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Self Study Guidelines
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English Language Independent Learning

Do you want to brush up your English Language? Here comes the chance! Our school Self-Access Learning Centre (SALC) has provided you with a full range of on-line, audio-visual and paper resources that will enable you to become a successful English learner. Grab the chance, be an independent learner!

Plan YOUR Studies – ACT NOW!

1. Paper Resources

Building up a good foundation of English Grammar is essential to successful English learning. You can simply borrow the grammar books and do the related exercises in SALC. You are advised to do the exercises on a school single-lined exercise book for your own reference.

  • You may refer to the grammar items stated on the Grammar Checklist (S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5) for self-study.
  • The grammar books include:
    (a) Swan, Michael, and Catherine Walter. The Good Grammar Book. Oxford University Press, 2001.
    (b) Murphy, Raymond. Essential Grammar in Use. Cambridge University Press, 2007.
    (c) Murphy, Raymond. English Grammar in Use. Cambridge University Press, 2007.

2. Network and Online Computer Programmes:

  • Learning English the FUN way by exploring the Network Computer Programmes in SALC and the Online Computer Programmes in SALC / at home. The Network Computer Programmes (can only be accessed in SALC) include:
  • (a) Study Skills Success
    (b) Road to IELTS
    (c) Spelling Fusion
    (d) Mind Game
    (e) Pronunciation Power 1
    (f) Active Listening
    (g) Crossword Challenge
    (h) Error Terror
    (i)  Read Up – Speed Up
  • The Online Computer Programmes (can be accessed in SALC or at home) include:
    (a) Tense Buster
    (b) Active Reading

3. DVDs (DVD List)

  • Learning English in an authentic way is the key to success. You are encouraged to watch your favourite DVD titles in SALC and gain credit points by completing the Film Review afterwards.

4. Audio Books (Audio Book List)

  • Reading the fun way may make a difference! You can read the Audio Books in SALC and gain credit points by completing the Book Review Sheet afterwards.


Once you have completed any of the above practices, fill in the “Self-Learning Record Sheet” accordingly and ask your English teachers / SALC staff to verify it.