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On 15 September, 2011, the Principal, College teaching staff and students gathered at the playground for the raising of school flag and Canossian Missions flag, followed by a Eucharistic Mass in the Hall.

Father Alejandro Mēndez Pērez performed the liturgy and shared with us his experience in overcoming the challenge of Cantonese.  The amusing anecdote is all about the joy of experimenting through trial and error and through peer support.  Father Alejandro ended his sermon with an assignment for us, Do our Best.

During the Mass, we presented the Student Companion, a handbook capturing the main themes, important dates of student activities, and vision of Canossian Education, to God, as a token of our readiness to entrust every plan to His Hands.  The picture of Jesus and His sheep, another offering, engraves in us the theme of this year’s Catholic Activities, Follow Me, Follow Jesus in every way.

The installation of student leaders came after the Mass.  The Principal, the Vice-Principal, and the Assistant Principal officiated at the ceremony.  Empowered with blessings from the congregation, the Head Girl Core Group, led by Jamie Chan, the Head Girl, received their badges first. Next, the House Captains and their Deputies received their badges and House Flags. Then, the Head Prefect, Michelle Mok, and the Deputy Head Prefects, Jacqueline Chan and Sandy Sze received badges. Finally Artifex, the Student Council elected, received their badges and words of encouragement from the official party.

Congratulations to Fan On Ki, a member of the Head Girl Core Group, recipient of an academic scholarship from The Indian Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her distinguished performance in HKCEE and her fine example as a motivated student leader.



Followed the reports and recommendations from last year’s Student Council, candidates of this year’s Proposed Student Council cabinet, Artifex, took turn to present their plans to their voters, the students and teachers in the Hall.

During the forum, floor speakers expressed their concerns over how unity, the dream of Artifex, will be actualized, how student talents can be built, how the funds raised on Dress Casual Day will be used and how the interests of the examination classes will be accommodated.  It is an encouraging sign to see students pose questions on what the proposed Student Body has on their mind.

In the second part of the forum, the candidates from S5 racked their brains to suggest ways of maintaining effective communication in forums, in response to the commotion in the replacement mechanism forums in recent months.  Another issue addressed in the forum of Head Prefect Election was discussion on what makes a good leader.  The Head of the Discipline Team, Mr Mo, and a discipline prefect put forward the challenge for them.

The election will be conducted on Thursday in the Home Period.  Students and teachers are invited to witness the ballot counting procedures in Geography Room after school.

The price of greatness is responsibility.          Winston Churchill



The Principal, Sr Veronica and Assistant Principal, Ms Priscilla Kwok’s speeches on Passionate about learning as well as Caring through respect set the tone for this academic year.

It was a red letter day for the newcomers: S1 students and teachers new to the College. A warm welcome!  New faces aside, we heard report on completion of Phase I of 150th Anniversary Project.  The second phase will resume in March with more space for workshops and student activities.  Students have started using the new classrooms on the sixth floor.  The Head Girl Core Team of previous year introduced the thoughts underpinning the design in the Student Companion.

There were a few expectations and policies announced on this formal occasion.  One of them on discipline matters. The other one was about the exemption of One Student One Post details.  The junior form students were encouraged to assume more leadership role through running student activities.

Sr Vicky marked the beginning of the academic year with thoughts on Jesus’ Words about God’s love for each and every one.  The message made us wonder how we can fulfill His calling this year with ever more respect for what we have and keenness in learning.




With great pleasure and pride, our School Choir would like to share with our College the joy of winning a gold medal in the 1st World Choir Championship for Youth and Young Adults!

The contest was held from 10th to 16th July in Graz, Austria.  Being the only representative of Hong Kong, 40 school choir members demonstrated their diversity and zeal on music with 4 different genres of singing pieces in the category of Youth Choir with Equal Voice.

It was not only an exciting world competition, but also an insightful experience for the musicians to enrich their knowledge about singing techniques, appreciate the performances of other choirs from different parts of the world, and build affectionate friendship with choir members around the globe.

This is the first time for the School Choir to participate in a renowned international choral competition.  Choir members will definitely continue to pursue excellence in future!

‘This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’  Winston Churchill


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