A heart-to-heart dialogue between Ms Kwok and a guest speaker from Cambodia opened our eyes. The interview shed light on expressions of love. Physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, sending handmade gifts and acts of service are five languages of love necessary for cultivating relationships. Wendy, a volunteer who spent four years with the disadvantaged children in Cambodia shared the secret of savouring flavour of life with us.

To celebrate the birth of Jesus in a Christian way, the Catholic Formation Core Team presented a thoughtful, Biblical set of slides engaging us in contemplating the connection of birth of Christ with us, personally. We have learnt enough about the fact of Jesus but are we ready to make Jesus’ unconditional love known through our contact with each other? It is a question only we can answer in 2012.

The Student Council rounded up Appreciation Week with a dragon dance. The pioneer campaign aimed at recreating respect and acknowledgment of each other’s contribution to the College.

Sr Veronica, the Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-Principal, Ms Priscilla Kwok, the Assistant Principal, janitor staff, together with Student Council advisers, Ms Yoshie Li and Miss Mandy Cheung and the Executive Committee members performed a posh dance on stage. The act marked the climax of the Appreciation Week, in which Council members launched a series of programmes, such as, guessing games and hot pot dinner on Friday for giving warmth to every member in the College community.

In the Teacher-Student Basketball Game at noon, flocks of students and teachers assembled at the basketball court on the ground floor. Earnest spectators looked forward to their favourite teachers in their athletic gear. Wish you a merry athletic Christmas!




Tiffany Tsoi, 7A and Joyce Tang, 3F became the overall champion of the music contest with their marvellous interpretation of Vivace, J.S. Bach’s Concerto for two violins.

The PTA and AA have always been our most supportive patrons when it comes to student development. This year, Ms Candy Wong, Ex-co Member of PTA, together with Ms Teresina Chan, Chairman of AA, presented the trophies to the distinguished musicians. The PTA has generously sponsored trophies for the open section in a bid to encourage participation of parents, pupils at the primary section, past students and their families.

At Open Section, Joyce Chan of 5F and her mother Ms Louisa Li came first with a soothing Taiwanese song 我願意. Calysta Yan of 5F and her sister, Charisse and father came second with an assuring song, Count on Me. Miss Maria Lam led Legion of Mary in presenting I will Follow Him and took the second runner-up.

The honour of best accompanist went to Vivian Kwok from 4A. Stephanie Hung in 4B was awarded the title of the best conductor with House of Pankhurst’s Silver Bells.

House singing section was one of the highlights with Christmas songs, For example, House of Pankhurst’s Silver Bells came first, followed by House of Curie’s Candle in Your Heart and then House of Teresa’s Holiday Favourites. A number of teachers were involved in the choir.

In addition to vocalists, we have instrumentalists playing George Michael’s Careless on saxophone, Tomaso Albinoni on oboe, as well as 劉瑜 – 蝴蝶戀花 on a classical Chinese instrument, Sheng (笙). At keyboard solo, Klaus Badelt’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Fryderyk Chopin’s Nocturne in B, Op. 32, No. 1, and F. Chopin’s Waltz in G Folat Op 70, No.1 were winning pieces. Congratulations to Music Society for the success of the event. Congratulations to the participants of ensembles and group singing sections for your collaborative efforts.



On 7th December, 22 Ambassadors of Learning (AOL) from S4 and S5 embarked on a journey of global experience with their trip to Crossroads Global Village in Tuen Mun.

The first session of this programme aimed to involving students in making paper bags out of newspaper and homemade glue.  Students had to earn enough from their own handiwork to pay for rent, and expenses on food, sanitation, medical and education. Those who failed ended up in the hands of a loan shark. This game threw the students into the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty web.

Another highlight of this programme was having a taste of food of the slum. The students scooped watery food into their mouths with their bare hands. They became more familiar with what it is like to be the deprived.

The last session of the program was AIDS X-perience, which let students see the problems and effects of AIDS from four different people’s perspectives through listening to their stories.

The Global X-perience Day refreshed the AOLs’ understanding of thorny global issues, for example, the problems of poverty and AIDS. More importantly, it made the AOLs realise that everyone can do something to break the cycle of poverty.

For there will never be a time when there are no poor in the land; and so I give orders to you, Let your hand be open to your countrymen, to those who are poor and in need in your land.

Deuteronomy 15:11



On 10 December Rev. Alex sent S4 classes to various parts of Hong Kong after prayer.  The theme of this year’s service project is respect and compassion.

In the previous months, students have gone through spiritual formation sessions, as well as workshops launched by Learning by Doing Centre on the essence of volunteering.

From scratch, each class formed their own executive committees with a view to set goal, formulate plan, brainstorm activities, source material essential for making the service groups happy. Some groups played hockey with the children, others took them around for Chinese tea, gave them a birthday party, helped them with their English, or making of Santa Claus hats.

The RME Department has taken pains to coordinate the annual project.  A number of local charities generously offered our students a chance to reach out to their members: Hong Kong Federation of the Blind, Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Hong Kong Rehabilitation A & E Association Ltd. and Salvation Army.

While our brief visit to them on Saturday could hardly change their life for the better, it was a valuable experience for our self-sufficient teenagers to interact with the less accessible at their tender age.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Aesop


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