Installation of Student Leaders Featured

The Head Girl Core Team, a student-elect and teacher-confirmed student body, is responsible for giving the school advice on school policies and measures.  This year, Yammy Yung has been appointed the Head Girl of the year.  In her speech, the versatile student leader expressed her gratitude for the recognition.  She put emphasis on the significance of joint effort. The Head Girl encouraged student leaders to take the initiative to implement the school theme, Learning with passion, Living with integrity. She further explicated growth in knowledge, maturity in moral values, development of talent and unleashing of one’s potential. In terms of integrity, Yammy related sound moral decisions with peer support.

On the auspicious occasion, we witnessed the installation of a number of student leaders: The Student Council-elect, Coalesce, the Head Prefect-elect and the deputies, the House Captains and their Deputies, the Head and the Deputies of Guidance Sisters, Career Prefects, Student Librarians, IT Prefects, Green Prefects, Ambassadors of Learning, Community Service Ambassadors, and class prefects.

The Visual Art Team, Art Club and school artists produced a video, which captured the process of making of a academic- year- theme-based backdrop for us. It has its inspiration from The Birth of Venus, a Sandro Botticelli masterpiece. The backdrop involved a multitude of thoughts, imagination, sketches, craftsmanship and labour. It is hoped that the project becomes a reminder for everyone that our College aims at grooming all-round youngsters who work with resilience.

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’


Vincent Van Gogh