School Reopening 2017-18 Featured

To mark the commencement of this school year, Sr Ursula led an opening prayer offering ourselves in the care of God, the Creator and guidance. Sr Agnes, the School Superviser, greeted everyone with a blissful speech on gratitude, vitality of life and hope for another year of learning and growth.

Sr Veronica, the School Principal, introduced the new teachers, welcomed the S1 newcomers and everyone, as well as spoke of the school theme and major concerns. Shared the fundamentals of Catholic core values: life, family, love, truth, justice and Canossian humility, our College aims to achieve Learning with passion Living with integrity. In her welcome note to the audience, Sr Veronica put emphasis on the importance of formation of the heart.  She enunciated that it is important that we live what we proclaim, making an effort to respond to the challenges of the century with Catholic values, Canossian insights and readiness to connect with the world through sharing of our gifts and talents. The Principal added that it is necessary to find a purpose to learn, reflect on one’s learning and develop one’s sense of curiosity and perseverance during the pursuit. In terms of real integrity, Sr Veronica made a point that we have to reflect on events that we have been through and make better choices every now and then.

The Head Girl Core Group introduced thoughts of the designs of our Student Companion.  The designers aimed to invite schoolmates to establish healthy habits, deepen self-understanding and review one’s progress of work through the planner covers and activities. There is a full range of eye-opening landscapes, metaphoric images and thought-provoking ideas in the planner this year.

Followed the ceremony, two German language students introduced a new guest, PASCHi from Germany. It is part of a German-learning project, in which our school’s German language learners visit different classes with PASCHi and teach us some German phrases.

Miss Florence Kwok, the vice-principal, Miss Clara Ho and Mr Mo gave reminders and updates on scholarships, student assistance schemes, clubs and activities, timetable and discipline matters respectively. We sang our school song before the end of the official reopening ceremony.