School re-opening ceremony Featured

In the midst of quiet respect for the occasion, our students met new faces, including Sr Ursula, Miss Grace Au and Mr Wilfred Leung. Ms Jacqueline Au-yeung led the prayer preparing us for the school theme of this year, Curious Learner Life Explorer.


In the introduction to the theme, Sr Veronica took an interactive approach, posing questions and involving students in the audience.  She made a point about sharpening our sensitivity to the events in our surroundings and being observant. She also expects Sacred Heartist to wonder why and appreciate beauty, not to mention being thirst for knowledge and engaged in learning opportunities of all shapes and sizes.


In unison we rounded off with the School Song in which teachers joined the Principal on stage to greet students and wish everyone a fresh start for another academic year.


Mr Mo from the Discipline Team gave us reminders on school rules, followed by Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-principal, who informed us of Student Financial Assistance opportunities. The application procedures are laid down on the information page. Miss Clara Ho spoke on behalf of SAAT about the worth of co-curricular activities and exemption to one –student-one-post policy.  The information is accessible at eClass.


Phoebe Chan and Vicky Or, the Head Girl Core Team members responsible for designing this year’s Student Companion, opened our eyes to the beauty of life and its possibilities to explore and to embrace Canossian spirit.  The youths articulated the symbolic details in their unique publication: from choice of flower, to its association with the theme of the month, from the juxtaposition between the bleak and the bright side on a piece of torn wallpaper to the thrill of rolling over, from the vulnerability of a paper boat to the strength of legs of a dancing girl, from the frame of a gardenia painting to its splendours beyond the frame. This year’s cover is a silvery one, recreating a chance for us to see our reflection.  There are four appreciation cards for us to exchange notes of gratitude, in addition to small tasks to complete between months.