Rev. Philip Chan, Parish Priest of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, officiated at the Re-opening Mass on 13 September.

Sr Vicky started with a comprehensive explanation on Our Lady of Sorrows, and the way Our Lady inspired Canossian Daughters of Charity to serve in humility. Albeit suffering for love of God and humanity, Our Lady had accepted the peril in hope.

In the homily, Rev Philip likened Our Lady of Sorrows to an afflicted mother of love and hope. The parish priest suggested we stand by Our Lady, act upon what we are assigned to do in hope, and stand up for our faith in love of God.

After the Eucharist, Catholic Society Committee members had their official commission, followed by that of teachers’ and finally students’ part.

One of the UNICEF Young Envoy of 2012-13 and two nominated students to Oxbridge Summer Preparation Camp in summer shared inspirations from the exposure.

After the Mass, student leaders, including the Head Girl and her Core Team, Head Prefect and her deputies, President and Vice-President of elected Student Council, Estancia, together with their executive members, House Captains and their deputies, as well as class prefects received their badges from the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Assistant Principal, their respective advisers or homeroom teachers.

The Head Girl, May Zeng, brought us finally together with a vision to strive for excellence in collaboration, in understanding, in courage, in resilience and in vigor.

Sacred Heartists ambled about idyllic attractions and monuments, hopped on coaches to exotic attractions, laid a finger on making of videos about German speakers, learnt songs in different languages, got along with like-minded peers in a youth conference, attended symposia on the latest advances in science, space science and technology in China, touched the hard-wearing gloss monuments and museum displays with their own hands, walked miles to a shopping spree, fidgeted around classrooms, laboratories and squares for improving their languages.

Such was what we heard from the awe-inspiring cultural enrichment sharing that took place on 5 September. It was a nice celebration of their summer enrichment programmes and a neat way of kick-starting another year of learning.

The success of such a good range of programmes lies in the efforts of Sr Veronica, our Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-Principal, Ms Priscilla Kwok, the Assistant Principal, heads of different teams, academic departments and supporting staff working behind the scene.

On 2 September, Sr Veronica, our Principal, teachers and students marked the beginning of the academic year with a neat assembly in the Hall.

Sr Vicky led the prayer and drew our attention to unity and community life. After that, Sr Veronica welcomed our newcomers, the S1 students and new teachers. When we move on to a fresh start, we just can’t overcome our excitement of seeing new faces. New teachers aside, we have newly-elected School Policy and Improvement Committee teacher members.

Stephanie Cheng, our Head Girl Core Team representative, spoke of the challenges and resilience demanded in making sketches, designing, editing and compiling the Student Companion.

The Soul Search writers recalled their collaborative efforts in the production of their own fiction. The latest student-initiated, cultural-rooted fiction was released in July to the surprise of many schoolmates. Ms Laxmi and Mrs Chung took these student-writers to see some Wanchai monuments at the brainstorming stage. The students were lucky enough to meet up our past student-writer, Mrs Elisie Sze, writer of The Heart of the Buddha to have some inspiration about creative writing.

Let us put our theme of the year, Rise to challenges and Excel in Unity into practice and make a difference in support of one another’s initiatives, as our Head Girl Core Group and Soul Search Writers did.

The ten-day intensive programme in English has given our pre-S1 students a glimpse of life in Sacred Heart Canossian College. The Summer Bridging Course 2013 in July enabled students to meet future schoolmates and spend time on Life and Society, Dance, and Drama. It was great fun.

The design of the lessons encouraged students to explore knowledge via hands-on experiences. During the course, participants had lessons on Science, Mathematics, Drama and Dance, which hopefully benefited their burgeoning interests in studies and thinking for themselves. The lessons conducted by teachers from the Abbey English Learning Centre, in particular, equipped students with practical skills in English that would benefit them even in the long run.

The Drama presentation was undoubtedly the highlight of the course! The stage performance was a good way of building their confidence in themselves by means of enacting the ending of The Green Children. Students wrote their own endings, rehearsed their parts and worked closely with the tutors on how to make use of the their body language, voice projection and facial expressions. Besides drama skills, the performance brought students closer to each other and strengthened their friendship.

With newly-acquired skills, fresh experiences and excitement, our S.1 newcomers are all ready and looking forward to taking on the new challenge – being a secondary student in SHCC!

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