My Life, My Way Featured

Miss Shiza Shahid, co-founder of the Malala Fund and advocate for social innovation gave us an inspiring talk on 16 November about her early life and her passion for empowering girls.

Unlike most Pakistanis, Miss Shahid was born to parents who value education. The conscientious girl eventually worked her way to receive a scholarship to further studies at Stanford. Then from Stanford she returned to Swat Valley, a Taliban-festered region where schools were bombed and girls had no hope of going to school. She ran a summer camp for girls in Swat Valley and neighbouring regions to discuss their dreams and express their thoughts. One of the participants, Malala Yousafzai, was so convinced by Miss Shahid’s idea that she called upon public attention to give girls the rights to be educated. We know she ended up being shot but survived the gunshot and became one of the Nobel Peace Prize recipients in 2014.

Our guest speaker, Miss Shahid was so compelled by this incident that she made another major decision in her life: quit her promising post in a leading consultation firm for establishing Malala Fund and continue her path of empowerment through meeting and collecting stories about girls who have yet the chance to go to school. She hopes to generate fund for this good cause.

In her response to questions from the floor, Miss Shahid reinforces the importance of being kind to each other and be supportive of seeing someone else succeed. She also speaks of the importance of empathizing with leaders of a country, a clan, or an established system as we explain our cause. Her response has truly revealed benevolence and natural grace. We wish Miss Shahid and her team every success in their pursuit.