To provide learning opportunities for students to explore the unique hospitality culture of Disneyland and marine creatures’ livelihood beyond the textbook, a group of S4 & S5 Ambassadors of Learning joined the Disneyland Learning Day and Ocean Park Learning Camp in February and March respectively.

On the Disneyland Learning Day, students paid a visit to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, where they experienced how every detail in the hotel, from interior design to child-friendly facilities, meets Disney’s quality standards. Our students were impressed by the veteran cast member’s awareness of their guests’ slightest needs and their enthusiastic response. “What we have learnt in this programme is applicable to the same situations in the future. For example, we should always value and acknowledge our schoolmates’ efforts in keeping the classroom clean. What’s more, I realised we can always learn from each other instead of learning on our own.” Kelly Choy, a S5 AoL, remarked.

In the Ocean Park Learning Camp, students had a chance to stay in late at night to observe how different species interact with each other and the environment in the aquarium. They were able to see tuna swimming in a school, blue moon angelfish hiding behind coral reef, stingrays of different species circling together, gropers motionless at sleep. It is not hard to imagine how fascinating our ocean is with such biodiversity. Moreover, students have become more aware of the effect of marine solid waste on the ocean. “It is really important for us to stay vigilant and keep the ocean clean. That way, we protect the adorable sea creatures and our next generation has an eco-friendly place to enjoy themselves.” remarked an AoL, Alice Yeung.

Sr Agnes, the School Supervisor, Sr Veronica, the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Assistant Principal and members of Learning and Teaching Advancement Team officiated at the mid-year prize-giving occasion to congratulate students on their distinguished achievements in studies in the first term.

The first in the subject in Secondary 4 and 5, the top positions in S1- S3 classes, the shortlisted candidate of South China Morning Post Sportsman of the Year 2013-14, 6C’s Pansy Chan and the Youth Arch Foundation Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2013-14 finalist, 4F’s Connie Chan were on the honour list.

The ceremony serves as a form of recognition to the zealous learners’ efforts.  It is an incentive to everyone who has yet stretched their potentials in academic endeavours.  We look forward to seeing more and more new faces next term.

Followed the ceremony, Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-principal introduced a new scholarship for S1- S2 students with distinguished results in science subjects. It is the third scholarship on academic pursuits our school has established since September 2014.  For more details about scholarships, please visit the school website.

To raise funds for S5 Extended Learning Week, the Parent-Teacher Association together with the Student Council, Estancia collaborated again in organising The Circus, a student-led fair on Sacred Heart Canossian College campus on 15 February.

Of their own accord, a total of 30 clubs, teams and individual classes responded to the Student Council’s invitation by coming up with their own ways of raising funds for the students in need of subsidies in the S5 Extended Learning Week: cooked food, herbal teas, crafts, jigsaws, quizzes, adventures, throws, ring toss, tic tac toe, thematic cafes and the like. School dancers and musicians exhausted all their might on stage while guests from Marymount Secondary School, Diocesan Boys’ School and La Salle College made our day with acoustic music and awesome live performances. Their shows were full of beans, bouncy and beautiful. The Student Council made it possible with their advisers’ guidance.

Ms Winnie Yu, Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms Teresina Chan, former Chairman of Alumnae Association, and Ms Fiona Chan, Chairman of Alumnae Association, Ms Florence Kwok, Ms Priscilla Kwok, Ms Yoshie Lee, Miss Mandy Cheung, Mr David Hung, and Estancia’s President, Peony Chiu officiated at the Opening Ceremony.

Sr Veronica addressed the guests, parents, teachers and students at the Opening Ceremony, acknowledging the contribution of the alumnae and the parents, who never spare themselves in supporting Sacred Heartists’ personal growth. Let us stretch our limits and devote ourselves to the pursuit of excellence.

On 25 January, more than 15 students spent time at Lee Yue Mum Park and Holiday Village reading and exploring characterization, setting and themes of The Hunger Games, the first book of the trilogy. Like many previous reading camps, this one succeeded in taking students through the pages and episodes in the DVD, sharing personal response to what is read.

In campers’ view, the treasure hunt and hunter game in the morning was the coolest programme ever.  They ran about the camp site, looked for clues, resolved the quizzes and shot each other with toy bows and arrows. The outdoor physical activity involved them in being hunters and being preys. It was good fun.

The film show after lunch engaged them in the producer’s view of a dystopian world, where civilians struggled in misery, squalor and oppression. What makes fiction such a potent tool is its effectiveness in illustrating our status quo: uprising in Ukraine, conflicts in Syria, clashes in Egypt, unrest in Thailand and oppression in many leading economic giants. There is much resemblance between The Hunger Games and the world in 21st Century.

For anyone interested in exploring themes in dystopian literature, The Hunger Games is definitely your choice. Other titles include H.G. Wells’ The First Men in the Moon, H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, George Orwell’s 1984, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion.

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