A Global Awareness Week was jointly organised by the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team, the Third Language Team and six recipients of The Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure from 16 to 19 November 2015.

Out of gratitude for the generosity of the Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure the recipients paid it forward by organising various activities during the Week to involve the schoolmates in reaching out for a new language or a global issue.  An interclass quiz was conducted for all forms. The questions were derived from fun facts about different countries. Game booths were pitched on 17 and 19 November at the covered playground to test schoolmates’ knowledge about another culture. German, French, Spanish and Korean lessons were held during lunch on each day respectively. With the help of international guests, students were able to have a glimpse of how incredible speaking another language could be.

The highlight of the Week was the visit of our international guests. The guests, including German, Singaporean, Swedish, Thai, South Korean, Indian, Australian, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Mexican and Pakistani, conducted interactive lessons in the classrooms on gender roles, pop cultures, and stereotypes. One of the students reflected that it was really different to learn a topic from interactions with foreigners. The gender roles in some part of Europe are very different from what we accept in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed the chat with them about serious global matters.”  The Week was an eye-opening experience for Sacred Heartists to take a step forward to become global citizens!

On 22 September the Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund presented a fund-raising performance, held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Heartiest Movement 2015 marked 155 years of education at SHCC by showcasing  a variety of dances  and  featuring dancers from four to sixty years of age. The show’s success was a concerted effort of the school Dance Team, the Stage Management Team and many an alumna.

The two-hundred and seventy participating dancers included kindergarten and primary students, as well as past and present SHCC students. Some of the performers were founding members of the school Dance Club forty-seven years ago.  The vast repertoire included 18 sets featuring Chinese, Western, Korean, Japanese and modern dance numbers.

Members of the audience including Ms Elizabeth Law, Chairperson of SHCCAAECF; Ms Fiona Chan,  Chairperson of SHCCAA; and Sr Veronica Fok, our School Principal were captivated by the colourful visuals and vibrant movement of the dancers.  Also in attendance, and very much enjoying the show, were our guests of honour, Sr Marie Remedios, School Manager; and Sr Agnes Law, our School Supervisor.

The Heartiest Movement 2015 show was just the latest in a series of events that have taken place in the last ten months commemorating SHCC’s 155th Anniversary.   Others have included: The Heartslink Charity Walk in November, The School Fun Fair in March, The Anniversary Celebration Homecoming Concert in April, The Thanksgiving Mass in April, The Day of Gratitude in May and the School’s Fashion show in July.

Thanks to the Organising Committee and everyone who helped make Heartiest Movement 2015 such a great success! The funds raised will help to provide sponsorship and scholarships to support an all-round education for our present and future students.  BRAVO!

Rev. Joseph Yim, the celebrant of this year’s school reopening mass, gave a sermon on Catholic values, refreshing our mind with much taken-for-granted gifts from God the Creator.  His message underlines the fundamentals of life as a gift bestowed, family as our first home, which nurtures us with parental love, school as our second home, which instils in us thirst for the Truth and passion for the pursuit of righteousness. The reverend urges us to wake up every morning in appreciation of life and vitality and cherish every opportunity to practise the virtues and equip ourselves for the good of others.


In the Eucharistic Celebration, student representatives offered our student companion and prayer book, followed by prayers of good intention: prayers for our school community, local society and peace of the world.


In awe, we participated in the commission of Catholic Society ex-co members, teachers, and students in the mass.  The mass is an embodiment of our faith in Him, symbolic of what we count on in our endeavours.

Sr Agnes, the School Superviser, Sr Veronica, the Principal, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yi, the Vice-principals, Ms Priscilla Kwok, the Assistant Principal officiated at the installation of student leaders in office after the mass.


The ceremonial party together with teacher advisers and heads of teams took turn to present badges to the head girl, head girl core group, president and vice-president of the Student Council, house captains and deputy captains, heads and deputy heads of various teams: guidance sisters, career assistants, student librarians and Green Torch.  Class teachers pinned badges for class prefects before the Head Girl of this year, Connie Chan, addressed the school.


Connie Chan started with her conviction that it is a privilege to serve with other head girl core group members.  She said that it is a rare opportunity to be a part of this safe haven and caring environment to help us explore the future. In enthusiasm, the head girl invites us to join her in laying solid foundation, putting virtues into practice, immersing ourselves in the joy of service and cultivating a positive outlook of life.

Sr Veronica officiated at the opening of a science installation in the reading corner.  The set-up is a physics project completed by last year’s graduates, in the hope of passing on the wonder of workings of physics theories.

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