Foundress Day Mass Featured

Rev. Father Philip Chan, celebrant of this year’s Foundress Day Mass, evoked in us a sense of gratitude with his rich allegory: ‘on your birthday, mother, I rejoice!’ In a crisp sermon, Rev Chan reminded us that but for St Magdalena of Canossa, we would not have an opportunity to be educated.  St Magdalena responded in humility to the calling to follow a new path: to let herself be loved by Jesus Crucified, to belong to Him alone, in order to serve exclusively those least cared for.

Such is the spirit of many a Canossian graduate, who continuously commit themselves to living the Christian faith, of witnessing charity, in all walks of life. According to Rev Father Philip, there is no better way to celebrate Foundress Day than living life to the full and contemplating the breadth and depth of love from Jesus Crucified (Isaiah 58: 6-11); (Hebrews 2:5-11). He says that our life of love resembles a babyish step but then the sacrifice will certainly yield more generosity in society. More and more people will follow suit and make the impoverished, the displaced, the disillusioned see and feel their worth and dignity.

In the Eucharistic Celebration, student and teacher representatives took turn to intercede for the church, the world, our city, families, teachers and students at school. We prayed that in His Grace, the leaders, the Church, families, teachers and students would have the afflicted on the mind and commit their entire life to volunteer work