With our mission to provide an all-round education of Christian values and formation of the heart to empower our youngsters to be women of integrity and versatility with global awareness, the School has witnessed countless evolutions and transitions throughout its 160 years of history. While our mission and endeavour remain unchanged, your sponsorship would be greatly appreciated in helping the School to keep up with the challenges ahead.

We need your generous support to improve our resources in these projects:

1. Renovation of College Hall

2. Setting up of e-Library

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4. Cambodia Outreach Project


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The certificates of HKDSE 2019 are available for collection at the school office during office hours from Monday to Friday.

Uncollected certificates HKDSE 2018 have been already returned to HKEAA in October 2019.

One of the highlights of this year’ Christmas celebration was a mini-concert with Ricky Lam, the founder of Free up Music, a Catholic organization and his teammates, Andy Lai and Hilda Lai. When being asked about the mission of Free up, Ricky responded that it aims to nurture youths to be creative, disciplined and confident multi-media creators and singers. He believes that the youth is the key to a better society in the future. In the interview, Mr Ricky Lam shared with us his experience of responding to God’s invitation. Hilda and Andy, spoke of their search for identity and calling. Hilda and Andy’s acoustic interpretation of their own lyrics kindled a sense of hope and nostalgic mood among the audience. The lyrics helped us reach down to our inner state of life.

There was no lack of artistic images about the Nativity of Jesus: three students dramatized the episodes in the Bible in which Elizabeth received the angel’s good news about her conceiving a baby at a ripe age, as well as the news about Virgin Mary’s humble response to accept God’s plan to bear the Son of God.  Hope was conveyed through the two women’s expecting new lives and welcoming God’s plans that worked in a special way.

We chanted hymns, including Awaken, Come Alive, and listened to the Scriptures about the Gospel. The lyrics and the Word of God once again connected us to the hope that God has in store for whoever humbly turns to Jesus and welcomes the Messiah in their lives. Are you one of them?

After the message, the Student Council took us back to Mr Jackson Yau’s childhood friends, a guessing game that attracted applauses and laughters. Barely did we realise our teachers used to be that gregarious, youthful, vigorous, aristocratic, you name it!

Sr Veronica greeted us with a message on hope. We then finished the programme with jokes and good cheers.

On 8 November, our Activities Day, our S1 students reached out for a unique excursion into hospitality industry at a VTC institute in Pokfulam. The aim of the programme was to improve their understanding about hospitality industry. It was a collaborative initiative between Home Economics Department and the Careers and Further Studies Team. It began with a campus tour of Hotel and Tourism Institute and International Culinary Institute, followed by a two-hour workshop. The S1 students were put into two groups, each attending either a culinary or a dining etiquette workshop.

While some participants learnt about western dining etiquette and manners, others had culinary workshop on dim sum or pizza. Their homeroom teachers, homeroom partners, together with supporting teachers kept them company throughout the tour and workshops.


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