On 14 July, we have the pleasure to learn from Ms Virginia Lung, an award-winning interior designer and co-founder of One Plus Partnership, an accomplished interior design firm. Ms Lung’s firm has received a considerable number of major international awards, namely 10 "INTERIOR DESIGN" Best of Year Awards and 3 Gold Key Awards from U.S.A., 9 iF Design Awards and 4 Red Dot Awards from Germany, Good Design Awards and JCD Award from Japan, 8 TID Awards from Taiwan, to name but a few of her contribution to the world’s interior design.  Ms Lung, the proficient alumna, is the only interior designer in the region to be appointed as a juror at NeoCon, North America's largest design conference for commercial interiors.

In her address to the school, Ms Lung gave an account of her struggle since graduation from Sacred Heart.  Her story has inspired us to exhaust all we have to realise our dreams and fulfil our potential. To ensure originality, she initiates each project from a theme with novel elements.  At the early stage, her start-up, One Plus, completely drew her attention and occupied her life, so much so that she forgot even her well-being. We have peeped through her fight for her dream to see another possibility of Sacred Heartists, young women with a single-minded commitment to art and design.

On the auspicious occasion, Ms Lung, the guest of honour, together with Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica, Chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association, Miss Florence Kwok, Ms Lam Mei Yi, and Ms Priscilla Kwok presented prizes to the outstanding students of the year. The awardees have impressed us in different ways: making the most of their talents, contribution to school service, house service, community service, excelling at art and design, drama, dance, music, sports, science projects, public speaking and speech, HKMO Open, the top three in class in the junior forms, and the best performance in various subjects in the senior forms. We also recognised those who make an impact as Christian witness and those with good conduct. The Parent-Teacher Association offered Award for Academic Improvement to the most improved student of the class in the academic year.

After the ceremony, we had a simple farewell time to express our gratitude for some leaving teachers: Ms Peggy Leung, Ms Laura Li and Sr Vicky.  In her farewell note to school, Miss Peggy Leung extended her best wishes to the students for keeping up with their curiosity to explore the world of knowledge, to be more physically and intellectually engaged with what is learnt and build confidence in problem-solving.  Ms Laura Li shared her love for physical laws with important lessons in life: keep our hearts light as we move on to work out our way, be steadfast in our beliefs, find a goal to achieve because it takes a driving force for action to take place. Finally, she remarks with a smile that every action goes with opposition. Sr Vicky, who receives a new calling, is leaving us for her next venture.  She asks us to bear in mind education for life and that religion is an integral part of life. As a remark on our way of life, Sr Vicky reminds us to manifest our Foundress’ model: love each other.

The 156th Graduation Ceremony was a special occasion for celebrating what our College has undertaken in grooming young women according to Canossian spirit and Catholic values. On this occasion, we have the pleasure to have Madam Justice Maria Yuen, an eminent alumna who serves as Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal, to address the school.

Madam Justice Yuen was called to the Inner Temple Bar and the Hong Kong Bar in 1977, following her graduation from the University of Hong Kong and the College of Law in London in the 1970s. She was admitted as barrister in Victoria of Australia in 1982, and as barrister and solicitor in Singapore in 1990, appointed by the Hong Kong Judiciary as Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court in 1997.

Together with our distinguished Sacred Heart alumna, the ceremonial party constitutes Rev. Gabriel Altamirano, our parish priest, Ms. Emilie Tong, the Chief School Development Officer of the Education Bureau, M.L. Yan, the Senior School Development Officer of the Education Bureau, Dr Ken Chow, our School Manager, Ms Fiona Chan, the Chairman of the our Alumnae Association, Ms Diana Fei, the Vice-Chairlady of our Parent Teacher Association, Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor, Sr Veronica, our Principal.

In her address to the school, Madam Justice Yuen conveys the importance of being impartial and disinterested as graduates embark on a new chapter of their life. The experienced Madam Justice of Appeal invites us to execute our reasoning, discern what is right and what is wrong with as much knowledge, rational thinking and empathy for each party as possible. She also advises us to put our conscience on guard. Finally, she asks graduates to treasure reunion with one another and nurture a lasting friendship.

Sr Veronica, our Principal, gave a comprehensive report on what the College has accomplished and overcome throughout the academic year. To name but a few, The Heartslink Community Project involving Sacred Heartists in catering for the needs of primary school students in the neighbourhood, an exchange programme between Singaporean educators and our RME Department, the Catholic Formation Core Team and the school pastoral care worker, the commitment of our S6 students in 67th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and our S3 students’ entrepreneur project that raise their awareness of social justice and social responsibility.

The ceremony has seen the commitment of motivated students. Miss Alice Yeung received The Grantham Scholar of the Year Award for her remarkable academic results in the HKDSE last year. Miss Connie Chan is St Magdalene of Canossa Scholar of the year for distinguished results in her studies since S4 and her commitment to serve the school and the community. Miss Vicky Or and Miss Connie Chan shared Sr Agnes Law Scholarship for Versatility and Integrity. Miss Katrina Shu was SHCC Student Scientist of the year. The Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure was awarded to Kelly Ching, Pansy Chung and Coby Ma.

The guests took turn to present scholarships and prizes to students who have committed themselves to fulfil their potential: scholarships for language, Chinese culture, use of information technology, sports, dance, music, outstanding leadership and contribution to music teams and many more.

Our school teams have made new records in many international competitions: Some Sacred Heartists were selected as HKSAR delegates to attend a national youth science contest, in which young scientists from different parts of China and overseas countries exchanged their innovative science projects. Our S6 student represented Hong Kong in the 67th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.  Our school choir was awarded a gold medal in Second European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations in July, 2015. Being the Most Outstanding Secondary School Choir of the Year in the First Division in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, our choir was invited by the Education Bureau to compete with other choirs at the national scale in Qingdao. Our choir finally returned with the First Class Award.  There is no doubt that our students possess a wealth of talents to be unearthed.

On behalf of our S6 graduates, three members of the Head Girl Core Group presented Miss Peggy Leung, our retiring teacher, with a token of appreciation for her untiring effort in nurturing Sacred Heartists. There were three teachers who received their Long Service Award from our School Supervisor, Sr Agnes. They were Mrs Angela Chiu, Ms Susanna Chow and Ms Irene Law.

The evening was rounded off with an idyllic Korean dance, featuring a flock of youngsters lit upon their way with the help of their lanterns and the full moon.

It is our pleasure to have Rev Carlos Cheung, SDB, to conduct this year’s Thanksgiving Mass on June 30. The Mass has become a ritual of Sacred Heart Canossian College, in which our S6 students presented their offerings at the altar, symbolic of their humility for their achievements.

In his sermon, Rev Carlos shared with us his response to the calling as soon as he graduated from school.  His example serves as a reminder that clarifying our life goals is essential for a fulfilling life. We have to examine our values, understand who we are and be ready to pay for the cost of achieving our goals.

The S6 graduates presented a cake with thoughtful words of gratitude for all that their homeroom teachers, fellow teachers, technical staff, clerical staff, janitor staff have done and above all, the immense opportunities the Principal, the Assistant Principal and Vice-Principals have given them throughout their years in Sacred Heart.

If you have any remaining deposits on your PPS accounts, you could either collect the money in person or donate it to the school’s ‘Fund for Student Development’Please download the PPS Balance Refund Application Form from the school website and return the completed form to the School Office by fax or via email latest by 8 Jun 2016.  After deadline, any unclaimed deposit will be allocated to the Fund for Student Development as donations.

Your cheques or donation receipts will be available for collection at the School Office from 30 June until 14 July 2016 (Monday to Friday 9:30 to 4:00). Please contact the School Office for any enquiries

Thank you for your attention.

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