To create an opportunity for students to make better and informed choices for their future careers, our Careers and Further Studies Team organised a career expo on 23 March. With the unyielding support from Zonta Club of the New Territories, our students were engaged in a person-to-person dialogue with experienced professionals from various fields: architecture, environmental consultant, innovation and digitalization, nursing and therapy, public affairs and corporate communications, to name but a few. Followed by the keynote speech at the hall, there were 20 venues opened for students to meet the guest speakers in person.

Ms Nancy Chan, alumna of SHCC, gave a keynote speech on vision and core values of life-planning. In her message, Ms Chan reminded the audience that journey in life isn’t always smooth but with challenges, hardship, love and heartaches. She believed that Christian values can help overcome challenges. These founding principles aside, sound education background, international exposures, overseas work experience, language capabilities, and soft skills, play an integral part in one’s development. She recommended that students get involved in short-term summer jobs, volunteering work in NGOs to nurture one’s empathy. She also suggested keeping abreast with technological developments and digitalization.

But for the support of Zonta Club of the New Territories, we would not have been able to have more than 20 guest speakers to share with our S4-5 and voluntary S3 participants. Special thanks go to Mrs Beatrice Wen and everyone who worked behind-the-scene on the Saturday.

In a wake to a local literary event, HK International Young Readers Festival, our teacher librarian collaborated with the Reading Team to run workshops for all the S1 and S2 students. The workshops took up 2 English lessons from each class during the period on 4-15 March.

During the workshops, our students met several international award-winning authors and gained some hands-on experiences in story-writing.

The workshops mainly took place in our school library. Howard Wong, a creative media consultant and award-winning author, gave workshops on Hold the Hero and Villain. Tristan Bancks, a children and teen author known for his amusing short stories, including, Two Wolves, gave workshops on The Basics of Short Story Writing. His Two Wolves won Honour Book in the 2015 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. Lamar Giles, a two-time Edgar Award finalist in the Young Adult category, for his debut Young Adult thrillers, Fake ID, Endangered and Overturned, gave workshops on Story Starters.


Mrs Choy, the Teacher Librarian, collaborated with the Reading Team to arrange a series of amateur writers’ talks for our S1-3 classes in the home periods.  Our guests shared a common interest in expressing themselves through their written works. On January 22, Miss Winsome Lee, a graduate in forensic anthropology, gave us an amusing talk about maceration, ancestry and her motviation to write about observations and experiences in foresinc science. On 24 January, Mr Fong Chi Kong, an enthusiast in weather and founder of Weather Underground of Hong Kong web site, gave a talk about his fascination in weather and writing. On 20 March, Dr Shinnie Wu, a medical officer in a local public hospital, shared her sensitive observations about what went on behind-the-scene when she was a housman in the public hospital. Dr Wu encouraged the audience to keep diary entries and collect touching quotes as we read books and engage in everyday life.

The talks were food for thoughts. It inspired us to be more aware of what we have and where we are.


Out of an initiative to raise funds for needy students in the S5 Extended Learning Week, Audentia, the current Student Council collaborated with our Parent-Teacher Association to coordinate an annual fun fair on our campus. The theme, Nostalgia, represents the joint efforts of all students, teachers, and staff: Our S1 students gave visitors light-hearted puppet shows based on their own scripts. Some of our S2 students presented their innovations using circuit boards and applications related to science knowledge, others come up with interactive quizzes on their research findings about climate, landscape, architecture and culinary customs.

The S3 groups collaborated with Community Spirit Charity Limited and Hong Kong Rett Syndrome Association, hoping to raise our community’s awareness of patients inflicted with rare diseases. The enterprise project groups tried out their own business projects on furnished stationery items, tote bags, card holders and thermal bottle with cool designs. Different clubs set up game booths and food booths. There were STEM competitions in the school hall between our S2, S4 elective students and Japanese guest students from the National Institute of Technology. The school Drama Group told a dystopian story on Artificial Intelligence and humanity in the auditorium. There was dance performance in the covered playground arranged by the six houses. The School Art Team gave a stunning exhibition of previous year’s inter-house fashion designs.

Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, Sr Veronica, our School Principal, Mr Kelvin Lee, the chairman of the Parent-­Teacher Association, Ms Lusan Hung, the chairlady of the Alumnae Association,  Mr Steven Lee, our School Manager, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yi, our Vice­ Principals, Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal, Mr David Hung, Ms Yoshie Lee and Ms Laura Lai, our teacher advisors, together with Cherry Chung, the President of the Student Council, officiated at the opening ceremony.

Inspired by the flourishing bamboo industry in the 1950s, the Student Council built scaffolding around nine building blocks, each consisting of a letter of the word ‘Nostalgia’.  The guests of honour were asked to turn the blocks around as they turned on the light bulbs, so that ‘Nostalgia’ would glow in the dark. The campus was decorated with hot-air balloons of pink and soft blue stripes.

But for the unyielding support of the parents, teacher advisers, technicians and janitor staff, the fun fair would not have made possible.

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