Diversity and Respect in 21st Century Featured

On 7 December, Mr Clifford A. Hart, former Consul General of the US to Hong Kong and Macau, met our S4 to S6 students in the morning assembly.  The talk concerns qualities teenagers should possess in the ever-changing 21st Century. In view of the challenges ahead, Mr Clifford speaks of the value of embracing diversity and practising respect for each other.  It is the second talk our College arranged in collaboration with Women's Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.

In response to floor questions, the experienced diplomat encouraged the audience to focus locally as far as public affairs is concerned. He maintains a high regard for contribution of the past generations and states that men have a unique part to play in empowering women.  He encourages the teenagers to get the broadest education possible and rise to the challenge with measured response and respect.  As regards poverty in local scene, the former Consul General finds it necessary to empower the non-Chinese community and offer sufficient education for children from ethnic groups. He also mentions the value of charity at personal level: that charity starts at home.