The certificates of 2013 HKDSE are available for collection at the school office during office hours from Monday to Friday. Uncollected Certificates will be returned to HKEAA in October 2014.

The uncollected certificates of 2012 HKDSE and HKALE have already been returned to HKEAA in October 2013.

Music Odyssey is an annual contest for the betterment of students’ capacity in music.  It offers an open door to engage us in music, and most importantly, to enjoy making music with brilliant partners.

This year, we are honoured to have Ms Vivian Ip from Canossa College and Ms Joyce Yu from Heep Yunn School to be our adjudicators. Our guests have always devoted themselves in making music with their comrades as accompanists and partners.

The Music Society wishes to express a big thank you to everyone who has helped and supported the production of Music Odyssey 2013-14 and the development of music in our school. We are looking forward to seeing more students sharing their joy in making music next year!

Students and teachers carried on the fine tradition of our College by staying composed in a religious programme on 20 December. Catholic Formation Core Team turned our eyes from the humdrum routine to that of heavenly hope.  Unlike pagan festivals celebrated elsewhere, our Christmas celebration gives way to Christ the Messiah and the Light of the world.

We took pride in recalling Bible stories about His birth and Mother Mary’s humility in response to God’s plan of redemption. Our Principal, Sr Veronica, gave the audience a quiz about what we had watched and heard during the presentation. That sparked off rounds of cheers.

After that, the Student Council took over the stage and turned the atmosphere into a cool one. Enthusiastic audience lost themselves in interactive games and Santa Claus catwalk competition, an innovation of incredible fun.

Before we finished, we had a special singing session with a priest on drum set and teachers chanting, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas.’

On this special occasion, we expressed our warmest wishes to two retiring janitor staff. Sr Veronica and Student Council President presented them with small gifts on our behalf. Mui and Kam Lan will be fondly remembered for their kindness and patience.

Before the class party, we had a neat prize-giving ceremony that acknowledged the progress made by our students the previous academic year. The recipients collected their awards from our Principal amidst applause.

By noon, the open playground was filled with fervent supporters, waiting for the Student Council-run teacher-student basketball competition. An irresistible event to many students, the annual treat took many people’s breath away, in one way or another.

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