Christmas Celebration Featured

On 21 December, we commemorated the birth of Christ Jesus in an assembly in the hall.  The theme is Today a light will shine upon us, for the LORD is born to us. The programme started with a narrative taken from Luke 2: 4-8 on the nativity scenes: the manager, terror-stricken shepherds in the field, baby Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph, the heralds of angels at the sky. Meanwhile, frustrated teenagers expressed their stress with studies, loneliness, and helplessness about the divided society and Syrian civil war. There is a plea for some light of hope.  In a dance, angels declares a good news that brings hope to everyone who follow the Light.

Ms Catherine Yan, a devoted member of Faith and Light, introduced the mission and work of a special ministry for the intellectually-challenged.  Through Ms Yan’s story, we realised how we could recognise the gifts of those with different intelligence and bring joy to them and their parents through listening to the parents’ personal struggles and reaching out to the much neglected group in our neighbourhood. Throughout the years, this small community has witnessed the love of Christ through arranging pilgrimages to chapels and churches overseas, bringing the children and their parents to the mass and sharing Eucharistic mass.

Perhaps we could reflect on our way of celebrating this season and make a difference: being a present, being a Christmas light to each other, hugging our families and friends, as well as casting our cares to Jesus, the Light.

Followed the programme, the Student Council arranged a series of interactive games, Christmas challenge. Then Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok, Ms Priscilla Kwok and Ms Lam Mei Yi, greeted everyone and passed on the blessings through giving treats to every class and leading the whole school to sing Christmas songs.

The board decoration adjudication started at 10:30, during which students and teachers had class parties.  We had a wonderful time meeting past students and graduates who returned to see their teachers and old friends.

The campus looked anew with thoughtful décor and ornaments of birds, bells and many familiar Christmas motifs.  But for the efforts of the school artists, art team members, past students, we would not have such a mesmerising campus.