Rev Father Dominic Lui performed the Eucharistic and Thanksgiving Mass on the last day of this academic year.  The rites and offerings, together with Rev Father’s sermon on ‘Come to me’ reflected our reluctance to have fellowship with God and look upon His deliverance.

At the prize-giving ceremony, Mrs Mei Ng, UNEF Global 500 laureate, Friends of the the Earth (HK) Board Member and an alumna, went out of her way to let us see the difference between need and greed, rights and responsibilities, value and price and many governing principles on sustainable development.  To the green activist’s mind, it is high time we saw the big picture of the global problem: how global warning, deforestation and escalating climatic changes do harm to the affected people on the planet.  She also engaged us to start doing small things for the well-being of these people, locally.

Parents have attended the prize-giving ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the versatile students.  Under the guidance of club advisers, uniform group advisers, subject teachers, coaches, tutors and many experts, our teenagers have tasted the fruits of toils and labour.  Keep up with your good efforts, young awardees.

On this occasion, the Student Council and the Parent-Teacher Association presented souvenirs to Mrs Maria Lam, Ms Chow Koo May, Mr Lee Man On, Mr Joey Suen and Mr xkjeph Yee.  These committed role models have made considerable contribution to Sacred Heart to date.  All is well that ends well.



The presence of Ms Karen Chan, Executive Director of German Pool Group Company Limited, was an inspiration to many graduates, parents and guests attending the Form 7 Graduation Ceremony.

Education, exposure, diligence, humility and team work are few of the tips Ms Chan gave the graduates about how she came up to be one of the distinguished industrialists in the territory.  She attributed much of her achievement to the all-round development in her early years in our College.  Teachers have convinced her that it is possible to excel as long as she has an ambition to fulfill.

The College community expressed a hearty farewell to Mr Yee, our Deputy Principal-cum-College Manager.  Mr Yee will undertake principalship of another diocesan school in September.  We wish him every success in his future venture.

Long Service Award was presented to two dedicated janitor staff, Ms Kwong Wai Fong and Mr Lee Man On, for their untiring effort in making our College a conducive environment to learning.

Ms Jenny Wong and her Junior Choir presented Peter Piper and Come, ye makers of song, two familiar classics.  The School Dance Group drew the evening to a close with a graceful Korean Dance, Rhododendron about how blossoms came to bloom.




Avant-garde and stunning is the Art Competition 2011. Nearly a hundred designers and assistants from the six Houses have worked against the clock to turn scraps into gorgeous fashion.

The panel of adjudicators was impressive in its own right. They were Legislative Councillor, Miss Tanya Chan, celebrity alumnae, Miss Kitty Yuen and Miss Fiona Chan. Actress Miss Koni Lui, as well as professionals in design, Mr Paul Lau and 小克.

The art works went through many stages before they were presented to the audience.  House Captains and their committees addressed their concerns with exquisite craftsmanship and imagination: childhood memory, marriage, uniqueness, over-reliance on technologies, life and death, Egyptian culture and the like.

The fashion show-cum-carnival fully involved the audience, hip-hop dancers, past students and teachers. In the past few months, these teachers and students have spent much time on workshops about how to walk down the runway: Mrs Maria Lam, Mrs Winnie Poon, Mrs Regan, Miss Chan Ka Ling, Miss Chang Wai Fong, Miss Mandy Cheung, Miss Maria Lam, Miss Laura Lai, Miss Ivy Lee, Miss Wendy Lee, Ms Elaine Chan, Ms Nancy Chow, Ms Laxmi Prasad, Mr Ted Chow and Mr Thomas Hung. They carried themselves so well on stage.

We would like to express our special thanks to the Parent-Teacher Association, Galaxy House Tutorial School and Ms Chan Ka Yin for their generosity in funding the project.


We’re there!
We are very excited to tell you, our Sacred Heartists and the world, that we have reached our targeted $20 million for the school’s 150th Anniversary School Development Project.  As we have noted on various occasions, we have been very fortunate to have a kind benefactor who has agreed to contribute $10 million for the Auditorium plus another $5 million in a dollar-to-dollar matching scheme for the IT centre.
We are happy to announce that Mrs Charity Fung and her two sons, Dr Victor Fung and Dr William Fung, through the kind graces of the Fung Hon Chu Foundation have agreed to make this significant donation. Mrs Fung is an esteemed graduate prior to the Second World War and had been active in the Alumnae Association.  We are extremely grateful for their generosity in making this project a reality which will benefit generations of students to come.

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