S6 students of 2013-14 who have pre-ordered the School Magazine 2012-14 can collect your orders at the school office during office hours. All others are welcome to make purchase of the Magazine at the school office while stocks last.

Sacred Heart is celebrating her 155thanniversary in 2015.

Kicking off a series of celebration events is the Heartslink Charity Walk which will be held on 29 Nov 2014 in Tamar Park, Admiralty. 

If you want to contribute to our school’s long term ‘Heartslink Programme’ to serve children from low-income families,
please click ‘Heartslink’ for further information.

Estantia, our out-going Student Council 13-14, has given the audience a succinct review of their last year’s undertakings: club promotion day, dress casual day, letter-writing memento, inter-class photo competition, funfair 2014, Sacred Heartist Got Talent, and joint-school leadership training summit in summer, to name but a few.

Candentia, our proposed Student Council, pledged that they would excel in blaze, an imagery of a phoenix, during their introduction to their voters on Monday.  There is a strong continuity between their proposed student events and those of last year. The keen members share the spirit of serving in humility and a capacity to lead with example.

Upon hearing the introduction, some students in the audience just couldn’t wait to express their concerns for budget control, use of Democracy Wall, as well as the allocation of activities between April and June.

Followed the forum, the Prefects’ Board took up the stage to present their 3 candidates for the prestigious posts of Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects. They are Phoebe Chan, Eunice Man and Eunice Ng. Time and time again the experienced prefects were well–prepared for concerns from the audience. They gave sound reasons for rules and practice. They also responded to the challenging questions from Ms Elizabeth Choy and student representative.

The election took place Wednesday in the Home period. We shall soon be informed of our next group of aspiring leaders.

Feeling nervous and excited at the same time, our pre-S1 students joined the Summer Bridging Course and savoured the first taste of being a student at Sacred Heart Canossian College.

In these ten days, they had basked in the fun of trying out different things: from Kung Fu to Drama and from Life and Society to Science. These lessons aimed to give them an introduction to different subjects and hopefully aroused their interest in learning. Besides lessons conducted by the tutors, they also had English lessons, which equipped them with the skills to learn different subjects in English.

The drama presentation was definitely the highlight of the course. Each class performed a revised short scene based on the story of the Little Red Riding Hood in our auditorium. They started from script-writing, props-making to rehearsing and acting. Through this experience, students learnt how to collaborate with each other and with tutors.

With brand new experiences and new faces met during the course of study, the students remarked that they had a lot of fun. Although the Bridging Course has come to an end, it is just the beginning of the challenging and exciting journey at Sacred Heart. Let us wish them a very fruitful school life here!

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