Donation of Caine Road Campus Model


Have you ever wondered what Sacred Heart Canossian College used to look like?  Three alumnae, Mrs Margaret Leung JP, Ms Barbara Mok and Miss Shirley Chua, added a touch of Italian background to the Pokfulam Campus with a Caine Road Model in 1:150 scale.


Another  school  souvenir

The 150th anniversary publication
Cutting Edge of Magdalene's Mission

Already out in May!  Have you ordered?


Have you ordered?  Have your parents ordered for their alumnae friends?

Copies of this anniversary publication will be sent to universities and public libraries.

Spread the word and order while stock lasts.  Hurry!

Be part of the contribution to the anniversary celebration!

This magazine is the school's contribution to the Canossian's dedication to serving the community of Hong Kong.  Copies will be sent to universities and public libraries.  The basic cost is almost HK$250.  We would appreciate that you make a generous donation to support our efforts.  Please make your crossed cheque payable to SACRED HEART CANOSSIAN COLLEGE and send it with your order form to 2 Chi Fu Close, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.



The Order Form for The 150th Anniversary Magazine   Click here to order

Welcome!  We are happy to share information with you on our 150th Anniversary Project.  Please click the link for more details. 

 Thank you for your interest and support.

Phase 3

  1. Fundraising activities - a) Poon Choi dinner 4 March 2011
                                      b) Walkathon 20 March 2011
  2. Progress report        

  3. How we can support -a) naming right plan 1
                                       naming right plan 2
                                       naming right plan 3

                                         b) methods of supporting the 150th Anniversary Project
                                             (donation form)
                                             - form a
                                             - form b
                                             - form c

Phase 2 – The 150th Anniversary Project

  1. message from Chairman of Anniversary Project Committee
  2. design of the 150th Anniversary Project

 Phase 1Provincial Superior's message on re-structuring for the auditorium

Dr Adeline Yen Mah’s Falling Leaves
Dr Adeline Yen Mah is a Sacred Heart alumna who published her first book Falling
Leaves in 1997. It is a true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter, both the moving
story of how the author survived that rejection and an enthralling saga of a Chinese
family, from the time of the foreign concessions to the rise of communist China and
the commercial boom of Hong Kong.
Click here to read Falling Leaves online.
Dr Adeline Yen Mah’s China: Land of Dragons and Emperors


Dr Adeline Yen Mah is a Sacred Heart alumna who published her first book Falling

Leaves in 1997. China: Land of Dragons and Emperors is Dr Mah’s latest publication.

It is a successful attempt to introduce China to youngsters with a western cultural

background through Chinese dynasties, classics and traditional practices. The depth

is different from our focus in our school subject, Chinese History & Culture. We read

Dr Mah’s book to see how our country’s culture can appeal in the global village.


Click here to read China: Land of Dragons and Emperors online.


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