Celebrating the past with gratitude, embracing the future with hope, sharing our life in love

Sr Veronica, our School Principal, marked the opening of the Graduation Ceremony with a clear note to a strong values education, following the footsteps of our Foundress, St Magdalene of Canossa. Under the baton of a value-driven plan, 2018-2019 witnessed a range of initiatives: staff development sessions on promoting positive education and positive education in S1 classes, use of social media for parent education, service learning through S4 service day, SHCC Zonta Z Club service project, Heartslink community service and Heartslift music educational project with the primary school children and the elderly in the Southern District. S3 SHE project cultivating social enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit. This year also saw innovations in fostering higher order thinking skills, writer skills workshops, greater collaboration with local and national universities in Chinese Language, Integrated Science education and gifted education. In sports education, our school won the Most Progressive School Award, in STEM, we won the MTR STEM Challenge, in dance, our school team was invited by the Education Bureau to present Hong Kong to participate in the Sixth National Arts Showcase in Suzhou, to name but a few.

It was our pleasure to have The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma to address the graduates this year. In his address, the Chief Justice took us back to our city’s history of early education run by missionaries and churches for the less fortunate and the foreigners who spoke no Chinese. He commended missionaries’ passion to look after the less fortunate, run afternoon and evening classes, and focus on nurturing their graduates to become anthropologists. Despite disparity in backgrounds, religions, resources at hand, children and the young in our community used to receive education under the same roof. The Chief Justice Ma hails such as a sense of community that reveals mutual respect for the rights of others and truly makes Hong Kong our own.

On behalf of S6 graduates, Sonia Chow, our Head Girl, made a speech in response to The Chief Justice’s edification. She expressed that education in this school no different from an orienteering race where students navigate under the teachers’ guidance to explore new thresholds, try things out and develop their talents.

On this special occasion, our graduates and major scholarship awardees received their certificates from The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma , Honourable Madam Justice Maria Yuen, our school alumna, Mr Yan Ming Leong, the Senior School Development Officer of the Education Bureau, Mrs Winnie Wong, Chairman of Z and Golden Z Clubs Committee, District 17, Zonta International, Miss Irene Sin, the Pasch-Coordinator of Goethe-Institute Hong Kong, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Mr. Stephen Lee, the Chairman of our Parent-Teacher Association and Sr Agnes Law, our School Supervisor.

To mark the closure of the ceremony, The SHCC Orchestra, recipient of Hong Kong Schools Music Festival many distinguished prizes, dedicated 迎春歌and I will sing you the stars on this auspicious occasion to the graduates and the guests. The songs embodied deep messages for the graduates that they would never be alone but what they have learnt from the School will continue to serve as North Star that guides them as they embark on their journey ahead.

Speech by Guest of Honour, The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey MA, GBM

In 159th Prize Presentation Ceremony, the presence of Dr Theresa Li, our guest of honour, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Mr Stephen Lee, the chairperson of our Parent-Teacher Association and Sr Agnes Law, our school supervisor have made a difference.

Dr Li possesses ample management experience both at the corporate and cluster levels. She is currently the Cluster Chief Executive in Hong Kong West Cluster and Hospital Chief Executive of Queen Mary Hospital and Tsan Yuk Hospital. Apart from her work as an anesthesiologist, Dr Li plays an active role in the healthcare and education sector. Dr Li is currently a member of the Medical Council and a member of the Education and Accreditation Committee of the Medical Council Hong Kong. Dr Li also serves as an examiner for Fellowship examination at the Hong Kong College of Anesthesiologists.

In her address, the distinguished alumna enriched our understanding of vision of a leader: make an effort to serve the community out of love, cherish the opportunities to learn, and confront the challenges with confidence. She said that Sacred Heartists, being blessed with Catholic core values, should adhere to one’s beliefs and persevere despite hardships.

Dr Li presented Dr Adeline Mah Prize and major scholarships, Mr Stephen Lee, the Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association presented The PTA Award for Academic Achievement in S1-3, S4-6 First in subject, and The PTA Award for Academic Improvement. Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association presented Award for Spiritual Development and other prizes, Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, Award for Good Conduct and external scholarships and awards, Sr Veronica, our School Principal, Award for House Service and other school service prizes, Miss Florence Kwok, our Vice Principal, presented prizes to achievers in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and external competitions, Ms Lam Mei Yi, our Vice Principal, presented A.S. Watson Gp HK Student Sports Award and other language arts and drama prizes. Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal, presented prizes in dance, music and visual arts and sports. The House Overall Champion was presented by Sr Agnes to Captain of House of Teresa.

Following the ceremony, the Student Council arranged a thoughtful farewell occasion for Ms Priscilla Kwok, our retiring Assistant Principal, and Ms Lam MY, our Vice Principal. The Student Council presented a surprise video especially for Ms Kwok and Ms Lam, capturing their affectionate moments in Sacred Heart. We are truly grateful for Ms Kwok and Ms Lam’s endeavours in Sacred Heart. We also bade farewell to Ms Fan Siu Ping, Ms Priscilla Tang and Miss Tammy Wong. Mr Stephen Lee, the Chairperson of Parent-Teacher Association, presented souvenirs for all leaving teachers as a token of appreciation. We wish them all the best.

Speech by Guest of Honour, Dr Theresa LI

The eventful performance was filled with folk music, staccato rhythm and stunning folk costumes and props, such as, umbrella, stool, clippers and clogs. S1 and S2 classes took turn to tell a story with slapstick, winks, gazes, and poise, engaging the audience in their imaginative world. At times, dancers couched and bent forward, at times, they had their hands wide open. We were fed with stunning spins, swings and witty use of space on the stage. In the open section, there were more sophisticated arrangements with stronger expressions of feelings.

The School Dance Team gave us a treat to a Russian Dance in which twenty enthusiastic dancers from senior forms dispelled bad luck with handkerchiefs. Another piece from the team was a traditional Korean Dance, in which spirited Korean girls expressed their hope for the future with twirls and traditional drum kits.

Sr Veronica, Ms Priscilla Kwok and Miss So, together with Miss Janet Wu, our Dance teacher, and Miss Tai, an experienced dancer and educator of Chinese dance presented prizes to winning classes from S1-2, winners of open section, designers of headpieces and backdrops, as well as student-choreographers from the School Dance Team after the stunning dance competition on 2 July.

It was our pleasure to hear advice from Miss Tai from Hong Kong Dance Company, a government-funded NGO, aiming to promote Chinese dance and nurture the young dancers. According to Miss Tai, it is imperative that dancers spend more time on research about the tradition of folk dance of their own choice. She considers it crucial for an artist to be sensitive to the stylistic features and to enhance rapport throughout a performance. Miss Tai is impressed with our student-choreographers’ competence to plan the movements of dancers on stage. She finds the headpieces and stagecraft gorgeous.

But for the untiring guidance from Miss Janet Wu and her Dance Team, the support from the School Backstage Team, the School photographers and Mrs Winnie Poon’s language support, this would not have been possible.

On 28 June, Rev. Dominic Chan Chi-ming, V.G. and the Parish Priest of the Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, conducted a thanksgiving mass for our S6 graduates. On The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rev Chan rekindled in us devotion to God and refreshed our mind about the care for the lost, the wounded and the sick. Through the three Bible readings in the mass, we were reminded that everyone is valued and prized. He asked us to nurture goodness and dispel depravity, as well as work for the well-being of others.

Rev Dominic blessed each of the S6 graduates while Sr Veronica presented each one with a keepsake.

This year, 2019, is a special one for Rev Dominic who celebrates his 40th anniversary as God’s servant through his ministry for the broken-hearted, especially the grief-stricken mothers who lost their fetuses. To share Rev Dominic’s joy, the chairperson of Catholic Society presented him three coasters with key qualities from the Bible, wishing his life overflown with faith, hope and love in God.

To express their gratitude, this year’s S6 graduates took turns to perform dances as they sang their hearts out through the lyrics. They produced thoughtful video clips capturing appreciative moments of school life and dedicated teachers who inspired them and walked with them.


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