SHCC Fun Fair 2017 Featured

On 3-4 March, Wanderlust, a Student Council and PTA collaborated fun fair, offered our students an opportunity to engage into various types of creative, problem-solving projects. We are delighted to have representatives from PTA, AA and Sr Veronica to officiate at the opening ceremony. The campus was divided into atmosphere, ocean, jungle, desert and Antarctica and galaxy, zones connected to the idea of travelling space.

Similar to the previous year, our S2 classes arranged amusing games on cross-cultural customs and traditions and their innovations, including those of Italian, Belgian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian latest developments. Some science-oriented students investigated into the know-how making a robot perform interesting tasks, be it pinching balloons or moving around in a maze. It was an engaging event, drawing the audience’s attention to the possibility of putting simple make-shift electronic parts together and writing programmes that realise the dream of the project groups.

In the auditorium, our drama club produced their original English play, Up to the Ocean, a portrayal of human conditions in a dystopian setting. It features themes of alienation from nature, fears, thirst for the truth and beauty of humanity.

Apart from problem-solving, the fun fair releases space for talents to demonstrate their artistic talents, from hand paints, hip-hop, singing performance, as well as special guest of singing contest.  A series of luck draws throughout the day has added to a festive atmosphere.

At the playground, the S3 social entrepreneurship project groups, SHE Challenge, introduced what social enterprising is and the uniqueness of their own products. The SHE Challenge is a meaningful project that allows students to be an agent of social change and raise funds and public awareness for local NGOs.

The Parent-Teacher Association, Alumnae Association, Student Council, various clubs and teams, uniform groups, teacher advisers, PTA and AA volunteers, janitor staff have collaborated and worked round-the-clock to make things happen. We are equally grateful for the school photographers who captured this special occasion for us. A big thank you for your commitments!