The Summer Bridging Course 2011 has finally come to an end! This experience has certainly provided our first-formers a taste of the school life in Sacred Heart. They have attended a wide range of lessons, from Kung Fu classes to Science lessons, from Dance classes to English courses run by English for Asia. Most important of all, they have made use of this valuable chance to make friends and adapt to the new environment. Undoubtedly, the Bridging Course was a real milestone in their life!



We are pleased to announce the result of the 2010 - 2011 Falling Leaves Foundation Prize. The scholarship, sponsored by the Falling Leaves Foundation founded by Dr Adeline Mah, aims to promote understanding of Chinese history, language and culture and foster students’ creativity in writing.

This year the scholarship is awarded to four outstanding students. They wrote brilliant pieces about Chinese culture and history. 

 Outcome of the appeal review application will be released on 29 July 2011.

Students can come back to the school office after 12:30pm to see Miss Emily Cheng for their notification slips.


Rev Father Dominic Lui performed the Eucharistic and Thanksgiving Mass on the last day of this academic year.  The rites and offerings, together with Rev Father’s sermon on ‘Come to me’ reflected our reluctance to have fellowship with God and look upon His deliverance.

At the prize-giving ceremony, Mrs Mei Ng, UNEF Global 500 laureate, Friends of the the Earth (HK) Board Member and an alumna, went out of her way to let us see the difference between need and greed, rights and responsibilities, value and price and many governing principles on sustainable development.  To the green activist’s mind, it is high time we saw the big picture of the global problem: how global warning, deforestation and escalating climatic changes do harm to the affected people on the planet.  She also engaged us to start doing small things for the well-being of these people, locally.

Parents have attended the prize-giving ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the versatile students.  Under the guidance of club advisers, uniform group advisers, subject teachers, coaches, tutors and many experts, our teenagers have tasted the fruits of toils and labour.  Keep up with your good efforts, young awardees.

On this occasion, the Student Council and the Parent-Teacher Association presented souvenirs to Mrs Maria Lam, Ms Chow Koo May, Mr Lee Man On, Mr Joey Suen and Mr xkjeph Yee.  These committed role models have made considerable contribution to Sacred Heart to date.  All is well that ends well.


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