The School noted that a video clip concerning our teacher and student is being widely circulated on a social media platform on 13 November 2019. The video clip has raised public attention and the School’s concern.

Due to the chaotic traffic condition on 13 November 2019, the School has made special arrangement for early dismissal of students in the afternoon. In the course of directing students to their school buses, the discipline teacher saw some students carrying carton boxes of supplies and hence has made enquiry with them about the content of the supplies. Out of grave concern for the personal safety of the students, the teacher temporarily moved the carton boxes of supplies back to the School playground area pending further clarification with the students and their parents. After clarification, all of the carton boxes of supplies were returned to the students. The School stressed that the above arrangement was made solely for the safety concern of the students. There was no intention on the part of the teacher or the School to confiscate the supplies as suggested. The School will deal with any complaint fairly and squarely (if so received) and the School will continue to provide counselling service to any student who may be emotionally disturbed by this incident or to those who are in need.

The School wishes to stress that the personal safety of the students is always of our paramount concern. Embracing the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the School humbly respects all views, while discouraging violence in any form. The School regrettably notes that threats of blocking the School has been made. We believe in rational communication and urge all stakeholders to work with the School together to ensure the safety of the students in this difficult time. God bless!

Rev. Fr. Dr. Matthew Chan Hung Kee of The Salesians of Don Bosco, officiated at this year’s School re-opening Mass. In his sermon, Rev Father Chan introduced the theme, putting our faith in God with the fine example of Our Lady of Sorrows. Since her youth, Our Lady has committed herself to accept God’s plan. Through The Magnificat, the renowned prayer recorded in The Gospel of Luke (1:46-55), the Blessed Virgin Mary has set a fine example of a true follower of Jesus: to live in hope, faith and love and witness Jesus through living up to the mission of charity in humility.

At the Eucharistic Ceremony, our students offered the Student Companion and Service Record Book as a token of commitments. Students also offered paper cranes, with which they put down their aspirations and goodwill for the new academic year.

Followed the offering, there came the commission of our Catholic Society Committee and installation of their leadership duty. They pledged to make Jesus known through being an example to the rest of the school. Teachers and students subsequently declared our commitments to live up to the theme of the year: Celebrating the Past with Gratitude, Embracing the Future with Hope, Sharing our Life in Love.

Followed the Mass, Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-Principal and Mr Ignatius Chow, the Assistant Principal,  officiated at the installation of student leaders in office. They took turns to present badges to the Head Girl Core Team members, Head Prefects, Deputy Head Prefects, President and leaders from Asterin, our Student Council elected.

Sr Veronica and advisers of our six houses presented badges and house flags to House Captains and their Deputies. After that, Miss Florence Kwok presented badges to Head and Deputies of Guidance Sisters, Careers Assistants and Student Librarians, IT prefects board and Green Torch. Mr Ignatius Chow presented badges to Ambassadors of Learning.

Cherry Chung, our Head Girl, gave a speech of appeal to invite students to play an active part in our 160th anniversary celebrations and make this year a memorable one. She further expounded on the theme of charity in humility, recapturing our alumnae’s generous donations to establish scholarships for current students, their readiness to share their life stories with us in careers talks, mentorship programme and on the speech day, their unyielding support to S5 Service Project and establishment of a woman centre in Cambodia to protect women’s rights. In the light of our past students’ untiring effort to promote charity, Cherry suggests that the best way to honour Sacred Heart’s long history is to engage in all kinds of charity in humility.

Sr Veronica, our Principal, rounded up the morning with a neat  message on the fact that students are entrusted with the role as role models to exemplify Sacred Heart Spirit.


School Re-opening 2019-2020

The School would like to welcome all students to a new school year.

The School pledged to provide a safe and peaceful learning environment to each student to ensure the rights to education for all. With the love of Jesus Christ and the mission of our Foundress St Magdalene of Canossa, the School listens and respects the different views in society with love in an effort to create a peaceful and inclusive society. With these in mind, all teachers and staff perform their duties with dedication, professionalism and perseverance to build a caring and harmonious school campus for the students to learn and grow healthily into women of integrity and versatility with global awareness.

Clarification Statement

It has come to our attention that recently a video footage containing bullying behaviour with a title falsely alleging the incident occurred in our School has been widely circulated among online social media. The School confirms that the footage was copied from a news clip out of Hong Kong. It is believed that the incident did not occur in Hong Kong and the School confirms that the incident did not involve any student or staff of our School. We hereby reserve all our legal rights against anyone who uploaded and/or forwarded, or continue to upload and/or forward the footage with misleading allegations.


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