Graduation Ceremony 1718 Featured

Congratulations to Prof Rosie Young, the recipient of this year’s Grand Bauhinia Medal for her life-long, and highly significant contributions to public health service and to educational reforms in Hong Kong. Prof Young is an exemplary Sacred Heartist.

In her address on this auspicious occasion, Prof Young borrowed Thomas More’s vision of education: to create virtuous persons and citizens, as they are responsible for attaining a flourishing human community. Known for her passion for improving healthcare and education opportunities for the haves and the have-nots, Prof Young urges the graduates to pursue higher goals of making advances in science, engineering and technology possible, for our neighbouring countries are getting ahead of us in the realm of science and technology developments. Having said so, she cautions that advances alone is not enough. The eminent professor advised the graduates to remember that the excellent moral education they have received from Sacred Heart Canossian College will guide them wherever they go. She added that there are ample opportunities to improve themselves academically or in other areas if they look for them.

In response to the advice, Yammy Yung, our Head Girl, expressed her gratitude on behalf of this year’s graduates. She recalled the ample opportunities of applying knowledge and skills through projects, school activities, international competitions, overseas service trips, talks given by distinguished humanity advocates, support from Sr Agnes, Sr Veronica, the vice-principals, the assistant principal, dedicated teachers, technicians and the janitor, love from parents, not to mention recognition from donors, patrons and friends of the College. Yammy found companions in the six years of education in Sacred Heart especially precious to them. All these have prepared them for being young women of integrity and versatility with some global awareness.

This year’s ceremonial party constitutes Prof Rosie Young, who addressed the audience, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Ms Carrie Chan, and the Vice-Chairlady of our Parent-Teacher Association, Father Flavien, Sr Agnes and Sr Veronica. The College hall was filled with parents who shared the joy of scholarship recipients and accomplished talents.

Our school has joined a German language programme "Schools: Partner for the Future" since 2009. Scholarships are granted by Goethe Institut Hong Kong to the outstanding students for a 3-week course in Germany and a standard course for teenagers at the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. Ms Simone Voigt, the Deputy Director, Head of Language Department of Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, presented the awards to two outstanding German class students.

Followed the presentation of certificates and prizes, there was a Korean dance that celebrated the vitality of youth. The SHCC School Dance Team gave a splendid performance in the midst of clapper beats. The long dresses twirled in the wind while the young faces glowed on stage with light feet.

The School Choir dedicated a D.E. Wagner’s song, And wherever you go, to wish the graduates all the best in their endeavours. The evening was drawn to a close in the lyrical song and then a solemn school song.

Speech by Guest of Honour, Professor Rosie Young GBM JP