Ms Shirley Tsoi, an alumna involving in 40-odd productions since her graduation from School of Journalism and Communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, adjudicated in the Inter-House Drama Competition with Mr Shee, an experienced actor from Seals Players Foundation Company, public-speaking coach and director of over 10 musicals for Eastern District Children’s Choir.

The adjudicators spent hours evaluating how effective each production was in making a point in the adaptation of a renowned scene, excerpt or play.  The producers, directors, their crew together with the actresses had racked their brain for weeks in competing for just a few titles: Best Script Award, Best Directing, Best Teamwork Award and Best Actress Award.

The accomplishment of the six Houses in drama productions this year was attributed to the unyielding effort of Drama Club Advisers, Miss Linda Yip, Miss Clara Ho and Ms Krissy Lam.  Mrs Regan’s work in drama classes in S1-2, the Stage Management Team, Campus TV, Photography Society, the janitor staff, volunteers down the road of preparation, not to mention support from Sr Veronica, our Principal.




On 6 July, our S6 and F7 graduates received their certificates from Ms Barbara Mok, a distinguished alumna, Partner of Minter Ellison Lawyers, one of the leading law firms.

On this auspicious occasion, Ms Mok imparted on the subject of respect for differences.  The established legal consultant took great lengths to refresh our memory of the atrocities humans have committed since early days of our history.  She pointed out how essential it is to examine our intolerance and prejudice against people of different races, religions, health conditions, sexual inclinations, colours, age groups and political agenda.  There is no excuse for us to commit even a hint of rudeness if we wish to recreate a city of acceptance.

The scholarship recipients and prize winners in the audience came up to the stage to receive their trophies and awards one-by-one, attracting snapshots from their parents and thrills from their friends.  Everyone celebrated their zeal for developing their talents.

Among the distinguished guests who attended the event to share the joy with the achievers were Sr Agnes Law, our Supervisor, Ms Teresina Chan, the Chairman of Alumnae Association, Ms Amy Yuen, Chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association, Mrs Connie Lau, School Manager, and Ms Ho Pui King, Senior School Development Officer from the Education Bureau.  Mr Jens Rösler, Deputy Director Head of Language Department, Goethe Institut Hong Kong presented scholarships to three outstanding students doing German in school.

An the end, our School Dance Group and SHCC String Orchestra gave us a vibrant finale with colourful shades of pink and notes of music. 

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.              C.S.Lewis




On the Thanksgiving Mass, we gathered in the Hall to recall the blessings bestowed on us from God.  S6 graduates took part in the last Eucharist at school in unity with teachers and other schoolmates.

Rev Andrew Fung, our Celebrant, shed light on our role as Christian: being the light and salt of the world with Jesus’ down-to-earth imagery for the fishermen, his disciples in Matthew 5:13-16.

He further elaborated on the significance of getting transformed in the mind by reflecting on God’s Word day by day:  ‘Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God—what is v-pills good and is pleasing to him and is perfect’. (Romans: 12:2).  But for Rev Fung’s teaching, we would not have realised how easy it is for us to resort to the standards of our society and compromise with it.

After the Eucharist, our graduates offered a symbolic painting of a plane taking off against the silky blue sky.  In return, Sr Veronica, our Principal, sent everyone a small key chain symbolic of keeping our hearts in Jesus and bearing in mind His redemptive love for us.

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:23

After the Mass, S6 students collaborated to express their gratitude cialis to their teachers and the school for giving them a wonderful time in the last six years in Sacred Heart.



On 8 May we hoisted the Canossian Missions flag and the College flag in commemoration of the zeal of St Magdalene of Canossa, the foundress of Canossian Daughters of Charity, who established the religious community in Verona in Italy on 8 May 1808.

The programme is a diverse one with a liturgical dance about the life of St Magdalene, whose spirit of charity and evangelisation has an impact on hundreds and thousands of street kids, be they girls or boys, the sick, the bed-ridden, the elderly and lay Canossians who pray, visit and devote themselves to making others’ lives a different one.

In addition to intercession for our spiritual growth and social needs, there were special quizzes between storytelling of the life of our Foundress.  After that, there was a sharing from our guest, Sr Alice Leung on how she became a Canossian sister.  In Sr Alice’s words, the relationship with GOD calls her into giving up herself and walking with Jesus in humility through charity.


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