School reopening mass Featured

Rev. Joseph Yim, the celebrant of this year’s school reopening mass, gave a sermon on Catholic values, refreshing our mind with much taken-for-granted gifts from God the Creator.  His message underlines the fundamentals of life as a gift bestowed, family as our first home, which nurtures us with parental love, school as our second home, which instils in us thirst for the Truth and passion for the pursuit of righteousness. The reverend urges us to wake up every morning in appreciation of life and vitality and cherish every opportunity to practise the virtues and equip ourselves for the good of others.


In the Eucharistic Celebration, student representatives offered our student companion and prayer book, followed by prayers of good intention: prayers for our school community, local society and peace of the world.


In awe, we participated in the commission of Catholic Society ex-co members, teachers, and students in the mass.  The mass is an embodiment of our faith in Him, symbolic of what we count on in our endeavours.