Global Awareness Week 2018 Featured

Cultural game, cultural quiz, school hunt, doge ball match...Thrilling activities came one after another every day during the Global Awareness Week, organised by the Ambassadors of Learning and Gifted Education Team from 26 February to 2 March 2018.

Throughout the joyous and fruitful week, our students seized various opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and know more about gender equality, as well as ethnic stories, and interesting traditions from people all around the world. In lessons, they exchanged opinions on different topics and broaden their horizon concerning those issues they discussed, everyone had a great time chatting with the foreign guests.

Putting our schoolmates' global awareness to a test, the Quiz Day and Cultural Games about different countries were held. Then there came the dodgeball match which challenged our SHCC team members to play against the foreigners’ team. The exciting match has certainly attracted a lot of students to watch and cheer for both teams! We certainly could not forget about one of the highlights of the week---the Global Village. Snacks from around the globe were displayed in the open playground, with loads of students flocking to have a bite. With these exotic cuisines, it was definitely an adventure for our tastebuds! To wrap up the Global Awareness Week, the Ambassadors of Learning also organised a farewell programme to wish our S6 schoolmates all the best in their DSE. Amidst the joyful atmosphere, our guest Jey blasted into a song and gave us a wonderful concert.

With various activities and educational games, the Global Awareness Week surely brought a smile to our faces and nurtured us with more global knowledge. We hope that all students enjoyed this eventful week and we hope that the Global Awareness Week will keep on improving as the years go on!