Graduation Ceremony Featured

It was our pleasure to have Ms Rose Lee JP, our guest of honour, Ms Fiona Chan, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Mr Kelvin Lee, the Chairman of Parent-Teacher Association, Sr Virginia, our School Manager and Sr Agnes, our School Supervisor in attendance at our 157th Graduation Ceremony on 6 July.

In the Principal’s Report, Sr Veronica gave us a comprehensive review of how Sacred Heartists develop their curiosity, further explore life and deepen their understanding of core values of the school: charity, family, truth, justice and humility.

With the collaborative efforts of Life Education Team and Catholic Society, students have reflected on major issues, such as green life, poverty and justice and understand social issues from different perspectives. To engage students in exploring life further, the school have invited inspirational guest speakers who widened teenagers’ vision of life. The career expo and year-round job shadowing programmes, annual extended learning week in November and territory-wide STEM and ICT projects have offered students of different aspirations the opportunities to develop themselves. Our school is gearing up for a three-year development plan on eLearning with the installation of Wi-Fi facilities and staff training on use of eApps. It is hoped that these initiatives would empower students to become motivated and self-directed learners with an enquiry mind.

This year, we are delighted to have Ms Rose Lee JP, a distinguished alumna to address the school. Ms Lee has served on executive positions in the HSBC Group and Hang Seng Bank as Vice- Chairman and Chief Executive, as well as being Deputy Chairman and executive committee of The Community Chest, member of advisory committee for New College of The University of Hong Kong and that of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to name but a few.

In her speech, Ms Lee offered insights into planning one’s pathway. She gave graduates five building blocks as suggestions: set a clear goal by knowing oneself and one’s strengths, set the highest standard of integrity, make decisions based on the good ethics instilled in Sacred Heartists, be enterprising as far as possible, maintain a global perspective and finally, develop interpersonal skills because the world is moving on with increasing collaboration between parties of different opinions. After all, Ms Lee urged us to think more than our professional interests but betterment of humanity conditions and well-being.

Faustina Wong, our Head Girl, gave a vote of thanks to the parents, Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica, and the teaching staff in the past six years for their efforts. She recalled educational experiences that balance formation of the heart with pursuit of academic and aesthetic excellence. She said that graduates have benefited from transformations through ample learning experiences that help them embrace diversity and international exposure.

On this occasion, we had a bittersweet moment of bidding Mrs Maureen Lai farewell. Mrs Lai has contributed tremendously to the education of Sacred Heartists as the head of the Chinese Language Department and that of teaching staff as head of Staff Development Team. We wished her all the best after retirement.

The SHCC String Orchestra and the Junior Choir presented us mesmerizing performances on stage. The first piece was a winning piece of this year’s competition. With the conductor Mr Joe Chan, the 31 members articulated an enchanting piece of Scandinavian musical style with dance movements and melodies. The Junior Choir, which has been involved in the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR and won many prizes in local and international contests, gave the graduates blessings through their choral singing.

Speech by Guest of Honour, Ms Rose Lee.