College Fun Fair 2012, Arcadia Featured


Ms Amy Yuen, Chairperson of SHCC PTA, Ms Teresina Chan, Chairman of Alumnae Association, Sr Veronica, The Principal, Ms Yoshie Lee, Miss Mandy Cheung, Mr David Hung, Student Council Advisers, together with Stephanie Cheng, President of Student Council marked the opening of the annual College Fun Fair with jigsaws of ideal lodgings.

The original design on the banner also came with a set of customized stamps, an ideal collectable for past and current students, parents and friends of the College. It is thrilling to see how innovative our executive members of the Student Council are.

The College Dance Team presented two Asian dances on New Year Wishes and Snowing in the most chic and slim fit costumes.

It has become part of our tradition to involve different clubs and interest groups in cultivating respect and appreciation for one another.  The student-led effort provides room for our student leaders to think independently and work responsibly for games and booth designs.  St Louis School Magic Club, PTA, Hong Kong Red Cross, Green Torch, Photography Society and Social Service Club had many a visitor to try out their games, crafts and food.

Apart from the lucky draws, visitors were treated to lovely music, acoustic songs, breath-taking dance and cool Shaolin Kung Fu show.  The eventful day was the concerted effort of many who worked behind the scene the last few months.