School Reopening Mass Featured

According to Catholic calendar, September is a month dedicated to Our Mother of Sorrows, who has a special place in St Magdalene of Canossa’s heart.  To our Foundress, Our Mother, who exemplified hope and love at the foot of the Cross when Jesus was crucified, is the real foundress of Canossian Daughters of Charity. That’s why our school reopening mass pays tribute to Mother Mary. On September 15, Reverend Father Paul Kam expounded on Mother Mary’s mentality. That her heart-breaking experience has nurtured love and mission to keep the Church in her care, in return, the Church adores and respects her long-suffering example.  Likewise, Mother Teresa, who could not stand seeing the plight of the dying in Calcutta, overtook the mission to give them home and restore their dignity through service. Both women have gone the extra mile for the traumatized out of their empathy for their suffering.

In the sermon, Rev Father Paul invited us to be contemplative and reflective learners. It is hoped that what we see and experience shall ultimately evoke compassion and sensitivity to our family members, neighbours, schoolmates and everyone that comes our way.

In the Mass, we witnessed the commission of Catholic Society executive members, who pledged to serve the school with humility, love and service. Followed their declaration of commitment to be witnesses, teachers and students expressed their readiness to fulfill learning with passion and living with integrity.


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa