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On 21 March, we commemorated the rise of Jesus at the College Hall.  With a succession of hymns, Bible readings on the prodigal son, the lost sheep, Isaiah the prophet’s words about a redeemer from the Father, the Seven Last Sayings of Jesus, and Fr. Philip Chan’s sermon on Merciful like the Father, we recollected scenes, imagery and sayings of Jesus and about Jesus, the Lamb of God who gave up His life for us.


Fr. Philip took us through our deep-seated misunderstandings about why Jesus was crucified with different forms of Merciful like the Father. He explained that the Church celebrates His brutal death and glorious resurrection because it is all about us. That the Lamb of God surrendered Himself on the cruel cross but to give us the grace of a new life and fulfill the loving reconciliation with the Father despite our willful misconduct or unknowing negligence.  That through Him we have made anew and our records covered. Have we drawn this message close to us or taken it lightly?



… whereas he was being wounded for our rebellions, crushed because of our guilt; the punishment reconciling us fell on him, and we have been healed by his bruises.  We had all gone astray like sheep, each taking his own way, and Yahweh brought the acts of rebellion of all of us to bear on him.

                                                                                                                Isaiah 53: 5-6


Colorido, meaning ‘colourful’ in Portuguese, offered an opportunity for Sacred Heartists to celebrate their talents and raise funds for the S5 Extended Learning Week.  The collaboration between Student Council and Parent-teacher Association was well-received. It called upon support from different classes, clubs, houses and academic departments, let alone unconditional backup from the parents and alumnae.

There were two days for students to learn from hands-on experience and team work.  On 4 and 5 march, the school campus was turned into a fair. In the open playground, there were song dedication booth, henna paint booth, puppet shows, booths putting S3 Community Outreach Project commodities on sale, Photography Society’s booth, guest performance, lucky draw and games booths run by Putonghua Club and Chinese Culture Club, to name but a few. In the covered playground, Home Management and Housecraft Club, Parent-Teacher Association, Science Society’s LN2 ice-cream booth, Sports Society, and many more. On the second floor, S2 classes arranged quizzes, jigsaw puzzles, shooting and throw games for visitors to deepen their understanding of facts and updates about Mongolia, Latin America, Europe and Northern Europe. In the Auditorium, SHCC Drama Club put on a student production that tugged at the visitors’ heartstrings. In the Hall, the six houses and SHCC Dance Club each gave the audience a treat with their amusing shows.

The organising committee of the event would like to express their gratitude for the presence of Ms Teresa Chan, representative of SHCC Alumnae Association, Sr Veronica, the Principal, Ms Yoshie Lee and Mr David Hung, the Student Council Advisers, Mrs Winnie Poon who gave support over language, the Campus TV, the uniform groups, the janitor and every guest who spent time with us.

On 1 March, we had a special assembly at the hall on raising everyone’s awareness towards this year’s Lenten theme, merciful like our Father.


With the help of Ms Isabella Lee from Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES), we have realised that entrepreneurship with a mission can bring a ground-breaking change to our concepts about innovation, profit-making and involving people from all walks of life in generating business plans that sustain growth in our community.  We were told that social enterprise has become a keen idea among local enterprises. It has been involving the ethnic minority, the elderly, the housewives, the new immigrants, the farmers, the gardeners, the health-conscious, and the experienced finance managers and business management elites.


With the help of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Team, our S3 schoolmates have been engaged in a similar attempt to come up with business project that recreates their understanding of trade and management.


In this Lenten season, let us pause for a moment and reflect on our role in making our city an ethical one.

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do.  Mother Teresa.

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