Inter-house Drama Competition Featured

The approach of this year’s inter-house drama competition is short story adaptation. Our six houses adapted their own plays from six short stories, namely, Anton Chekhov’s The Bet, Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace, Leo Tolstoy’s Three questions, Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden Party, Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery and O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi. Most of them were set in the Great Depression (1930s) in the States with concern for humanity.

Our adjudicators, Ms Carson, a frontline actress and drama teacher, Mr Lau, a drama educator, were impressed by our schoolmates’ involvement in producing a play in merely few weeks, their attempts in script-writing and directing their peers for a stage performance. There was no doubt that the success was sheer team work. The collaborative effort between the backstage, set and props team and the actors was remarkable.

Ms Carson and Mr Lau decided the winning teams according to their effectiveness in directing, acting, stage effect and teamwork. Members of House of Keller, House of Curie, House of Teresa, House of Nightingale, House of Pankhurst and House of Bronte unleashed their potential in stage production during the course of preparation. The project gave them an opportunity to interpret a literary text, write their own scripts, do their own casting, form their own backstage teams, set and props teams and direct their own plays.

Ultimately, the best directing award and the best team work award both went to Pankhurst, the best stage effect went to Curie, the best actresses came from the strict landlady of Bronte, the soul-searching king from Teresa, in addition to the conceited   mother from Nightingale. There were two second runners-up: House of Pankhurst with The Lottery and House of Curie with The Necklace. House of Teresa became the champion of this year’s inter-house drama competition with their adaptation from a renowned Russian writer, Tolstoy’s Three Questions, a short story released in 1885 that offers profound insights into what men live by.

Congratulations to the six houses, Miss Clara Ho, Miss Linda Yip, the school Backstage Team, the Campus TV, the school photographers for making this event a fruitful one.