Between 28 January and 1 February, Green Torch took the lead to engage students in a range of activities on green life. The aim of the initiative is to raise students’ awareness towards environmental protection. Participants were invited to watch a film or a drama production on environmental protection. Or else, they could try their hands in a DIY lip balm workshop, or ride an energy-generating bicycle to generate as much energy for school consumption as they can in an inter-class competition.

On 29 January, students have to complete a handout after watching a film featuring wildlife at Geography Room. On 30 January, a lip balm workshop literally offered participants a hands-on experience on how to mix a balm of with their own formula.

On 31 January and 1 February, there was an energy-generating bicycle riding competition for Green Prefects to involve a classmate or a teacher to generate as much energy as they can by biking. On 1 February, an interactive drama for S4 was produced at the auditorium to promote sustainable development.

Father Franco Mella gave our students plenty of food for thought on 21 December, the day we celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus in college hall. When asked by Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal, how we could prepare for the birth of Christ, Father Mella suggested giving specific support for classmates with learning difficulties by forming small teaching groups in our own classes. Christmas is a time of family union and paying visits to the grandparents and those who live alone.

Unlike other celebrities of the town, local media captured a different public figure who roamed the street for the interests of the deprived in China and Kong Kong. According to a feature article dated on September, 2015 in SCMP, ‘Father Franco Mella on 40 years helping downtrodden in Hong Kong and China’, we were informed of how active he had been involved in campaigning for boat brides to be given right of abode. Such was but a sketch of his fighting for human rights. The presence of Father Mella has given our Christmas hall programme an entirely different meaning and depth.

The organising committee of this programme integrated thought-provoking questions to evoke in us a sense of wonder about what Christ’s birth was meant to be and its relevance to us. It was achieved through film clips, video clips, Bible readings and interview with Father Mella.

After the programme, it was Sr Veronica’s time with us. Our Principal involved us in quizzes and class-based competition, heightening the atmosphere.

We had a wonderful time of class party, board decoration presentations and the annual teacher-student basketball competition. The campus was furnished with Christmas décor and faces of past students and teachers’ family members and children. It reminded us of the true meaning of giving-and-taking as a family in Jesus.

Sr Veronica, Ms Priscilla Kwok, Sonia Chow, the Head Girl and Cherry Chung, the President of the Student Council marked the opening of the Electricity Generating Bicycles on 11 December. By installing the bicycles, we aim at raising students’ awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. Besides, it also gives all of us a chance to keep ourselves healthy and at the same time produce electricity.

The opening ceremony was live-streamed so that students could witness this important moment which marked the joint effort of teachers and students in saving energy and hence protecting the environment. Tips and reminders on being environmentally-friendly citizens were given in the college hall after the ceremony. Students and teachers are welcome to help generate electricity by riding on the bicycles.

Miss Wong Yuen Kei, our guest of honour of this year’s annual athletics meet, gave us a message of encouragement from her personal struggle to thrive. Miss Wong has been playing boccia since secondary school. In 2018, she came first in the Fazaa World Boccia Championship in Dubai in the individual B3 class. Yuen Kei is currently placed 12th overall in boccia worldwide. Yuen Kei advocated STAR when sharing the secret of her success: identify special strengths (S), devote time (T), being thankful for support (T), cultivate a positive attitude (A) and remember one’s dream (R). The sheer presence of Yuen Kei has spoken louder than words what it takes to follow one’s dream with an uncompromising attitude.

Despite the unsteady weather in the morning, our students maintained a high spirit in doing their best in the track and field events. To name but a few, hurdles, 100 m race, 400 m race, 1500 m race, javelin throw, discus throw, high jump, long jump and shot put. Apart from that, we were thrilled to see 4x100m relay open for teachers and students and primary school student 4x100m relay. Sacred Heart Canossian School was the second runner-up, Kau Yan School the first runner-up and Sacred Heart Canossian School (Private Section) came first. There were a total of eight primary schools from Hong Kong and Kowloon participating in the primary school relay, giving us a jaw-dropping performance of how fast primary school sprinters can be.

The teacher-student relay was yet another stunning show of strength. Many teachers formed their own teams with students: Alive, Pankhurst, Ben Fun 樂, Nightingale, Bronte, 那些年的2A, 全民造Zinc and 燃燒自己. Miss Hung Ching Ying, Mr Ben Tam, Mr Colin Lai, Mr Ted Chow, Miss Jennifier Ng, Ms Chan Ka Ling, Mr Zinc Tsang, Mr Chan Shing Wai, Ms Elaine Chan, Irene Law, Ms April Cheung and Ms Grace Au-yeung were seen dashing across the track in their relay events.

The audience was elated at the upbeat performance of Secondary 2 students’ Korean drum dance. The staccato rhythm and concerted movements gave us a new perspective of folk dance. Secondary 6’s graduation run with their teachers called for cheers. Every class put on one’s unique costume and run about hand-in-hand, adding to the zeal in the Wanchai Sportsground.

In the prize-giving ceremony, Mr Stephen Lee from the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms Lusan Hung from the Alumnae Association and Sr Veronica presented medals and trophies to outstanding athletes. House of Keller was the best cheering team as well as house champion of C Grade. House of Teresa seized house championship in A Grade and became the house overall champion. House of Curie was the house champion of B Grade. Individual champions are Chong Yui (C Grade), Cheung Phyllis (B Grade) and Chong Wing (A Grade).

In her vote of thanks, Samantha Lai, Sports society vice-chairlady, expressed her gratitude for the presence of Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica and guests. She attributed the smooth rundown to the guidance of Miss Karen Chung, Miss Hilary Chan and Mr Raymond Fong. She also extended her appreciation for the participation of the athletes from the six houses, the Student Council, the six houses, Girl Guide, Red Cross, Campus TV crew, student photographers, discipline team, the janitor staff and IT technician, student and teacher officials and teachers responsible for coordinating lunch arrangement. Without which, our athletics meet would not have made possible.


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