

For those who have registered for the School Information Day, please be reminded that it has been rescheduled to 14 December 2019, Saturday.

The certificates of HKDSE 2019 are available for collection at the school office during office hours from Monday to Friday.

Uncollected certificates HKDSE 2018 have been already returned to HKEAA in October 2019.

On 8 November, our Activities Day, our S1 students reached out for a unique excursion into hospitality industry at a VTC institute in Pokfulam. The aim of the programme was to improve their understanding about hospitality industry. It was a collaborative initiative between Home Economics Department and the Careers and Further Studies Team. It began with a campus tour of Hotel and Tourism Institute and International Culinary Institute, followed by a two-hour workshop. The S1 students were put into two groups, each attending either a culinary or a dining etiquette workshop.

While some participants learnt about western dining etiquette and manners, others had culinary workshop on dim sum or pizza. Their homeroom teachers, homeroom partners, together with supporting teachers kept them company throughout the tour and workshops.


On October 18, we witnessed the emergence of individual champions, house champions, overall house champion and the best cheering team at Wanchai Sportsground. Miss Yu Wai Ting, our alumna and former Hong Kong National swimming team member, Ms Lusan Hung, SHCC AA Chairlady, Mr Stephen Lee, SHCC PTA Chairman, Sr Agnes, our School Superviser and Sr Veronica, our Principal, officiated at the sports event.

In her address to the school, Miss Yu gave us a fresh perspective on drudgery. She explained that boring and unpleasant work would not crush us if we accept it is an integral part of personal growth. As long as we set our mind on the process, we would be able to appreciate the wonder of a bad time.  On Miss Yu’s mind, what makes hardship meaningful is how determined we have become, after all.

On this auspicious occasion, our students and teachers unleashed their physical potential. Many teachers were involved in the relays, earning roars of cheers from the spectator’s stand. The sprinters dashed across the lanes in a matter of few minutes while the long distance athletes proved their tenacity. In the field events, we had students trying their hands in high jump, long jump, shot put, discus throw and javelin throw. A number of primary schools joined our invitation relays, created impressive records. Our S2 students gave us a treat to a delightful Chinese dance under the guidance of Miss Wu, our Dance Teacher.

Chong Wing (Teresa), Yeung Cheuk Ying (Keller), Ke Cheung Lam (Teresa), reaped the individual championships and brought glory to their own houses. House of Curie and House of Teresa took down the B Grade and C Grade house championship respectively. House of Keller was the best cheering team of the day. House of Brontë returned to be the A Grade house champion and house overall champion.

The annual athletics meet is essentially a time of celebrating collaborative effort and sportsmanship, if not physical prowess. A big thank you to our P. E. Department, Sports Society, six houses, advisers of uniform groups, student and teacher participants and volunteers.

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