To the pre-S1 students, the outlook of their new school life has become a spectacular one after a fortnight-long intensive programme in English!  The Summer Bridging Course 2012 in July not only gave students a glimpse of life in secondary school, it also allowed them to come into contact with unprecedented and adventurous lessons on Green Education, Dance as well as Junior Humanities.  The design of lessons engaged the young in both exploration of the talk of the town and self-discovery in laughters.  The lectures by teachers from English for Asia also equipped them with practical skills in English.

The climax of the course was the drama presentation given by all classes.  Students got ever closer to each other, demonstrating cooperative class spirit and unabated friendship.  Apart from the glory of winning prizes, students were rewarded with the confident expression via acting and the chance of doing creative rewriting of the ending of the Little Red Riding Hood.

Well geared with skills, new experiences and excitement, our S1 newcomers are all looking forward to arriving at the other side of the bridge – being a secondary student in SHCC!




Our Guest of Honour, Dr Yannie Soo, an alumna specialising in Neurology, presented prizes to those who achieved in different subjects and the top three in the class.

Students who were in the first three positions in their classes, subjects, the aspiring dancers, actresses and artists, together with avid actresses, readers, writers and participants of HK Schools Speech and Music Festival and territory-wide tournaments came under the spotlight on our 152th Prize-giving Ceremony at the College Hall on July 11.

Among them, Jamie Chan, the Head Girl, a fine example of an all-round student with incredible personal qualities, global awareness and leadership, received St Magdalene of Canossa Scholarship sponsored by the Alumnae Association.

In Dr Soo’s address to the school, we learnt how significant it is to review one’s academic performance, identify what goes wrong and act upon what we are weak in. The modest physician shared with us her vpills secret of making progress since she was in Junior Secondary Level.  She attributed her accomplishments to evaluation and persistence to improve.

We would like to congratulate every keen student whose time was spent on developing their talents, improving their knowledge and rendering service to the community last year.



Ms Shirley Tsoi, an alumna involving in 40-odd productions since her graduation from School of Journalism and Communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, adjudicated in the Inter-House Drama Competition with Mr Shee, an experienced actor from Seals Players Foundation Company, public-speaking coach and director of over 10 musicals for Eastern District Children’s Choir.

The adjudicators spent hours evaluating how effective each production was in making a point in the adaptation of a renowned scene, excerpt or play.  The producers, directors, their crew together with the actresses had racked their brain for weeks in competing for just a few titles: Best Script Award, Best Directing, Best Teamwork Award and Best Actress Award.

The accomplishment of the six Houses in drama productions this year was attributed to the unyielding effort of Drama Club Advisers, Miss Linda Yip, Miss Clara Ho and Ms Krissy Lam.  Mrs Regan’s work in drama classes in S1-2, the Stage Management Team, Campus TV, Photography Society, the janitor staff, volunteers down the road of preparation, not to mention support from Sr Veronica, our Principal.



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