Congratulations! Three of our S5 girls, Katrina Shu, Sammi Ho and Christy Lee, have won the second class award in Biology and Health (Senior Division) in the Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition 2014-2015. Led by Ms. Elizabeth Choy, their project investigated into the use of plants in making antiperspirant.

Their team has gone through a number of contests and stood the test. In the first round, their innovative ideas impressed the adjudicators so much so that they were selected as HKSAR delegates to attend the national youth science contest, in which young scientists from different parts of China and a few overseas countries gathered in Hong Kong Asia World-Expo in 20-23 August to share their innovative science projects.

Katrina Shu eventually won six awards on use of natural substances in making antiperspirant. The awards include first class in medicine and health studies (醫學與健康學一等獎), global healthcare science silver award (全球藥物科技大獎銀獎), The Intel Talent Award (英特爾英才獎), The Chinese University of Hong Kong Science and Innovation Technology Award (香港中文大學創新科技獎(醫學與健康學專案,), and Cyberport Hong Kong Technology Elite Award (數碼港香港科技精英獎).

July is the end of an academic year, yet the beginning of a brand new chapter for our fresh batch of Sacred Heartists.  

Our pre-S1 girls had the chance to taste the bits and pieces of secondary school life.  Lessons like science, life and society, in addition to school history helped them explore their interests in different subjects as well as enhance their understanding of our school.  Their learning experience was not confined to the classroom.  Drama lessons allowed them to express themselves freely with the use of gestures, speech techniques as well as space, not to mention Kung Fu, which simultaneously strengthened their mind and body.

With knowledge and fun, their fruitful ten days passed swiftly and concluded in a perfect way, a drama performance. They fully utilised their creativity and talents to rewrite the ending of the Happy Prince; make props with detailed design and create sound effects with musical instruments, and most importantly, act in an expressive and confident fashion. Each class presentation was marked with passion and unity on the stage.

We hereby sincerely wish our greenest Sacred Heart family members an amazing and adventurous learning journey with new attempts, new friends and new challenges.

On 6 July, 2015, students and teachers launched an unforgettable fashion show as a tribute to our 155thanniversary. Some ambled along the catwalk, looking intensely in the direction of the adjudicators or the audience, others paraded through the long narrow stage in one of a kind bonnet or helmet, glistering ear-rings, studs or boots. With long strides, the first-time models captivated everyone’s attention with their clanking accessories, flying robes, stiletto heels, pointed shoes, whimsical makeup and above all, professional confidence.

Under the guidance of Ms Priscilla Kwok, the art club, school artists, house captains and executive committees collaborated to design, experiment, draft, make and try on different materials that would make it possible for models to carry their thematic designs on stage.  The teams worked round-the-clock, attended workshops on dress-making, modelling and makeup, just to offer the audience with a brand new experience of art and design.  Apart from the six houses, alumnae joined hands to present their own designs.  Even the adjudicators were thrilled by the standards demonstrated by the models and producers behind the scene.

It was our pleasure to have Mr. Alex Fong Lik Sun, Mr. Paul Lau, co-founder and General Manager of Primo Model, Ms. Tanya Chan, our alumna and the Vice-president of the Civic Party, Ms. Priscilla So, our alumna and co-founder of a local fashion brand, Sketch Around, Ms. Fiona Chan, Lecturer of the Department of Design in Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, Ms. Simple Li, an experienced model of many international model competitions, and Sr Veronica, the Principal to present the prizes to the winners: the best designers, the best models, the house with the best performance and the grand prize.

The finale in the evening was a surprise: a band appeared on stage during the grand finale, bringing funky music in staccato notes and strong beats. The evening drew to a close when everyone in the hall sang the school song in a high-spirted fashion. It was a moving moment when everyone engaged in the project shared a part in expressing their appreciation of each other.


In great pleasure and pride, our Senior Choir would like to share with you the joy of reaping a gold medal in Second European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015 with 91 points!

The event was held from 5 to 12 July in Magdeburg, Germany, in which choirs from 30 nations gathered to share their music in a week of workshops, concerts and competitions. Being the only representative of Hong Kong, 44 members from the Senior Choir demonstrated their diversity and zeal for music with 5 pieces of different styles and genres in the category of Youth Choirs.

Involving in such a thrilling international competition was not only a golden opportunity for the Choir to enrich its knowledge about singing techniques, it was also a chance for the musicians to explore different cultures, lifestyles and languages, as well as cultivate friendship with choristers all over the globe.

The rewarding event was wrapped up with a parade and public performances in the city centre, where all participating choirs took turns singing at designated locations for shoppers and visitors to enjoy.

The end is always the beginning of new quests ahead. Without any doubt, our choir will surely continue to strive for excellence in the future!

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