Ocean Park Learning Camp 2018 Featured

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to stay overnight at Ocean Park. It was intriguing seeing flocks of fish and sharks of myriad of species gliding across the glass ceiling above. Joining the Ocean Park Learning camp allowed us to have hands-on experience of touching sea creatures and feeding them. It is a rare chance for us to learn about the ecosystem and marine life.”  (Cherry Sun 4F)

A group of twenty S4 & S5 Ambassadors of Learning attended an overnight camp at Ocean Park on 20-21 April. The camp introduced of knowledge in various fields. We learned about the study of marine life and the balance of the ecosystem.

Our most unforgettable experience was camping in the Grand Aquarium. It gave us a  chance to appreciate the wonderful ecosystem surrounding coral reefs. During the camp, we explored the Grand Aquarium inside out. We fed the fish as well as touch the starfish and sea cucumbers. Apart from that, we realised how hard the staff have worked to facilitate the operation of the aquarium. Most importantly, the camp gave us an insight into the importance of protecting the environment and the ecosystem. It raised our awareness towards our role to keep the ocean clean enough for the diverse species.