Installation of student leaders in office Featured

Sr Agnes, the School Superviser, Sr Veronica, the Principal, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yi, the Vice-principals, Ms Priscilla Kwok, the Assistant Principal officiated at the installation of student leaders in office after the mass.


The ceremonial party together with teacher advisers and heads of teams took turn to present badges to the head girl, head girl core group, president and vice-president of the Student Council, house captains and deputy captains, heads and deputy heads of various teams: guidance sisters, career assistants, student librarians and Green Torch.  Class teachers pinned badges for class prefects before the Head Girl of this year, Connie Chan, addressed the school.


Connie Chan started with her conviction that it is a privilege to serve with other head girl core group members.  She said that it is a rare opportunity to be a part of this safe haven and caring environment to help us explore the future. In enthusiasm, the head girl invites us to join her in laying solid foundation, putting virtues into practice, immersing ourselves in the joy of service and cultivating a positive outlook of life.

Sr Veronica officiated at the opening of a science installation in the reading corner.  The set-up is a physics project completed by last year’s graduates, in the hope of passing on the wonder of workings of physics theories.