Annual Athletics Meet 2016-17 Featured

On 17 November we had our second sports event, the annual athletics meet, at Wanchai Sports Ground. It was a great time for being engaged in races, field events and the cheering part of our own houses. The Sports Society has recruited many keen student officials. The six houses have spent time making thoughtful arrangements for the cheering pomp. With all their might, house captains and committee members roared slogans and beat recyclable bottles and mooncake tin boxes to make their own chants for the athletes.

The occasion was witnessed by special guests from PTA, AA as well as School Supervisor, School Principal, and many parents and past students on the spectator stand.  Ms Ivy Tam, our PTA representative, Ms Stephanie Ho, our AA representative, Sr Veronica, Mr Yeung Ka Wai, our guest of honour, presented the winning houses and overall individual champions with trophies and medals.

We were taken by surprise by the sprinters from Sacred Heart Canossian School, as well as those from the private section in the primary-secondary school student relay. A group of our past A-Team members joined the teachers in the teacher-student 4x100m relay.  Ms Paula Kong, Mr Jackson Yau, Mr Harry Wong and Mr Ben Tam also showed their true colours in the relay.

Mr Yeung Ka Wai, our guest of honour, addressed the school with a forceful note. The established rowing athlete has had ample experience in Asian rowing cup since 2012 but then started his speech with a humble beginning about a little boy who was drafted to a rowing training team to improve his figure. In a genuine manner, Mr Yeung speaks of the value of finding one’s dream and being committed to it.

Some of our athletes certainly have realised their dreams on this occasion. Fanny Lam of House of Keller and Hilary Chung from Nightingale shared the honour of C Grade Individual Championship. Rachel Chong is this year’s B Grade Individual Champion. Tammy Luk is A Grade Individual Champion.  The House of Curie is the Champion in both C Grade and A Grade. House of Nightingale came first in B Grade with her smart athletes. House of Bronte returned to become House Overall Champion and Cheering Team winner, in addition to C Grade House Champion.