Ms. Joyce Hui, our guest of honour, Sr. Agnes Law, our School Supervisor, Sr Veronica Fok, our School Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, our Vice Principal, and Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal presented awards to students who have accomplished through unstinting devotion to their studies, training for competitions, service and diverse opportunities to learn.

Ms Hui is a role model of Sacred Heartists through and through. She held key executive positions in Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the official and statutory organization in Hong Kong responsible for promoting and developing its external trade. In 1997, Ms. Hui was the first woman to be appointed Director of the Council’s New York office, overseeing its US operations. Ms Hui was also the key negotiator for Hong Kong’s successful return to the Basel Fair after SARS in 2003. Between 2005 and 2012, Ms Hui was appointed the Director of International Promotions. The appointment meant she had to oversee the formulation and implementation of the Council’s worldwide promotion activities to foster bilateral trade opportunities between Hong Kong and its global partners.

After the presentation of prizes, Ms Hui addressed the audience with food for thoughts. She gave our youngsters wise advice with her personal stories and observations from her contact with zealous small enterprises operators. The established Director of International Promotions expounded on the value of resilience, ethics, thinking for oneself, and enjoying the process more than the laurel wreath.

Ms. June Lau, the Vice-chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association presented a token of appreciation to two leaving teachers, Mrs Shirley Yang and Miss Alli Li for their contribution to the growth of Sacred Heartists.

A few student writers of our newly published For Teens By Teens series, Sole Search, promoted their new release to the audience. It is hoped that students would enjoy putting their ideas into words through creative writing projects like that. We have to congratulate Mrs Susan Chung and Ms Laxmi for their capacity to make Sole Search possible.


Ms Alice Lau, Permanent Secretary of the Chief Executive’s Office, School Alumna, addressed the audience on the Graduation Ceremony in College Hall on 10 July.

Among the distinguished guests were Ms Cynthia Chan, the Chief School Development Officer of the Education Bureau, Ms Grace Wong, the Vice-Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Ms Winnie Yu, the Chairperson of our Parent-Teacher Association, Ms Josephine Tjia, our School Manager and Sr Agnes Law, our School Supervisor.

In addition to scholarships and academic awards, the guests presented certificates and trophies to award winners who accomplished in different fields, including Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Inter-School Athletics Competitions, Inter-School Basketball Competitions, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival, enterprise-initiated business projects, arts contests and many more.

To name but a few of our guest of honour’s exceptional capacity to excel despite challenges, Ms Lau received the South China Morning Post Student of the Year Award in 1987 with brilliant academic results, leadership and awareness of social issues. Upon graduation from the University of Hong Kong, she started civil service in various bureaux and departments, including the former Chief Secretary's Office, the former Constitutional Affairs Branch, and the former Finance Bureau. She also held positions in the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office and the former Economic Services Bureau.

On the auspicious occasion, our guest of honour underlined a few useful tips for our graduates: be receptive to changes, be at ease in the face of adversities, and be open to risk-taking.  She added that we would certainly meet new faces, make new friends, learn life lessons and improve immensely if we embrace adversities and employ a proactive approach to problems.

Calysta Yan, our Head Girl responded with a neat vote of thanks.  On behalf of the graduates, she acknowledged the School Supervisor, the School Principal, teachers, technicians, and janitor staff’s efforts in providing them an environment conducive to nurture their talents and develop their potential.

Sr Agnes, the School Supervisor then presented Long Service Awards to experienced teachers and janitor staff who have contributed to the well-being of the school.

The guests, parents, teachers and students were treated to a 67-strong SHCC School Orchestra’s awesome interpretation of the 1st, 3rd and 5th movements of Carmen Suite, under the baton of Mr H.Y. Kwok.

Speech by Guest of Honour, Ms Alice Lau.


On July 8, Reverend Vicar General, Dominic Chan, Sr Veronica, teachers and students celebrated a new chapter in the life of S6 graduating students with a Mass.

In Reverend Vicar General’s homily on graduates’ role as salt of the earth, he put emphasis on the significance of blessings, passion and service. The Vicar General edified the graduates to live a life of gratitude, generously sharing what they have received from Sacred Heart education and rendering service for the community.

After the message, student representatives took turn to present their symbolic offering at the altar, making up a picture of a kite soaring high in the sky at the mercy of the wind. It summed up their hearty thankfulness to what the teachers and staff have done for them. The Principal, Sr Veronica presented each graduating student with a bracelet of love, in addition to the pearly angel pendant given in the graduation dinner.

Such keepsakes would certainly remind the youngsters of what to hold fast to when making choices.

Followed the Eucharist, Reverend Dominic Chan blessed the Auditorium, witnessed by the Principal, Vice-Principal, Assistant Principal, School Managers, RME teachers and the Head Girl.

A few S6 students then shared their inspirations from their study trip on sustainability projects in Denmark in May. With the support of Li and Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure, the youngsters had the most eye-opening visit to many an establishment in Copenhagen, a prominent city of energy conserving projects and good practices in sustainability. The visits brought home many thought-provoking questions about our city’s sustainable projects.

The finale of the day was our S6 students’ awesome recap of school life and their wonderful ways of expressing appreciation to teachers and staff’s efforts in the last 6 years of their College life.


From 2 May to 8 May, we have realized how to make Jesus known and loved via a variety of activities.

On our campus, we have service project boards capturing S4 students’ reviews of what they have learnt from their service projects for the children, minority groups, the elderly and adults with disabilities to learn. In class, students drew and put down words in letters for St Magdalene about how inspiring her life was to them.

Every morning, we said special prayers about our Foundress. We heard of ways of making Jesus known and loved from our guest speakers, Sr Bernadette, our former Principal, Sr Veronica, our current Principal, Sr Catherine, the teacher of Sacred Heart Canossian School, Ms Jacqueline Au Yeung, as well as students from S1B.

On 8 May, we hoisted the flag of Canossian Daughters of Charity and that of our College. In the afternoon, we gathered in the Hall, a ritual of Foundress Week Celebration to refresh our understanding of what is special about being a student of the Canossian family.

To make Jesus known and loved is the theme of this year’s celebration. Hence we were reminded of the many an opportunity to achieve this: at home, among our friends, and concern for the world. Throughout the years, Canossian educators have committed themselves to make Jesus known and loved and benefit students with education in the formation of the heart. Many graduates have groomed to be global citizens with sound moral and religious values, compassionate in serving the school and the community. To name but a few, Sr Ida and Sr Bernadette, our former Principals, Mrs Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary for Administration, Prof. Rosie Young and many more.

Among them, Dr Yannie Soo, the first volunteer frontline physician during the outbreak of SARS at the Prince of Wales Hospital, attended our Celebration. The Associate Consultant at Prince of Wales spoke of the impact of Sacred Heart education on her, sharing her vision of life, the importance of cherishing what we have and making use of them to help those in need.



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