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At Christmas we commemorated the birth of Christ Jesus by reviewing the familiar Biblical accounts about Him.  Students brought us back to the Old Testament, where prophets announced that God had forgiven the sins of the chosen people despite their acts of worshipping idols. In the New Testament, the prophecy was actualised when His only son, Jesus Christ was sent to save us from our sins.


With the stories, we reflected on the message about God’s mercy. We were invited to forgive and let go of the grudges against people. We were asked to reflect on how profound such love God has bestowed on us, the condemned and considered us righteous.


On the theme of redemption from revenge and rage, we navigated into Ms. Pauline Sung’s special ministry in the previous years. Ms. Sung has been a volunteer in the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Lay Provision Evangelical Organization. She has served in the Ma Hang Prison and Stanley Prison. In 2010, she joined the Creation and Rehabilitation Project. This project aims at allowing the inmates to participate in art and design to reflect on what they have done wrong and to face the future life in a positive way.


The Christmas celebration programme further deepened our understanding about forgiving. ‘Unforgiveness is like cancer,’ asserted Mrs. Johnson who lost her son in a gunshot.  After enduring years of torment, the grievous mother reached out to the convict and made friend with him. To our surprise, Mrs Johnson lived just next door to the young man. She has made herself a genuine neighbour of someone in desperate need of forgiveness. It has brought happiness, peace, hope and a better change. There are many ways for us to show mercy to people but there is no greater mercy than God’s pardoning and redemption. Christmas bears the significant message of forgiveness for peace and hope.


After the Celebration, our Student Council took over the stage and engaged us into interactive quizzes with teachers, including Ms Leung Hoi Yan, Miss Irene Yung, Miss Hung Ching Ying, Mr Thomas Hung, Mr Thomas Hung and Mr Joe Wong.


Sr Veronica, together with the Vice-Principals and Assistant Principal, gave out gifts for different classes.


After the Hall programme, classes gave parties and shared with each other the fun of the season.  Class representatives introduced to the adjudicators who visited the classes for the Christmas board competition.  It was followed by teacher-student friendly match in the playground.

On 3 December, we witnessed the exceptional performance of many an athlete on the tracks and in the field. With the help of student officials and coordination among the houses, the event went smoothly. Spending a day on the sportsground was rewarding. It gave us space to appreciate participants’ physical prowess, perseverance and intelligence in competitions. There were a variety of track and field events for students to choose from: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m races, hurdles, discus throw, javelin throw, shot put, high jump and long jump. To wind down the tense atmosphere after a long day, our S2 students gave a modern dance performance in an upbeat jolly mood.


Fierce competitions were staged in the afternoon in the Teacher-Student 4x100m Relay, Primary-Secondary Student 4x100m Relay relays and 4x100m Teacher Relay. Sr Agnes, the School Supervisor, presented prizes to the winners of the first two relays: 追風, 哥就是風,即管追 and Bronte, as well as winners from our primary school: Natalie's Team, Samantha's Team and Chloe’s Team.  Sr Veronica, the Principal, congratulated the sprinters in 熊李談曾,勁過Tree Gun, 哪有一天我們會衝線 and another teachers relay team.

Ms Teresina Chan, AA Representative, as well as Ms Diana Fei, PTA Representative, expressed their support for our students throughout the event at the spectators’ stand, and so did many parents and past students.

House of Keller reaped the House Overall Championship, Cheering Team Championship, B Grade House Championship as well as B Grade Individual Championship with Tam Siu Yee, Lilian’s fabulous performance for her house. Awesome, Keller! Chong Wing from C Grade is this year’s C Grade Individual Champion. Congratulations, House of Teresa! Yiu Hoi Yan & Yiu Hoi Lun from House of Pankhurst and House of Keller shared A Grade Individual Championship. Well-done!

Our Honourable Guest, Miss Liu Yan Wai, HK Women Fencing Elite Athlete, addressed the school, sharing her bittersweet experiences in Women’s Foil games. An experienced and top-grade fencing athlete, Miss Liu’s message tugged at the heartstrings in the audience. The outstanding Asian Championships fencer shared her personal ups and downs and bade us observe resilience and determination in the course of chasing our dreams. We wish Miss Liu all the success in her preparation for the next Olympics Games!

But for Ms Ellen Chan’s dedication and Mr Joe Wong’s contribution, Sports Society’s commitment, efforts of student officials, teacher officials, the IT technicians, Mr Andy Lo, Mr Terry Li, the uniform groups, the Discipline Team, the School Photographers, Campus TV and janitors, our Annual Athletics Meet would not have been made possible.

Our eyes were treated to a feast of swimming styles, dynamic strength, coordination and breath-taking competitions against the countdown clock at the annual swimming gala on 20 November, 2015. Apart from free-style, breast stroke and butterfly, there was an awesome 200m open grade medley in which a competitor had to complete the race all by herself in a long-haul game. It really takes more than skills to meet the challenge. It was equally hair-raising to see neck-and-neck competitions in the relays: 4x50m freestyle and 4x50m medley. The swimmers always looked to have an equal chance of winning.

Miss Yuen Lok Yee, Hong Kong Women’s Rugby Elite Athlete, officiated at the prize-giving ceremony of this year’s Swimming Gala at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. The experienced Asian Women's Rugby Sevens Championships player presented some long-awaited prizes for our House Champions of A, B and C Grades, the house overall champion and the winner of cheering competition. After consecutive fierce competitions, we are delighted to find the best athletes in the water sport: House of Keller took away the championships in both B and C Grades, hence, House of Keller becomes our House Overall Champion in 2015-2016. Congratulations to you, Keller! You beat the five houses and eventually won the grand prize! House of Bronte strived for their best at A Grade events and seized House Championship in the senior grade. Good efforts, Bronte!

Sr Agnes, School Supervisor, presented other major prizes to outstanding individuals who helped reap the title of house championships: Ho Yuen Kiu and Wing Yuen Kei from House of Keller as well as Wong Lok Yee, Joyce from House of Pankhurst.

It is our pleasure to share the first annual sports event with distinguished guests, Miss L.Y. Yuen and hear her address to the school, as well as Ms Ivy Tam, Vice Chairman of PTA, Ms Josephine Tjia, Alumnae Manger, parents and coaches who turned up to support the athletes.

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