Bridging Course 2016 Featured

With thirst for exploration and insatiable curiosity, our pre-S1 students joined a fortnight-long intensive programme to take a glimpse of life in Sacred Heart Canossian College. The Summer Bridging Course 2016 gave students the chance to taste the bits and pieces of secondary school life before the start of the academic year.

Students came into contact with unprecedented and enthralling lessons on Life and Society, Dance, Drama and many more. The lessons not only engaged the young in both exploration of new subjects and self-discovery, it was also a golden opportunity for them to cultivate friendship with their newly-met schoolmates.

The delightful event was wrapped up with a drama performance, in which each class enacted the story of The Happy Prince. Students got the chance to showcase their boundless creativity by creating their own endings of the story. They demonstrated their diversity and class spirit, which in return rewarded them with strengthened confidence and unabated friendship.

The end is always the beginning of new quests ahead. We wish our greenest Sacred Heart family members an amazing and adventurous learning journey ahead, with new attempts, new friends and new challenges!