From 2 May to 8 May, we have realized how to make Jesus known and loved via a variety of activities.

On our campus, we have service project boards capturing S4 students’ reviews of what they have learnt from their service projects for the children, minority groups, the elderly and adults with disabilities to learn. In class, students drew and put down words in letters for St Magdalene about how inspiring her life was to them.

Every morning, we said special prayers about our Foundress. We heard of ways of making Jesus known and loved from our guest speakers, Sr Bernadette, our former Principal, Sr Veronica, our current Principal, Sr Catherine, the teacher of Sacred Heart Canossian School, Ms Jacqueline Au Yeung, as well as students from S1B.

On 8 May, we hoisted the flag of Canossian Daughters of Charity and that of our College. In the afternoon, we gathered in the Hall, a ritual of Foundress Week Celebration to refresh our understanding of what is special about being a student of the Canossian family.

To make Jesus known and loved is the theme of this year’s celebration. Hence we were reminded of the many an opportunity to achieve this: at home, among our friends, and concern for the world. Throughout the years, Canossian educators have committed themselves to make Jesus known and loved and benefit students with education in the formation of the heart. Many graduates have groomed to be global citizens with sound moral and religious values, compassionate in serving the school and the community. To name but a few, Sr Ida and Sr Bernadette, our former Principals, Mrs Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary for Administration, Prof. Rosie Young and many more.

Among them, Dr Yannie Soo, the first volunteer frontline physician during the outbreak of SARS at the Prince of Wales Hospital, attended our Celebration. The Associate Consultant at Prince of Wales spoke of the impact of Sacred Heart education on her, sharing her vision of life, the importance of cherishing what we have and making use of them to help those in need.




The first Post-Competition Concert organized by Music Society drew to a successful close on 30 April 2013 in the presence of honorable guests, alumnae, parents, teaching staff and current students.

The opening of the concert was marked by the school song, led by the school orchestra and choir under the baton of Mr Ho-Yin Kwok. Our young music makers showed their joy and passion in making music with our School Orchestra, Choir and the Chinese Instrumental Ensemble, with their competition pieces in the 65th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and various music competitions this academic year.

We are very honoured to have our choral partner, Wah Yan College Kowloon Choir as our guest performer, to perform a variety of sacred music with our Senior and Junior Choirs.  Our singers shared their liking in singing and praised our Heavenly Father with the musical talents He has given us.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped and supported the production of Post-Competition Concert 2013 and the development of music in SHCC!  We are looking forward to have more chances to share our joy in making music in the future!



To provide a learning opportunity for students to explore marine creatures’ livelihood beyond the textbook, a group of Ambassadors of Learning doing Geography and Biology attended a two-day Ocean Park Learning Camp in late March.

A seminar on Sustainable Seafood started off our learning journey. A series of video clips related to marine life were shown and follow-up discussions were conducted at the seminar. ‘What we gained was not simply a chunk of shocking statistics, but more importantly was a deep reflection on our past eating habit and lifestyle,’ recalled an AoL .  While everyone knows the importance of freedom and equality among humans, selfishly no one has sympathy for sea creatures in which their lives have been sacrificed for our tummies. In order to minimize man-made destruction to the aquatic environment and create a more sustainable eco-system, the best way is to be a responsible diner, by avoiding seafood that are at the rim of extinction.

After the closing time of Ocean Park, participants were given a rare chance of staying in the Great Aquarium. In additional to getting to know more about different types of sea creatures in detail, the complicated mechanism that is used to support the lives of sea creatures amazed them. Somehow everyone wished one could be one of those much-indulged sea creatures.

‘After spending a whole night with sea creatures, we eventually had to leave. Yet the end of the camp symbolized the start of our learning mission, which is to spread the knowledge to our schoolmates and family so as to ultimately raise their awareness on this global crisis,’ remarked an AoL.



The EASTER PROGRAMME started with a meditative Way of the Cross. The Organizing Team, which composed of Catholic Teachers with the support of the Catholic Formation Core Team, chose videos, Biblical Passages, prayers, reflections and music most appropriate for the meditation.

The reflections on our daily choices and attitudes juxtaposed that of Jesus’ journey to the cross.  Students and teachers were engaged in following the journey of Jesus to the Calvary in a prayerful way. By tradition, the way of the Cross has 14 stations ending with Burial of Jesus. Today in this Way of the Cross, the 15th Station was added to highlight the Resurrection of Jesus, the theme of the Easter Programme.

Four S2 students re-enacted the Experience of Thomas, the Apostle on the Resurrection of Jesus. The Gospel narrates Thomas’ unbelief, but with the mercy and reassuring love of the Risen Jesus, Thomas later made the most wonderful profession of FAITH, “My Lord and my God!”(John 20:28).

During the days of Lent, the Catholic Society launched some activities encouraging students to do some acts of Charity in Faith. One of these was Doing Good Deeds to Others. Some students were invited to share and show a picture of their good deeds. One said she helped her grandfather washed his clothes; another said she did baby-sit for her relative; and another one shared how she taught the ethnic minority group to do Chinese crafts and the last one revised the lesson with her friends who could not catch up with the class discussion. What they did look simple but were inspiring and edifying because they were done with good motivation. They responded to Jesus’ Words, “what so ever you do to the least of my brother that you do unto me”. (Matthew 25:40)

Students also came with their Appreciation Cards for those who have done kindness unto them. A time was provided for students to distribute their   appreciation cards. What a joyful exchange of acts of appreciation!!! Sr. Veronica gave her EASTER greetings to all using the greeting of the Risen Jesus to His disciples: Peace be with you! Sister also gave everybody Easter honey candies made by the Carmelite Sisters in Stanley. The Easter Programme was concluded by a joyful community singing of the EASTER SONG.


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