Ms Angela Lee, our guest of honour, Ms Fiona Chan, Chairlady of Alumnae Association, Ms Winnie Yu, Chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association, Dr Agnes Lai, School Manager, Sr Agnes Law, School Supervisor, Sr Veronica Fok, School Principal, as well as Ms Cynthia Chan, Chief School Development Officer from the EDB officiated at this year’s Graduation Day, 2014.

Ms Angela Lee, one of the distinguished alumnae, was the first female international partner of the Hong Kong office of Baker & McKenzie.  She was appointed Justice of the Peace by the Chief Executive in 2003 and received a Bronze Bauhinia Star from the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2007. Ms Lee is also a China Appointed Attesting Officer and a Council Member of the Hong Kong Law Society.

In Ms Lee’s address to the graduates, she gave a forceful message on the importance of being sober about one’s shortcomings.  Speaking of the anxiety some graduates have about the release of DSE results, Ms Lee encouraged them with the fact that there are 365 times the idea, ‘Do not fear’, appears in the Holy Bible. In other words, God has promised us that He is with us and there is not the slightest reason why we should be anxious if we turn to Him.

On the auspicious occasion, Mr Jens Rösler, Deputy Director Head of Language Department, Goethe Institut Hong Kong, presented two scholarships to outstanding German learners of the year, offering them a trip to Korea to enhance their use of German.  The scholarships were among the many more prizes given in the evening.

Parents and guests also witnessed the achievements of our students in a wide range of inter-school and territory-wide competitions and projects.

Our Head Girl, May Zeng, gave a vote of thanks to the School and parents for nurturing them into young ladies with courage of a lion, perseverance of a camel and curiosity of a child.

Speech by Guest of Honour, Ms Angela Lee.



On 7 July, the six houses presented to us their unique productions featuring ‘Mask’ as a theme. Students started everything from scratch: script-writing, casting, rehearsals, backstage design, costume design, as well as props and set making.  Under the guidance of the advisers and experienced student leaders, the crew turned out many thought-provoking plays.

The adjudicators, Miss Ruby Kwan, Miss Tanya Chan and Mr William Yip, gave credits to the efforts students had put into creating their own scripts about allusion of the snake and the tree of life, the truth and the lies, deception, power and rights etc. They had very high opinions of students’ enthusiasm in sending a message through their acting. There were effective use of multi-media devices, set, sound effects, costumes and make-up.

The House of Keller won the Championship with an incredible plot, an unforgettable cast and a clear message. The House of Pankhurst and House of Teresa also shared many prizes, including team work, script and best actresses.

Without guidance from Miss Clara Ho and Miss Linda Yip, support from the Backstage Team, Campus TV, and Photography Society, as well as that of the janitor staff, we won’t be able to enjoy such a good show.

We were both enthralled and amused by presentations of this year’s Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival winners and the winning classes of inter-class speech competitions on 3 July in the hall.

In the Chinese section, fluent speakers of Putonghua and Cantonese presented lyrical pieces, drama duologues and research project reports on cultural topics. In the English Section, eloquent speakers of English shared the joy of voice-acting, story-telling, improvisation, solo verse speaking, public speaking, choral speaking and the like.

But for the training with the teacher advisers and alumnae, students would not have been able to make such an effective use of imagination, voice, facial expressions, sensitivity and body language to get the message and the mood across.

Credits should go to the Chinese and English Language Departments, Ms Krissy Lam and Mrs Regan, our drama teachers, as well as Miss Chang Wai Fong, Mrs Winnie Poon, Miss Winnie Law and Miss Laura Lai for coordinating the event.

Father Rev. Michael Yeung, VG, expounded on the significance of being discerning in the Thanksgiving Mass.  The vicar general bade youngsters to stay vigilant about what they learn from the world, what they hear and what they do. He stressed that youngsters have to stay open and true to justice and love for people as Jesus did.

In his homily, Father Rev.Yeung borrowed reference from the Gospel of St Mathew 8: 28-64 and St Pauls’ Letter to the Romans. The former captured a narrative about the demon-possessed swine and the rejection of the villagers after Jesus had sent the swine to the sea and restored sanity of the demon-possessed man. What an insight we have gained about ourselves through Father Rev. Yeung’s message! That we sometimes prefer retreating to our old indulgences and refuse to renew ourselves despite being told.  The latter shed light on the risk of conforming to the pattern of this world, which keeps us from discerning the will of God.

To express their gratitude, the graduates offered a book on the altar, symbolic of the solid foundations, precious Christian values, life-changing character formation, and capacities to learn and explore they received from Sacred Heart education. In humility, the graduates committed themselves to the LORD’s guidance in their future ventures.

After the Mass, we were treated to a warm, thoughtful and amusing programme tailor-made by the graduate class.  The programme unearthed some of the unforgettable treasures in their school life and extended their appreciation of the contribution the Principal, Vice-Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, IT technicians, clerical staff and the janitors has made to their growth.

Without the support from Ms Yoshie Lee, Ms Zoe Chan, Mrs Ivy Yeung, Miss Clara Ho, the Backstage Team, the Campus TV, the janitors, and the teachers spending time shooting the videos for each class, the graduates won’t make it possible.

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