On 8 May we hoisted the Canossian Missions flag and the College flag in commemoration of the zeal of St Magdalene of Canossa, the foundress of Canossian Daughters of Charity, who established the religious community in Verona in Italy on 8 May 1808.

The programme is a diverse one with a liturgical dance about the life of St Magdalene, whose spirit of charity and evangelisation has an impact on hundreds and thousands of street kids, be they girls or boys, the sick, the bed-ridden, the elderly and lay Canossians who pray, visit and devote themselves to making others’ lives a different one.

In addition to intercession for our spiritual growth and social needs, there were special quizzes between storytelling of the life of our Foundress.  After that, there was a sharing from our guest, Sr Alice Leung on how she became a Canossian sister.  In Sr Alice’s words, the relationship with GOD calls her into giving up herself and walking with Jesus in humility through charity.



This Thursday, the Catholic Society and teachers collaborated to prepare a special programme on Hope for us. It is a moving one with reflective Bible reading, dance, videos and a short speech of Rev. Franco Mella (PIME).  

The programme first recaptured a scene of mockery with Jesus being dressed up in purple robe and a crown of thorns, being smitten on the head with a reed, spit upon, mocked, teased and at last, crucified.  Dancers gave us a visual representation of how impossible we would become who we are without the strength from the Risen LORD, who overcame the haunt of rejection, denial, betrayal, abuse, curse, even to the point of death. With You Raise me Up as the background music, the dancers burst with hope for a new identity of confirmation.  Each one stood up and stretched out and faced their life circumstances in resumed courage. 

Rev. Franco Mella (PIME), our enthusiastic guest speaker, presented songs on doing justice to the deprived in society, namely the domestic helpers from overseas, the Mainland mothers and the deserted elderly in town.  

What are you going to celebrate Easter with?  How much effort are you ready to pay to build a just, caring and peace-loving place? Let’s start with the neighbours on the streets and on public transport. 



“I have never dreamed of staying at the Ocean Park overnight. I have never thought of sleeping and having dinner next to a school of sea creatures. And I have never tried feeding fishes with bare hands. But because of the Ocean Park Learning Camp, all these become possible.” (Chloe Ha S5E)

A total of 22 S4 & S5 Ambassadors of Learning attended a science exploration camp at Ocean Camp on 16 – 17 March. This tailor-made camp included both Physics and Biology components, which widened their horizons.

In the morning session, the students jumped on the Mine Train and collected data to analyse the thrilling movements. They also used software to investigate the vertical motions of the mechanical rides of the Abyss. Lastly, they constructed their own roller coaster with safety and entertainment concerns. This was awesome experience to the students.

The most memorable experience to the students was camping inside the world-class Grand Aquarium and spending the night unveiling the mystery of the sea bed. At the camp, students also visited the facilities at the Grand Aquarium. It was the first time that they came this close to the spectacular sea creatures. The participants glued their eyes to over 5000 fishes overnight and let the fishes reveal the splendor of creation.

During the camp, the AoL had a glimpse of the operation of Ocean Park, learning how much work the staff has done to make the wonderful performances on stage possible. It is the serious manners the Ocean Park staff share that inspires the young mind of the importance of commitment and zeal.  They have become more ready to follow suit in their studies.



Ms Amy Yuen, Chairperson of SHCC PTA, Ms Teresina Chan, Chairman of Alumnae Association, Sr Veronica, The Principal, Ms Yoshie Lee, Miss Mandy Cheung, Mr David Hung, Student Council Advisers, together with Stephanie Cheng, President of Student Council marked the opening of the annual College Fun Fair with jigsaws of ideal lodgings.

The original design on the banner also came with a set of customized stamps, an ideal collectable for past and current students, parents and friends of the College. It is thrilling to see how innovative our executive members of the Student Council are.

The College Dance Team presented two Asian dances on New Year Wishes and Snowing in the most chic and slim fit costumes.

It has become part of our tradition to involve different clubs and interest groups in cultivating respect and appreciation for one another.  The student-led effort provides room for our student leaders to think independently and work responsibly for games and booth designs.  St Louis School Magic Club, PTA, Hong Kong Red Cross, Green Torch, Photography Society and Social Service Club had many a visitor to try out their games, crafts and food.

Apart from the lucky draws, visitors were treated to lovely music, acoustic songs, breath-taking dance and cool Shaolin Kung Fu show.  The eventful day was the concerted effort of many who worked behind the scene the last few months.


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