What a fruitful and jubilant year to our School Choir!

Our Senior Choir has been awarded The Most Outstanding Secondary School Choir of the Year and the Best Secondary School Girls’ Choir in the First Division in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. We have also won the championships in the Senior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Foreign Language and Chinese Section, as well as in the class of Oratorio, with our partner school, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Congratulations!

Our Junior Choir has also attained two First Runner-ups in the Junior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Chinese Section, and Junior Mixed Choir - Singing in Foreign Language Section, with Wah Yan College, Kowloon, and another two Second Runner-ups in Junior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Foreign Language, and Church Music – Age 14 and under – Singing in Foreign Language Sections.

Our winning choirs gave two successful performances in Prize Winners’ Concerts on 3 May at Sha Tin Town Hall and 9 May at St John’s Cathedral.  Recordings of the Choir Finals and the Prize Winners’ Concert will be broadcasted via RTHK Radio 4 and eTVonline in mid-May and June respectively.

Some members from the Senior Choir also got the championship in the Hong Kong International A Cappella Contest 2013 School Division (Choir Ensemble) in last November.  Congratulations to our choir once again!

With the greatest love and blessings from God and the strong sense of unity among our teammates, SHCC musicians will definitely strive for their best to make beautiful and sensational music to glorify our dear LORD.

Rev. Father Dominic Chan, Vicar General, celebrated our Eucharistic Celebration on 8 May in commemoration of our Foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa.  In his homily on our Foundress, the celebrant expounded on St. Magdalene’s unique qualities of faithfulness to Jesus Crucified , compassion for the poor, and humility in service.  With a heart of gold, our Foundress established the charity in spite of the turmoil in the political scene in Verona, the disparity between the affluent and the deprived, as well as her traumatic childhood.

Through three readings from the Scripture, we reflected on what makes a life worthy of praise.  Let us cultivate a virtuous, benevolent and simple life together. It would be the best form of tribute to our Foundress and Jesus Crucified she fondly served.

On 25 April we celebrated the resurrection of Christ Jesus at the school hall in the presence of our guests, Mr and Mrs Ho, Sr Sania’s parents, our Principal, teachers and students.

By church tradition, Easter is a feast that marks the time when Jesus met His 11 disciples, confirmed them that He overcame the curse of death as He had told them, and called the dubious followers to have hope in Him and spread the Good News of His resurrection till the end of the time. It is essentially the Covenant renewed.

The programme shed light on putting our trust in the risen LORD again. Through a series of video clips, Bible readings and reflective questions, putting down of personal cares, folding of a cross and making of ‘LIFE’ paper craft, we refreshed our understanding of what happened 2000 years ago. It is truly inconceivable to us how the Christian Church could grow despite persecutions on Jesus’ disciples and followers in the early Church history.

In Mr and Mrs Ho’s experiences, we have learnt the wonderful guidance and mercy God has bestowed on us. Let us renew our strength in following Him and live a life worthy of His unconditional love for us.

The Chinese Language Pull-Out Programme organized by the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team was successfully held from December 2013 to March 2014. In this programme, there were reading and writing workshops which enabled students to discover and appreciate the aesthetics, moral and ethical dimensions of Chinese Classics. During Easter holiday, nine Sacred Heartists representing Hong Kong, left for  Hangzhou for a four 4-day trip to participate in the New Youth National Chinese Writing Competition (第二屆新少年中小學生作文大賽)organized by Zhe-Jiang Post (浙江報).

Before joining the competition, students had the opportunity to visit the Liangzhu Museum (良渚博物院) and find out more about the development of Liangzhu culture. An archaeologist also shared his knowledge on Liangzhu culture. It was an interesting talk. Our participants lost themselves in the wonders of our country’s culture. They asked a lot of questions about Liangzhu culture as well as archaeology. Moreover, they also visited Hangzhou Xuejun High School (杭州學軍中學). Through lesson observation and a sharing session, our students were impressed by how serious the students in Hangzhou take learning.

The highlight of the trip was the New Youth National Chinese Writing Competition. As Hong Kong representatives, our students had to compete against more than a hundred elites from China.  It was a valuable learning opportunity to hear comments from a famous writer, Su Tung (蘇童), the adjudicator who provided feedback to their entries. Students reflected that extensive reading and regular writing practice are the key to success in writing.

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