Star Gazing Camp 2012 Featured


A total of 30 fortunate explorers attended a one-of-a-kind camp at Bradbury Camp in Sai Kung on 28-29 January.

The Science Programme began with an ingenious group competition, in which campers made water rockets with parachute.  The winning team’s shooting device lasted as long as 4 seconds. It was an experiment on balance and operation of one’s innovation.

Before star gazing, Mr. Huey Pang gave a lecture on recognizing constellations in the night sky, telling beautiful stories about some of the constellations, and giving interesting facts about some celestial objects.

At the climax of the camp, the students watched patterns in the night sky, viewing the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and the Orion Nebula using telescopes.

It was followed by an exciting Astronomy Quiz.  It was overcast at dawn.  So Sun Gazing was cancelled. Without the help of Science Society and Physics Department, we would not have such an awesome opportunity to get close to nature. cialis