Miss Shiza Shahid, co-founder of the Malala Fund and advocate for social innovation gave us an inspiring talk on 16 November about her early life and her passion for empowering girls.

Unlike most Pakistanis, Miss Shahid was born to parents who value education. The conscientious girl eventually worked her way to receive a scholarship to further studies at Stanford. Then from Stanford she returned to Swat Valley, a Taliban-festered region where schools were bombed and girls had no hope of going to school. She ran a summer camp for girls in Swat Valley and neighbouring regions to discuss their dreams and express their thoughts. One of the participants, Malala Yousafzai, was so convinced by Miss Shahid’s idea that she called upon public attention to give girls the rights to be educated. We know she ended up being shot but survived the gunshot and became one of the Nobel Peace Prize recipients in 2014.

Our guest speaker, Miss Shahid was so compelled by this incident that she made another major decision in her life: quit her promising post in a leading consultation firm for establishing Malala Fund and continue her path of empowerment through meeting and collecting stories about girls who have yet the chance to go to school. She hopes to generate fund for this good cause.

In her response to questions from the floor, Miss Shahid reinforces the importance of being kind to each other and be supportive of seeing someone else succeed. She also speaks of the importance of empathizing with leaders of a country, a clan, or an established system as we explain our cause. Her response has truly revealed benevolence and natural grace. We wish Miss Shahid and her team every success in their pursuit.

The latest surveillance data shows that HFMD activity is increasing in Hong Kong. Common symptoms of HFMD are fever, sore throat and skin rash over the hands and feet. To prevent outbreaks of such disease on the school campus, students who develop skin rash, fever, diarrhea or vomiting are strongly advised not to attend school and should seek medical advice.
In addition, they should

- observe strict hand hygiene, avoid touching the mouth, the nose or the eyes;

- wash hands frequently with liquid soap, especially before handling food or eating, after going to toilet, or when hands are dirtied;

- avoid sharing food and drinks;

- maintain good indoor ventilation in classroom.

The certificates of HKDSE examination 2016 are available for collection at the school office during office hours from Monday to Friday. Uncollected certificates of HKDSE examination 2015 have already been returned to HKEAA in October 2016.

Enthusiasm is all that matters. In this year’s swimming gala, our prize winners have exerted all their might to finish the races in a variety of styles: free style, back stroke, front crawl and butterfly stroke. The competitors from six houses formed rays of twirls and swirls against the sapphire pool in the course of 25m, 50m and 100m events. It was the first whole-school event in 2016-17 hosted by Sports Society in collaboration with the six houses, Student Council, student officials, teacher officials, the Campus TV, the school photographer and IT Team, to name but a few.

The presence of Ms Ivy Tam and Ms Connie Lam has given enormous support to us. The Parent-Teacher Association vice-chairman and the Alumnae Association vice-chairman took turn to present medals to winners of inter-house relays in C, B, A and open grade.  It was our pleasure to see parents and past students appear at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool.

One of the most vivacious guests was Miss Stephanie Au, Asian Games-cum-Olympic Games Hong Kong delegate, our alumna. Despite her eye-grabbing records and achievements, Miss Au remains easy-going and friendly. In her brief address to the schoolmates, she made a point that enthusiasm is what keeps her moving. She was most touched by the keen manners our cheering teams demonstrated throughout the event. The promising swimming elite is an inspiration in her own respect: she is open to possibility and challenge of all shapes and sizes.

It looks we are not short of auspicious youngsters. This year’s individual champions in C Grade are shared by Christy Ho and Cary Chan. Sammi Chong seized the title of individual championship in B Grade. The fierce competition in A Grade resulted in two champions: Kathy Wong and Yen Chow. The House of Pankhurst continued to excel in sports as B Grade House Champion. The House of Nightingale snatched A Grade House Championship. The C Grade House Championship, House Overall Championship and Cheering Competition prize all go to House of Keller. Congratulations!


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