Father Rev. Michael Yeung, VG, expounded on the significance of being discerning in the Thanksgiving Mass.  The vicar general bade youngsters to stay vigilant about what they learn from the world, what they hear and what they do. He stressed that youngsters have to stay open and true to justice and love for people as Jesus did.

In his homily, Father Rev.Yeung borrowed reference from the Gospel of St Mathew 8: 28-64 and St Pauls’ Letter to the Romans. The former captured a narrative about the demon-possessed swine and the rejection of the villagers after Jesus had sent the swine to the sea and restored sanity of the demon-possessed man. What an insight we have gained about ourselves through Father Rev. Yeung’s message! That we sometimes prefer retreating to our old indulgences and refuse to renew ourselves despite being told.  The latter shed light on the risk of conforming to the pattern of this world, which keeps us from discerning the will of God.

To express their gratitude, the graduates offered a book on the altar, symbolic of the solid foundations, precious Christian values, life-changing character formation, and capacities to learn and explore they received from Sacred Heart education. In humility, the graduates committed themselves to the LORD’s guidance in their future ventures.

After the Mass, we were treated to a warm, thoughtful and amusing programme tailor-made by the graduate class.  The programme unearthed some of the unforgettable treasures in their school life and extended their appreciation of the contribution the Principal, Vice-Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, IT technicians, clerical staff and the janitors has made to their growth.

Without the support from Ms Yoshie Lee, Ms Zoe Chan, Mrs Ivy Yeung, Miss Clara Ho, the Backstage Team, the Campus TV, the janitors, and the teachers spending time shooting the videos for each class, the graduates won’t make it possible.

SH-II Natural Sunscreen, a science team formed by our S3 representatives has recently come first in the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2014, Junior Investigation Division.

Led by Trio Tang, Viann Po, Yoyo Tang and Patricia Yee beat the other 89 junior secondary school teams with an awesome innovation, natural sunscreen using green tea leaves extract. During the competition, the four of them tested the properties of natural substances, including grape skin, blueberry, walnut fruit and aloe.

Followed the tests, it was found that green tea leaves extract showed the largest range and the most intense UV absorption. Hence, green tea leaves extract is the best ultraviolet radiation absorbing substance. In order to ensure that the substance stays longer on human skin, the team refined the formula to produce Advanced SH-II Natural Sunscreen by mixing natural aloe vera with the green tea leaves extract. What an original idea! Congratulations to you and everyone who gave guidance before the competition.

What a fruitful and jubilant year to our School Choir!

Our Senior Choir has been awarded The Most Outstanding Secondary School Choir of the Year and the Best Secondary School Girls’ Choir in the First Division in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. We have also won the championships in the Senior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Foreign Language and Chinese Section, as well as in the class of Oratorio, with our partner school, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Congratulations!

Our Junior Choir has also attained two First Runner-ups in the Junior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Chinese Section, and Junior Mixed Choir - Singing in Foreign Language Section, with Wah Yan College, Kowloon, and another two Second Runner-ups in Junior Girls’ Choir - Singing in Foreign Language, and Church Music – Age 14 and under – Singing in Foreign Language Sections.

Our winning choirs gave two successful performances in Prize Winners’ Concerts on 3 May at Sha Tin Town Hall and 9 May at St John’s Cathedral.  Recordings of the Choir Finals and the Prize Winners’ Concert will be broadcasted via RTHK Radio 4 and eTVonline in mid-May and June respectively.

Some members from the Senior Choir also got the championship in the Hong Kong International A Cappella Contest 2013 School Division (Choir Ensemble) in last November.  Congratulations to our choir once again!

With the greatest love and blessings from God and the strong sense of unity among our teammates, SHCC musicians will definitely strive for their best to make beautiful and sensational music to glorify our dear LORD.

Rev. Father Dominic Chan, Vicar General, celebrated our Eucharistic Celebration on 8 May in commemoration of our Foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa.  In his homily on our Foundress, the celebrant expounded on St. Magdalene’s unique qualities of faithfulness to Jesus Crucified , compassion for the poor, and humility in service.  With a heart of gold, our Foundress established the charity in spite of the turmoil in the political scene in Verona, the disparity between the affluent and the deprived, as well as her traumatic childhood.

Through three readings from the Scripture, we reflected on what makes a life worthy of praise.  Let us cultivate a virtuous, benevolent and simple life together. It would be the best form of tribute to our Foundress and Jesus Crucified she fondly served.

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