Thanksgiving Mass 2017-18 Featured

Rev. Father Joseph Chan of St. Thomas the Apostle Church officiated at this year’s Thanksgiving Mass on 29 June, the Feast Day of two Apostles, St Peter and St Paul.

In his sermon, Rev Father Chan gave a concise account of the resemblance of the two church pillars, one of the Jews and another of the Gentiles. As apostles, both of them were called in person by Christ, disillusioned in the face of illusions about their life goals, struggles through rebellion, betrayal, sufferings, transformations, renewal and ultimately sacrificed their own ambitions and lives for Christ.

St Peter and St Paul’s lives have as much relevance to the S6 graduates as to everyone in the congregation, according to Rev Father Joseph.  Provided that we are willing, learning takes place throughout our life, as youngsters, as children, as siblings, as kin, as adults, as colleagues, as leaders, as parents, as grandparents, to name but a few.

The more reflective we are about how much we have understood Christ, whether we are sensitive enough to hear His calling and whether we are submissive to His biddings, the more true love, joy and peace we shall feel in us.

At the offering, class representatives and teacher led us to pray for the Church, priests, leaders, teachers, S6 graduates and students. To express their gratitude, the representatives from S6 classes presented a stage, backstage team, lighting, actors, microphones and curtains, each of which is symbolic of significant moment of their lives in Sacred Heart, the cradle of their growth.

The S6 graduates received blessings in humility from Rev Father Chan. Sr Veronica, our Principal, gave each one a bracelet with a pendant of Sacred Heart of Jesus, wishing our graduates deepening experience in His love.

After the mass, the S6 classes took turn to present their vote of thanks to the untiring guidance from the school, the teachers since their junior years, the technicians, the janitor, the clerical staff and friends in the junior form schoolmates. Their programmes essentially blended in snapshots of school life that has left an imprint on them.