Easter Celebration 2017 Featured

On 21 April, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus at the college hall.  The programme shed light on our calling to be the salt of the Earth and light of the world.

There was a video on the parable of the salt and the light, revealing the truth about being seen as Jesus’ disciples. We were reminded that the true spirit of Easter is all about a renewal of our awareness as true witnesses of Jesus through our small acts of kindness.  It is believed that small steps would bring ultimate change.

To illustrate this, our school invited Mr Copperfield, a magician volunteer who has engaged himself in sharing the gospel with children, youths and the public through magic shows since 2007. The enthusiastic magician aims to establish a volunteer group with strong interest in magic and empower them with the confidence to spread the gospel. The fascinating magician demonstrated a few tricks connected to redemption, hope and renewal.

The programme finished with devotions.  We said prayer and sang Pass it on in response to what we have learnt from Mr Copperfield.