Students with recent history of contact with poultry or history of visiting wet markets with live poultry in avian influenza affected areas should wear a mask and consult doctors promptly if they have respiratory symptoms.  These students have to inform the doctor of their exposure history. The affected students should stay at home and avoid returning to school.

If you have any remaining deposits on your PPS accounts, we would appreciate it if you could submit your pps balance refund application before 30 April 2015. You could either collect the money in person or donate it to the school’s ‘Fund for Student Development’. Please download the PPS Balance Refund Application Form from the school website and return the completed form to the School Office by fax or via email. After 30 April 2015, any unclaimed deposit will be allocated to the Fund for Student Development as donations.

Your cheques or donation receipts will be available at the School Office for collection from 2 July until 10 July 2015 (Monday to Friday).

Thank you for your attention.

Wash hands frequently with liquid soap, especially before handling food or eating, after going to toilet, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretion after coughing or sneezing.
Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes and avoid visiting wet markets with live poultry or contacting poultry especially when travelling to H7N9 virus affected areas.
Maintain good indoor ventilation, including opening windows as widely and as many as possible.
If symptoms of influenza-like illness are developed, you should seek medical advice promptly and avoid returning to the school  if you are sick.

Seeing the importance of being global-minded, the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team organised Global Awareness Days. On 9 – 10 February, more than 200 Ambassadors of Learning and students nominated by the teachers attended the Global Awareness Day.

This programme aimed at nurturing future leaders’ cultural sensitivity. Students across the forms and classes attended different interactive workshops to explore and experience cultural diversity.Workshops included German Christmas Cooking, Capoeira, Creativity and intercultural stand-up comedy, Latin American music exploration, Singaporean culture, Hebrews and Singlish etc. Through these workshops, students got to know more about fascinating things: that “Singlish” is so different from English because it is a mixture of 7 kinds of language and dialect; Brazilians are died-hard supporters of Capoeira, a form of Brazilian martial art, and that Hong Kong-born Indians have hard times growing up in an unfriendly community.

This two-day programme not only provided students with the opportunities to interact with international guests, but also effectively raised their global awareness towards what makes a successful person. As one of the Ambassadors of Learning said, “It opened my eyes to the world and showed me the importance of intercultural competence. I never regret having attended this interesting programme”

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