Summer Bridging Course 2017 Featured

It is never an easy task to be first-time students in a secondary school. One of the hurdles to leap over is for them to get used to the all-English environment and master new subjects. To ensure a smooth transition and enrich their summer holiday, we have tailor-made a summer bridging course to give our pre-S1 students a glimpse of secondary school life.

Throughout the ten-day programme, students had lessons on various subjects, allowing them to explore topics in Life and Society, Drama, Dance and many more. Not only did they get used to the new teaching style and the use of English in lessons, they also made friends with the new schoolmates. It took immense courage to free themselves out of their comfort zones and demonstrated enthusiasm inside and outside the classroom.

The drama performance surely marked a perfect end to the orientation. The students rewrote the ending of Hansel and Gretel with creativity and performed their own adaptation on stage. Each class showcased their talents in script-writing, props-making, acting and stage management. During the preparation, they learnt how to cooperate and communicate with one another. The experience also empowered them to take an initiative to find their own answers to questions, in addition to giving them a great sense of satisfaction and valuable friendship.

We wish our newcomers the best of luck in the future!