This year’s Easter Celebration underlines the importance of reflection about what it takes to transform our lives into one that is worthy of Christ’s unconditional love for us on the Cross.

On 31 March, the Catholic Formation Core Team first took us through the fine example of Betty Kwan, an awardee of Presidential Citizens Medal in 2010.  Ms Kwan serves the homeless and the forgotten in her neighbourhood with free hot meals day after day. Her act of charity stemmed from her gratitude to those who had once served her hot meals when she was ravenous.

In another minute, we were enthralled by local stories about parents who never think of giving up teaching their children with difficulty in adjusting to society and expressing themselves. With an iron will to benefit their own children, these parents witness Jesus’ complete acceptance for humanity.

There were other moving videos that melted our hearts about Jesus’ calling for His own followers to watch and bear the Cross until He returns.  After that, we spent time putting down what we would like to do in response to Jesus’ unreserved love. Then, students from 1E and 4D, together with Ms Priscilla Tang boldly shared with us their plans. Eventually, Sr Veronica, our Principal, invited a few more students and Mr Ignatius Chow to share their thoughts about how they repay Christ’s love on the Cross. We had special moment learning from each other.

The Easter Programme would not have been through without the guidance of Ms Maria Keung, Ms. Christine Ng, Mr. Ignatius Chow and Mr Anthony Mo. Credits must also go to The Backstage Team for their technical support.

Following the Easter Programme, we went on celebrating the achievements of Young Entrepreneurs in S3 who completed their fund-raising projects with anniversary souvenirs of their own designs. Many of these items were sold out at the Fun Fair and additional orders had to be placed. The proceeds will go to S5 Extended Learning Week funds. When prizes were given, the Hall was filled with sheer cheers and roars.  Congratulations to you, S3 classes andS4 project leaders!

To commemorate our College’s 155th anniversary, Candentia, the Student Council co-organised Fiesta, a fun fair with the Parent-Teacher Association. On the auspicious occasion, the presence of our former principals, Sr Maria and Sr Bernadette, has added tremendous joy to us.  It is our pleasure to have Ms Teresina Chan, Ex-officio member of AA, as well as Ms Fiona Chan and Ms Winnie Yu, Chairmen of AA and PTA respectively, with us at the opening ceremony.

, meaning ‘celebration’ in Spanish, serves as a platform for Sacred Heartists from different generations to celebrate the school’s success in collaborative efforts.  The fun-raising programme involved current students, teachers and parents in unleashing their potentials to recreate a thoughtful fair that accommodate guests with interests in puppet shows, drama, dance and singing performances, Chinese culture, European cultures, street food, molecular ice-cream, aromatic coffee and the like.  Student Councillors' one-of-a-kind decor with chains of bubbly balloons dangling across the playground was breath-taking enough. Those visiting the stalls run by different clubs and teams in the covered playground and thematic games in the classroom would definitely tell you what a welcoming atmosphere there was in the air.

What’s more, visitors who wished to take home gorgeous anniversary keepsakes could shop around those two days for souvenirs of their own choices from booths run by the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Team and the Student Council at the entrance. Or they could purchase a few photos from the entrance capturing unforgettable moments of the school life.  The choices were exhaustive. The funds will ultimately be spending on S5 Extended Learning Week, a learning week for developing learner autonomy through exploration.

As in Sr Veronica’s prayer at the opening ceremony, we have to pay tribute to the Canossian sisters who responded to the calling for educating girls and went to great lengths to establish a school for girls who used to have no way for schooling. We are also in debt with all the dedicated alumnae, parents and friends for their unyielding support for Sacred Heart vision of education through prayers, sponsorships and voluntary service.

Seeing the importance of being global-minded, the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team organised Global Awareness Days. On 9 – 10 February, more than 200 Ambassadors of Learning and students nominated by the teachers attended the Global Awareness Day.

This programme aimed at nurturing future leaders’ cultural sensitivity. Students across the forms and classes attended different interactive workshops to explore and experience cultural diversity.Workshops included German Christmas Cooking, Capoeira, Creativity and intercultural stand-up comedy, Latin American music exploration, Singaporean culture, Hebrews and Singlish etc. Through these workshops, students got to know more about fascinating things: that “Singlish” is so different from English because it is a mixture of 7 kinds of language and dialect; Brazilians are died-hard supporters of Capoeira, a form of Brazilian martial art, and that Hong Kong-born Indians have hard times growing up in an unfriendly community.

This two-day programme not only provided students with the opportunities to interact with international guests, but also effectively raised their global awareness towards what makes a successful person. As one of the Ambassadors of Learning said, “It opened my eyes to the world and showed me the importance of intercultural competence. I never regret having attended this interesting programme”

On 22 December, teachers and students assembled at the college hall to commemorate the birth of Christ.  To refresh our memory about why we should celebrate Christmas, Catholic Formation Core Team has prepared for us a Biblical celebration, in which we recaptured the Scripture about the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, as well as a video clip on Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Hymns were sung in resounding joy about how cheerful the shepherds on watch were when hearing the good news from the angels. God’s redemption promise to mankind has been fulfilled through the birth of His only begotten Son, Jesus in Bethlehem some 2015 years ago.  Catholic students led us in prayers for the special needs, from Ebola relief work to peace in the Middle East; from well-being in Hong Kong to teachers’ strength and students’ commitment to improve themselves.  It is very different from the pagan celebration elsewhere.

We have the pleasure of having Mr Giovanni Pang of WaZzup, an online radio chief to share with us his reflection on God’s love in God’s family. A devout Catholic, Giovanni, attended World Youth Day in Korea last year. The Hong Kong representative also talked to the Pope about his concern and dream.

After the programme, the Student Council led several amusing rounds of game in the hall with the students. Teachers shared in the videos about their family Christmas celebrations. Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok, Ms Lam Mei Yee, and Ms Priscilla Kwok gave each class a gift of chocolate. A generous past student, Miss Leung, gave each class a big treat for the party in class.

After the class celebration, the teacher-student basketball competition kicked off at the open playground, attracting many supporters.

And she shall bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name Jesus. For he shall save his people from their sins. Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet, saying:        Behold a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew: 1: 21-23.

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