Co-organised by Parent-Teacher Association and the Student Council, Nebulosa, a student-led fun fair kicked off on 23 March for two days on the campus to raise funds for the S5 Extended Learning Week. In the opening speech, Sr Veronica, our Principal congratulated the students for their enthusiasm in sharing their talents and interests.

An incentive for the Student Council to collaborate with clubs and teams, as well as cultural and academic departments, the annual fun fair served as an open day to connect the public with our College, to reach out to past students, families of current students and friends of the College. For two consecutive days, students learnt to schedule their work, solve problems together and play host as they arranged a range of events and booths for visitors.

It was a red-letter day for our students to share their interests and unleash their potentials: on the ground floor, visitors packed the booths of JA Company, S1 puppet shows, S3’s Enterprise Challenge projects and photography society. There were regular dance and singing performances, and lucky draws. The Visual Arts Team and Art Club’s booths attracted children and parents to try their hands on henna designs and handicrafts. There were workshops on making badges, decorating bottles, and hand sculpture. In covered playground, you would not miss the freshly made snacks and aromatic drinks of home management and housecraft club and Parent-Teacher Association.

On the first floor, the S1 classrooms were turned into places of adventure of Zonta Z Club, Sports Society and Junior Police Call. The Organic Gardening Club ran its own cafeteria with their home-grown produce. In the hall, there was a robotics competition for S2 students to demonstrate their talents in coding and team work. There were two streams of S2 projects this year. One stream on robotics project provided S2 groups with two challenges to overcome: travelling maze and piercing balloons. Another stream on history gave students opportunities to create learning experiences for visitors to deepen their understanding of the ethnic minorities’ customs, religions and major monuments.

On the third floor, there were board games and quizzes to test visitors’ understanding about Chinese culture, first-aid knowledge, historical events, green matters, and eloquence in spoken English. On the fourth floor, visitors had a chance to learn more from Putonghua Club, Chinese Speech and Debating Society, Hong Kong Award for Young People and Girl Guides. This year’s drama performance in the auditorium addressed the value of co-curricular activities in school life.

But for the unyielding support of Parent-Teacher Association, Alumnae Association and advisers of the Student Council, Coalesce and advisers of teams and clubs, this year’s fund fair would not have been such a success.

Congratulations to four S3 students who won the first runner-up in Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Schools STEM Robotics Competition on 11 March! Our team impressed the adjudicators with their problem-solving and logical thinking skills; and their ability to communicate and cooperate effectively. In the first round of the competition, their robots demonstrated an exceptional sensitivity to colour and pattern, pushing many color cubes to the destination zone in the shortest time. In the second round, our S3 students applied Kiddo Code app to push the cubes to opponent's zone. They ultimately came second with their total scores in the two rounds. The event was co-organised by CUHK, HKedCity and HK Computer Society.

Cultural game, cultural quiz, school hunt, doge ball match...Thrilling activities came one after another every day during the Global Awareness Week, organised by the Ambassadors of Learning and Gifted Education Team from 26 February to 2 March 2018.

Throughout the joyous and fruitful week, our students seized various opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and know more about gender equality, as well as ethnic stories, and interesting traditions from people all around the world. In lessons, they exchanged opinions on different topics and broaden their horizon concerning those issues they discussed, everyone had a great time chatting with the foreign guests.

Putting our schoolmates' global awareness to a test, the Quiz Day and Cultural Games about different countries were held. Then there came the dodgeball match which challenged our SHCC team members to play against the foreigners’ team. The exciting match has certainly attracted a lot of students to watch and cheer for both teams! We certainly could not forget about one of the highlights of the week---the Global Village. Snacks from around the globe were displayed in the open playground, with loads of students flocking to have a bite. With these exotic cuisines, it was definitely an adventure for our tastebuds! To wrap up the Global Awareness Week, the Ambassadors of Learning also organised a farewell programme to wish our S6 schoolmates all the best in their DSE. Amidst the joyful atmosphere, our guest Jey blasted into a song and gave us a wonderful concert.

With various activities and educational games, the Global Awareness Week surely brought a smile to our faces and nurtured us with more global knowledge. We hope that all students enjoyed this eventful week and we hope that the Global Awareness Week will keep on improving as the years go on!

The Catholic Formation Core Team prepared a thoughtful programme on 22 December, 2017 in the college hall. This year’s theme is Thy Will be Done. The Team hoped to bring out a message that to love our neighbours is as easy as to share what we have with those in need.

Through prayers, drama and carols, students and teachers were engaged in contemplative rounds of deep thoughts about the meaning of Christ’s birth to us, the redeemed. In the context of Christmas, Miss Clara Ho and Virginia Uhi of S5E directed a play, Stone Soup story, to set the tone of sharing.

Ms Catherine Chan, our guest speaker, brought us her personal story and insights into what we can do for the city’s urban poor. Unlike many community service projects, Ms Chan and her fellow volunteers’ small matches project, aims to give warmth, smiles, and restore the dignity of the least noticeable in our very neighbourhood.  Ms Chan’s sharing started with pictures and figures about the fact that we have long forgotten a large population of aging scavengers in our neighbourhood. Day in day out, the elderly cardboard collectors live on whatever they can have access to in the dump, or earn a living by waddling two MTR stations away for cardboard worthy of as little as $0.5 per kg. Ms Chan sent us a loud and clear challenge to take a close look at who they are, get to know them one-by-one, answer their needs in a personal way, give them exactly what each of them needs: be it a cutter, a pair of fitting shoes, painkillers, a pair of labour gloves, a hat or hand cream. She also invited us to talk to them, lend a hand whenever possible, or give them a cheerful smile. Above all, Ms Chan has raised our awareness to do whatever we can for those in difficult conditions.

Followed the Catholic Formation Core Team’s programme, the Student Council continued the message of using our resources to do magic and cheer people up. The Student Councillors showed us a video clip on where our schoolmates’ boxes of love have gone and how surprised children in the East Asian villages have shown seeing the unexpected boxes for them. Two class representatives then shared the difficulties of collecting toothbrushes and daily necessities for their children in mind. They appreciated the cooperation and generosity of their classmates in making it happen.

After the sharing, the Student Council arranged a game session, in which class representatives from S1-6 involved their homeroom teachers in making guesses about Mr Wilfred Leung, Miss Maria Lam, Miss Stephanie Chan and Mr Joe Wong’s stories. Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok, Ms Lam Mei Yee, and Ms Priscilla Kwok presented chocolates for all classes as Christmas gifts. Sr Veronica also gave a quiz on major ideas about Christ’s birth, and presented prizes for the winners.

In the end, the Principal, the Vice-principals and Assistant Principal, teachers, Student Council members and the organizing committee of the day’s programme sang we wish you a merry Christmas before the class party. Teacher adjudicators visited different classes and picked the most impressive designs for Christmas board decorations. There was a friendly match between the teachers and students in the playground after the class party. The campus was filled with colourful Christmas decorations, from snowflakes to stained glass.

But for the efforts of the Student Council, the backstage team, the school artists and art club members, the janitors and the Catholic Formation Core Team, our Christmas celebration would not have been such a meaningful one.

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