Global Awareness Week Featured

A Global Awareness Week was jointly organised by the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team, the Third Language Team and six recipients of The Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure from 16 to 19 November 2015.

Out of gratitude for the generosity of the Fung Scholarship for Global Exposure the recipients paid it forward by organising various activities during the Week to involve the schoolmates in reaching out for a new language or a global issue.  An interclass quiz was conducted for all forms. The questions were derived from fun facts about different countries. Game booths were pitched on 17 and 19 November at the covered playground to test schoolmates’ knowledge about another culture. German, French, Spanish and Korean lessons were held during lunch on each day respectively. With the help of international guests, students were able to have a glimpse of how incredible speaking another language could be.

The highlight of the Week was the visit of our international guests. The guests, including German, Singaporean, Swedish, Thai, South Korean, Indian, Australian, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Mexican and Pakistani, conducted interactive lessons in the classrooms on gender roles, pop cultures, and stereotypes. One of the students reflected that it was really different to learn a topic from interactions with foreigners. The gender roles in some part of Europe are very different from what we accept in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed the chat with them about serious global matters.”  The Week was an eye-opening experience for Sacred Heartists to take a step forward to become global citizens!