On December 13, athletes staged a splendid show of exceptional competence in swimming. House of Curie, House of Pankurst and House of Nightingale claimed House Championship of Grades A, B and C respectively.  Individual Champions came from Nightingale, Pankurst and Bronte but the long-awaited Overall House Championship went to Nightingale. The competitors were of such a high calibre that many heats finished with neck and neck competitors.

Calling our swimming gala a backbreaking event is not bogus. In nearly three hours, most athletes completed more than one heats, be it free style, breast stroke, butterfly or relay. On the spectator stand, cheering teams among the houses were equally level with each other. It took the adjudicators much time to make up their minds. The Brontians eventually had a narrow edge over other teams.

Miss Choi Yan Yin, a distinguished triathlon athlete herself, addressed the audience after prizes were presented. The leading athlete in swimming, biking and running gave us ABC as tips, an acronym which stands for action, believe in the unbelievable, and challenge ourselves at all times. The advice came just in time for us to prepare for yet another challenge, the preparation for our first term examination and in the case of S6, Mock Examination.

Under the coordination of Sports Society, the annual event drew to a close with the presence of Sr Agnes, School Supervisor, Ms Winnie Yu, Chairperson of PTA, and Ms Teresina Chan, Representative of Alumnae Association.

Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor’s word of encouragement inaugurated the annual athletics meet on Wanchai Sportsground.  This year’s whole-school sports event saw the emergence of new Individual Champions: Vanessa Leung from 1E, Luk Ngo Ching from 3C and Fiona Yiu from 4C. House of Keller continued to reap the honour of Championship of Inter-house Cheering Competition while House of Brontë, House of Curie and House of Pankurst shared the titles of Overall House Champions.

Mr Lai Chun Ho, a Hong Kong delegate in this year’s 6th East Asian Games, Olympic Games in 2012, as well as the champion of Men’s 4X100 m relay in Asian Athletics Championships 2013 addressed the school at the prize-giving ceremony.

A tough athlete, Lai advocated self-talk, a means of boosting morale in times of misery. He shared with the audience what he is accustomed to doing on the brink of quitting. Students were all ears upon Mr Lai’s advice.

It was our pleasure to have Ms Winnie Yu and Ms Teresina Chan, Chairperson of Parent-Teacher Association and Alumnae Association respectively, to present medals and trophies to the winning athletes and teams. Many parents called in on their own children and many alumnae their friends during the day. The occasion was not short of snapshots and catch-up of latest news.

Students joined forces with teachers in the prominent 4x100m relay.  Miss Jenny Chan, Ms Ginny Chan, Ms Zoe Chan, Miss Mandy Cheung, Ms Irene Law, Miss Wendy Lee, Ms Ivy Ma, Mr Ted Chow, Mr Thomas Hung, Mr Kelvin Kwong, Mr David Lam, Mr Ben Tam and Mr Zinc Tsang accomplished the race with enormous support from the spectators.

Other than the exceptional unity on the track, our event saw incredible collaboration between teachers and student officials: the marshals, the time-keepers, the position judges, the take-over judges, the marksmen, corner judges, the shot put, the javelin throw, and the discus throw, the high jump and the long jump officials.  Working behind the officials were Girl Guides, St. John Ambulance Brigade, the discipline prefects, Student Council, the school photographers, the campus TV, the clerical staff and the janitor staff.

Credits go to the Sports Society and everyone involved in the organization, setting- up and helping out on the day - in particular the Parent-Teacher Association and the Alumnae Association.

Sr Agnes Law FdCC, our College Supervisor, led a reflective workshop on teachers’ professional practices on 15 November, our staff formation day.

Dressed down, teachers assumed a learner role throughout the 2 sessions examining the essence of Canossian education, as inspired by the Crucifix and the reference materials. In her recollections of being the College’s principal, Sr Agnes gave credits to many of the good practices observed: spirit-lifting stories of going an extra mile for the sake of the underprivileged students. Followed Sr Agnes’ sharing, Ms Leung Hoi Yan and Mr Thomas Hung took turn to shed light on their experiences of being homeroom teachers. Their yielding personality thaws many a stone-faced and dejected soul. What a fruitful morning session it was for many participants.

The afternoon session examined what Sacred Heart Canossian College had done for the needy and the underprivileged, a commitment shared by Canossian educators. In retrospect, teachers agreed that our policies and measures have always borne the mission statement in mind, albeit little publicity. It was suggested that the college should keep our stakeholders, namely parents, alumnae, school managers and the public informed of what we have done to fulfill the mission of Canossian education: empowered with love to love, enabled in love to serve.

Rev. Philip Chan, Parish Priest of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, officiated at the Re-opening Mass on 13 September.

Sr Vicky started with a comprehensive explanation on Our Lady of Sorrows, and the way Our Lady inspired Canossian Daughters of Charity to serve in humility. Albeit suffering for love of God and humanity, Our Lady had accepted the peril in hope.

In the homily, Rev Philip likened Our Lady of Sorrows to an afflicted mother of love and hope. The parish priest suggested we stand by Our Lady, act upon what we are assigned to do in hope, and stand up for our faith in love of God.

After the Eucharist, Catholic Society Committee members had their official commission, followed by that of teachers’ and finally students’ part.

One of the UNICEF Young Envoy of 2012-13 and two nominated students to Oxbridge Summer Preparation Camp in summer shared inspirations from the exposure.

After the Mass, student leaders, including the Head Girl and her Core Team, Head Prefect and her deputies, President and Vice-President of elected Student Council, Estancia, together with their executive members, House Captains and their deputies, as well as class prefects received their badges from the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Assistant Principal, their respective advisers or homeroom teachers.

The Head Girl, May Zeng, brought us finally together with a vision to strive for excellence in collaboration, in understanding, in courage, in resilience and in vigor.

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