This year’s head girl core team constitutes Faustina Wong, Jasmine Cheung, Una Lai, Stephy Lo and Bibiana Tsang. Faustina is appointed head girl of 2016-17. In her first speech to the school, she expressed her gratitude for her peers’ nomination and support, her teachers’ recognition, and the Principal’s trust and encouragement.  In her account of how to fulfill the school theme, she appealed to everyone in the audience to reach different frontiers and explore the possibilities of learning more. As a role model of school service and motivated learner, the head girl also appealed to the schoolmates to set realistic achievable goals and serve the community with modesty.

Together with Faustina, leaders from different student bodies received their badges from the Principal, Vice-principal, Assistant Principal, and teacher advisers. The newly elected Student Council, Vivo, is led by Tiffany So and Charmaine Chan, who committed themselves to making 2016-17 a year of liveliness.  Nicola Ng, head prefect, as well as Karen Choi and Natalie Ho will collaborate to lead the prefects’ board. The six house captains and their deputies will continue engaging house members in swimming gala, sports day, maths competition, football competition, art competition and cheering practices. Leaders of other student bodies will enrich Sacred Heartists’ school life in their own ways: heads and deputies of Guidance Sisters Team, Green Torch, I.T. Team, Careers Assistants, head librarian and deputy head librarian.

In the midst of quiet respect for the occasion, our students met new faces, including Sr Ursula, Miss Grace Au and Mr Wilfred Leung. Ms Jacqueline Au-yeung led the prayer preparing us for the school theme of this year, Curious Learner Life Explorer.


In the introduction to the theme, Sr Veronica took an interactive approach, posing questions and involving students in the audience.  She made a point about sharpening our sensitivity to the events in our surroundings and being observant. She also expects Sacred Heartist to wonder why and appreciate beauty, not to mention being thirst for knowledge and engaged in learning opportunities of all shapes and sizes.


In unison we rounded off with the School Song in which teachers joined the Principal on stage to greet students and wish everyone a fresh start for another academic year.


Mr Mo from the Discipline Team gave us reminders on school rules, followed by Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-principal, who informed us of Student Financial Assistance opportunities. The application procedures are laid down on the information page. Miss Clara Ho spoke on behalf of SAAT about the worth of co-curricular activities and exemption to one –student-one-post policy.  The information is accessible at eClass.


Phoebe Chan and Vicky Or, the Head Girl Core Team members responsible for designing this year’s Student Companion, opened our eyes to the beauty of life and its possibilities to explore and to embrace Canossian spirit.  The youths articulated the symbolic details in their unique publication: from choice of flower, to its association with the theme of the month, from the juxtaposition between the bleak and the bright side on a piece of torn wallpaper to the thrill of rolling over, from the vulnerability of a paper boat to the strength of legs of a dancing girl, from the frame of a gardenia painting to its splendours beyond the frame. This year’s cover is a silvery one, recreating a chance for us to see our reflection.  There are four appreciation cards for us to exchange notes of gratitude, in addition to small tasks to complete between months.



With thirst for exploration and insatiable curiosity, our pre-S1 students joined a fortnight-long intensive programme to take a glimpse of life in Sacred Heart Canossian College. The Summer Bridging Course 2016 gave students the chance to taste the bits and pieces of secondary school life before the start of the academic year.

Students came into contact with unprecedented and enthralling lessons on Life and Society, Dance, Drama and many more. The lessons not only engaged the young in both exploration of new subjects and self-discovery, it was also a golden opportunity for them to cultivate friendship with their newly-met schoolmates.

The delightful event was wrapped up with a drama performance, in which each class enacted the story of The Happy Prince. Students got the chance to showcase their boundless creativity by creating their own endings of the story. They demonstrated their diversity and class spirit, which in return rewarded them with strengthened confidence and unabated friendship.

The end is always the beginning of new quests ahead. We wish our greenest Sacred Heart family members an amazing and adventurous learning journey ahead, with new attempts, new friends and new challenges!

On 14 July, we have the pleasure to learn from Ms Virginia Lung, an award-winning interior designer and co-founder of One Plus Partnership, an accomplished interior design firm. Ms Lung’s firm has received a considerable number of major international awards, namely 10 "INTERIOR DESIGN" Best of Year Awards and 3 Gold Key Awards from U.S.A., 9 iF Design Awards and 4 Red Dot Awards from Germany, Good Design Awards and JCD Award from Japan, 8 TID Awards from Taiwan, to name but a few of her contribution to the world’s interior design.  Ms Lung, the proficient alumna, is the only interior designer in the region to be appointed as a juror at NeoCon, North America's largest design conference for commercial interiors.

In her address to the school, Ms Lung gave an account of her struggle since graduation from Sacred Heart.  Her story has inspired us to exhaust all we have to realise our dreams and fulfil our potential. To ensure originality, she initiates each project from a theme with novel elements.  At the early stage, her start-up, One Plus, completely drew her attention and occupied her life, so much so that she forgot even her well-being. We have peeped through her fight for her dream to see another possibility of Sacred Heartists, young women with a single-minded commitment to art and design.

On the auspicious occasion, Ms Lung, the guest of honour, together with Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica, Chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association, Miss Florence Kwok, Ms Lam Mei Yi, and Ms Priscilla Kwok presented prizes to the outstanding students of the year. The awardees have impressed us in different ways: making the most of their talents, contribution to school service, house service, community service, excelling at art and design, drama, dance, music, sports, science projects, public speaking and speech, HKMO Open, the top three in class in the junior forms, and the best performance in various subjects in the senior forms. We also recognised those who make an impact as Christian witness and those with good conduct. The Parent-Teacher Association offered Award for Academic Improvement to the most improved student of the class in the academic year.

After the ceremony, we had a simple farewell time to express our gratitude for some leaving teachers: Ms Peggy Leung, Ms Laura Li and Sr Vicky.  In her farewell note to school, Miss Peggy Leung extended her best wishes to the students for keeping up with their curiosity to explore the world of knowledge, to be more physically and intellectually engaged with what is learnt and build confidence in problem-solving.  Ms Laura Li shared her love for physical laws with important lessons in life: keep our hearts light as we move on to work out our way, be steadfast in our beliefs, find a goal to achieve because it takes a driving force for action to take place. Finally, she remarks with a smile that every action goes with opposition. Sr Vicky, who receives a new calling, is leaving us for her next venture.  She asks us to bear in mind education for life and that religion is an integral part of life. As a remark on our way of life, Sr Vicky reminds us to manifest our Foundress’ model: love each other.

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