Dance Competition Featured

On 3 July, S1 and S2 put on carefully choreographed Chinese dances with the guidance of S3 experienced dance club members. The audience was fed with colourful shades of movements and captivating costumes. Part of competition was about headwear designs, and video production about behind-the-scene process. This way, students of different talents would be able to play a part in the class-based activity.

In the Open section, many senior forms students collaborated to express their messages through sophisticated physical movements and insightful use of space and stage.

This year, it is our pleasure to have Ms Luk Yan Mei, our alumna, our teacher, accomplished dancer and adjudicator of Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival. The inter-class dance competition aims at far more than expressions of beauty with aesthetic skills. According to Ms Luk, it is essentially an invitation for us to deepen our understanding of Chinese livelihood yet to be unearthed in the vast landscape with people of different religions, customs, languages and trades.

In the prize-giving part, Ms Luk, Sr Veronica, Ms Priscilla Kwok, Miss So Wing See and Miss Janet Wu presented prizes to winning classes and outstanding groups from the open section. Apart from Chinese dances marvelling at beauty of nature, some competing pieces had ecstasy about rainfall, blissful gatherings, fighting for shoes, or struggles for independence as their themes.