Global Awareness Week 2017 Featured

This year’s Global Awareness Week, organised by the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team, lasted from 6 February to 10 February. It was an activity-packed week of awareness-raising games, photo-shooting event, music broadcast, dodgeball competition and global village. Our overseas guests also joined us in the classrooms. Through the class time, students were able to have close contact with guests who speak another language. It was a lot of fun listening to ethnic stories and core values, gender roles, simple greetings used in India, Germany, Australia, Somalia, Singapore, Japan, the States and more.

At lunch, the game booth in the playground allowed students to identify faces, customs, signs and important festivals associated with an ethnic group. Our guests put on hilarious faces in front of their own photo booths, inviting students to share a snapshot with them. Some students listened to Singaporean, Korean, and American songs broadcast from World Radio. The nerve-wracking dodgeball competition on Thursday between our school team and guest team attracted a big audience. Everyone was absorbed in the event.  On the last day the playground was turned into a global village with colourful snacks such as, Malaysian chips and red bean cakes. It was a special day in which some Korean students spent a day with our S5 classmates to have a taste of local school life.

There is no doubt that ethnic stories, ethnic food, ethnic costumes, pop music and ball games offer a natural opportunity for strangers to break the ice and mix.  The Global Awareness Week fosters an interest in new faces and facilitate communication through personal experiences. Each ethnic group is unique in its own way, thus deserves much respect and learning from each other.