Against the silky blue horizon Sacred Heartists celebrated their talents in swimming on 24 October at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. The athletes wasted no time shooting off the starting point, diving deep into the pool, as if they were born sea creatures.

On the spectator stand, the diehard fans and house members roared and cheered along their way. The six houses have long been recruiting potential competitors, training the cheering teams at lunch, boosting morale at rehearsal sessions these few weeks. To them, the annual sports event was but an occasion for cultivating a sense of belonging among the junior form members, in addition to introducing new leaders to other members.

Ms Sherry Tsai, a household name known for her contribution to Asian Games and an Olympics delegate of Hong Kong Team, addressed the school at the closing ceremony. To the young prominent athlete, sports is not about records but dedication to one’s interest. She attributes her accomplishments to the zeal for swimming, perseverance and continuous effort.

Among the guests of honour are Chairman of the Alumnae Association, Ms Teresina Chan and Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms Amy Yuen. Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, led the closing prayer and gave away major prizes to winning Houses. cialis

It is a delight to learn that we have two new records made by Ng Wing Lam from S5B in 50m and 100m breast stroke respectively. House Championship of Grade A goes to Keller; Grade B to Nightingale and Bronte; Grade C to Nightingale again. Congratulations.

Nora Cho from S6F and Vivian Kwok from S5A, the gorgeous synchronized swimmers, gave us a real treat, bringing the eventful day to an artistic close.




On 25th October flocks of students doing German as their third language and interested students had a unique rap time with Doppel-U, a German pop musician, who flew all the way from Germany to give performances to Hong Kong audience.

The outreach was but one of the many concerts of the song-writing musician’s Asia tour. Another free concert was offered on 27 Oct at Hong Kong Arts Centre before leaving for another stop of his music performance.

The concert-cum-workshop on poetry writing aimed to thaw the fears of learning German poems. The hysterical experience has obviously made our students’ day.


The raising of Canossian Daughters of Charity flag and Sacred Heart Canossian College flag marked the beginning of this year’s School Re-opening Ceremony. Sr Veronica, our Principal took the opportunity to illustrate the significant symbols on the Canossian flag. The Latin words, ‘M’ and ‘D’ are signs of Mother Mary’s humility to accept God’s providence for her and her transcendent hope in time of adversities. As a Canossian family, we are called to take after Mother Mary’s charity and humility.

In the School Reopening Mass, Rev. Dominic Chan, Vicar General, Hong Kong Diocesan Curia, gave a sermon on standing tall in the face of adversities. While expressing our thanksgiving for the abundant opportunities ahead of us at the Mass, we witnessed the commission of Catholic Society Executive Committee Members on stage.

Following the Eucharist, we celebrated the appointment of major student leaders: Head Girl Core Group, Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefects, newly elected Student Council, Salvia, House Captains and Deputies, in addition to Class Prefects from S1-6.

The Discipline Master, Student Council Teacher Advisers, House Advisers and Homeroom Teachers affirmed their leadership with a tiny badge on the tie. By doing so, the School has expressed appreciation of the youngsters’ initiative to serve in humility and lead with Sacred Heart spirit.

Stephanie Cheng, Michelle Mok and Calysta Yan form the Head Girl Core Group. Among them, Calysta was appointed the Head Girl of the year. In her address to School, the newly chosen Head Girl pronounced the significance of working out one’s dream by means of active exploration of personal interests, service and responsible communication of different viewsamong students, student leaders and school authorities.



3 September marked the beginning of scholastic year 12-13. Distinguished graduates returned to the College to inspire our students on how to aim high and embrace diversities while pursuing one’s goals.

Sr Vicky led the entire congregation in contemplating God’s presence and His unyielding blessings on us at all times. But for the unconditional love of Jesus, we have nothing to fear, except exerting our best effort.

Sr Veronica welcomed the newcomers, S1 students and every form, one-by-one. Mr David Lam, our fresh JH and LS teacher spoke a few words during the introduction. The Principal, put emphasis on Soaring High in academic pursuits and Celebrating Diversities in character formation.

Miss Natalie Tsui, awardee of a prominent scholarship to UCL at London, underlined the importance of scheduling for revision. The Head Girl Core Team made an effort to explain their choice of water element in the Student Companion.

Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-Principal, specified changes in Calendar and reminded the assembly of keeping an eye on Google calendar at Eclass for updates. Mr Anthony Mo gave a general reminder on general discipline; Miss Clara Ho on ECA; Ms Rita Law on website site major updates, including use of announcement and information tabs. Mr Ignatius Chow gave an orientation on the new rooms relocated under the 150th Anniversary Project.

We rounded up with a cheerful choral singing of our School Song before meeting our Homeroom Teachers and Homeroom Partners.


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