The 155th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass, Toasting and Evening Prayer Featured

Our College’s history embarked on the arrival of six pioneers from Venice, Italy in April 1860.  Commissioned by Mother Grassi, these devoted Italian sisters overcame dangers on the sea, exhaustion of a 2-month voyage, homesickness, frailty and above all, culture shock and language barrier.

On 30 April 2015, Rev Father Timothy, together with Rev Father Alejandro and Rev Father Francis, conducted a Eucharistic Celebration at the College Hall. In the Mass that celebrates 155 years of reaching beyond, we praised God for given Sacred Heart Canossian College so many fruitful years. In hymns and prayers, we expressed our gratitude for His calling us to be His ambassadors of Love among our brothers and sisters.  We also asked Him to continue His guidance in our Mission of Love.  Our student representatives took turn to offer at the altar flowers with prayers written in class. The Hall was filled with respectable Canossian sisters, guests from the Alumnae Association, the Parent-Teacher Association, the IMC and composed students and teachers.

Following the Thanksgiving Mass, we proceeded to the balloon-tiered stage at the playground. Sr Agnes, our School Superviser, led the toast in the midst of thunderous applause from the audience, each waving one’s own castanets.  Flocked with students, teachers and special guests in their smart attire, the playground was turned into an alfresco reception area, with colourful balloons, a decent anniversary birthday cake and sparkling drinks for the birthday garden party.

Sr Agnes aside, the ceremonial party constituted Sr Maria Hsu, our former principal, Sr Veronica, our current principal, Ms Catherine Wong, Mr Ignatius Chow, Mr David Hung, IMC managers, Ms Fiona Chan, Chairperson of our Alumnae Association and Ms Winnie Yu, Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, the celebrants of the Thanksgiving Mass, as well as Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yi, our Vice Principals and Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal.

On 8 May student representatives, the school choir, past students and former and current teachers and staff of Sacred Heart Canossian College assembled at Canossian Missions on Caine Road, attending the Canossian sisters’ evening prayers.   In the chapel at Caine Road, the congregation said prayers of praise and thanksgiving, rejoicing the 155th years of God’s blessings on Canossian Missions and our School.  During the prayer service, a past student shared stories about the impact of Canossian education and service on local families.  The even songs and prayers engraved in congregation’s hearts the zeal in making Jesus known and loved, the dedication of each and every Canossian sister, and the humility of their untiring service in Hong Kong.